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Sesame Street: Bert Ice Skates

Sesame Street: Bert Ice Skates

BERT: [MOANS] ERNIE: Hey, Bert? What’s the matter, Bert? BERT: Oh, Ernie, [MUMBLES]. ERNIE: What? BERT: I can’t sleep, I said. ERNIE: Oh. Well, you know what I do, Bert,
when I can’t sleep? BERT: What? ERNIE: Well, I think of
something that’s fun, something that I’d really
like to be doing. And it makes me relax
all over, Bert. BERT: Oh, yeah? Well, does it really work? ERNIE: Well, just
try it, Bert. What would you like to be doing
right now, for instance? BERT: Well, besides sleeping? ERNIE: Mmm-hmm. BERT: Oh– ice skating. ERNIE: Ice skating. BERT: Yeah, I love
to ice skate. ERNIE: Oh, well then just
imagine it, Bert. BERT: Yeah? ERNIE: Think of yourself gliding
over the ice, swooping and swirling, without a
worry in the world. BERT: Hmm. Swooping, swirling. [SIGH] Hmm. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SNORES] [MUSIC PLAYING]


  Very soothing tune – brings back the good old days, as well as (you guessed it) a few tears!  Joe Raposo does it again!

The very first time that I watched this skit, I actually thought that there was a real ice skating with another Bert behind Bert's bed. I'm like is Ernie living with Two Bert's instead of just one? Well anyway, before I saw this skit, I watched three over Bert and Ernie bedtime skits. Ernie's Basketball, Ernie thinks of shapes and Ernie is thirsty. Each one ended with the camera showing the whole bedroom and the camera heading towards Bert's bed and ending it with a close up at his face.

Plenty of times I always wondered what's behind Bert's bed? How come the camera never ever goes further past nor even behind Bert's bed? Maybe I just wanted to see what the rest of their bedroom looks like? Maybe I just want to get to know more of their bedroom. The day when Ernie told Bert to imagine ice skating the camera was slowly heading towards Bert's bed like always that I thought that the skit was gonna end again.

Out of the blue, there's more to it and I get to see an ice skating rink with another Bert behind Bert's bed that I'm like I didn't know that Bert and Ernie had a theatrical ice skating rink in their own small apartment. After I saw that, the three bedtime skits that I watched I always made believe that we were gonna see Bert ice skate once the camera went towards his bed again.

In Ernie get thirsty and when Ernie makes believes that he's eating and the camera goes towards Bert's bed with Bert being frustrated I took a line from One of these things and changed the ending to my own version called Let's go ice skating now. That's what I've been making believe that that was happening every time I saw that skit.

In Ernie thinks of shapes, when the camera slowly goes towards Bert's bed, I make believe that the ice skating Bert comes along and is behind Bert's bed, they both see each other and The Muppet Bert says Circles to The Costume Bert having the both of them wonder if circles actually has any sizes at all.

I without a doubt had the most vivid imaginations that any other kid would ever have. I'll always treasure these make believe fantasies forever even as a full grown adult. Ah memories.

I request you those following segments: Clowns Honking up to 10 and a logo-free version of 8 (the logo free version is that with the sesame street logo) A logo-free version of Soul O Airplane Carving A/a and T/t Fun Factory D/d H/h L/l and R/rCGI Planets Q/q and a better quality version of G/g Limericks B, R and 2 a better quality of S is for shadow soccer balls Sand and slide Stores On Street B, C and P OP Words (Drop/Stop/Hop/Top/Pop) Op Words (Pop/Bop/Stop)

This is exactly the same Joe Raposo music that was used for the man making the toy airplane video. The only difference here is that the music is heard in waltz time. 3/4 time.

wo, I'm surprised ernie didn't awaken bert afterwards to ask how it was, then go to sleep himself, leaving bert still unable to sleep

Something always bugged me about seeing Ernie, Bert & co with legs when they usually shown from waste up. With the exception of Big Bird since he always had them !!

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