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Sesame Street: Agua

Sesame Street: Agua

[MUSIC PLAYING] COWBOY 1: Agua Agua. Agua. COWBOY 2: Here is some water. COWBOY 1: Muchas gracias. COWBOY 2: Why are you pouring
the agua on your hands? COWBOY 2: [SPEAKING SPANISH]


My mom tells the story of how I used to ask for a glass of agua when I was about 2 years old (back in the early 1980's) before I ever learned the word water. I learned it from Sesame Street… possibly from this cartoon.

@afriendofbean I don't think that's correct. The correct course of action would have required the crawling man to take out a napkin, cleanse his hands before grabbing the glass of agua and then drink a lil bit after he gave the first bite to his sandwich. Then upon finishing eating, he would then proceed to use the agua to wash his hands.

"me hace falta agua para lavarme las manos ahora puedo comerme mi bocadillo" "i need some water to wash my hands, now i can eat my food."

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