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Sesame Street: Broken Grocery Bags (Classic Super Grover)

Sesame Street: Broken Grocery Bags (Classic Super Grover)

the further adventures of everybody’s favorite
hero– the monster who’s faster than lightning,
strong than steel, smarter than a speeding bullet. It’s Super Grover! [MUSIC PLAYING] GROVER: And I am cute, too. NARRATOR: And now to our story. GROVER: Yes. Now to our story. NARRATOR: Today’s story begins
somewhere on the streets of Metro City where
little Judy Finstermocker is about to face an ordeal. JUDY: Oh, dear. Oh, now what am I going to do? My grocery bag has broken, and I
have no way to carry them home. [BLOWING] What’s that? Up in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s– [SCREAMING] It’s Super Grover. [GROANING] Everything OK? GROVER: Oh, yes, except
for this super headache. JUDY: Oh. GROVER: Are you having a picnic? JUDY: No, my bag broke,
and I have no way to carry my groceries home. GROVER: Aw, do not
cry, little girl. JUDY: I wasn’t planning to. GROVER: Oh. My super brain will
find a way to cope. Fortunately, I have brought
along a Super Grover emergency kit– highly portable, too. JUDY: Oh, good. GROVER: Let us see here. What have we got
here that would help carry all those groceries home? Boy. They’re all over the
street, are they not? JUDY: Yeah. GROVER: OK. Let us see– uh, what we got? How about– hm– roller skates? How about putting
them in roller skates? No, I guess not. OK, how about– how about–
let’s see– oh, string. How about some string? We tie all the packages up– get
all the cartons together, hm? JUDY: I don’t think string
will work very well. GROVER: I did not say very well. JUDY: Oh. GROVER: I just
thought– well, OK. Let’s see. What else we got here? We got some– how about glue? I know. We get the glue. We glue all those packages
all together there, OK? And then you take them
home in one big globule. Hm? OK. You know, super ideas
do not grow on trees. Let’s see. Let’s empty this out here. We got a tambourine. Tambourine? No. JUDY: Tambourine? GROVER: Banana. What else is there? JUDY: A banana? GROVER: We got, uh– we got an
empty box, that’s what we got. [SIGHING] Do not worry. I’ll put my super
mind to thinking. JUDY: Oh dear. GROVER: What can we do? We need something to carry
these groceries home in. [SIGHING] Let me see. JUDY: What we need
is an empty box. GROVER: Something like maybe–
oh, an empty box maybe. No? Let’s see. JUDY: Ah! An empty box! I can put my groceries
in that empty box, and I can carry them home. GROVER: Wait, wait, wait! How about putting all these
groceries in that empty box, and you can carry them home? JUDY: What a good idea. GROVER: A-ha! Super Grover has done it again. Yes, protector of small
children and bunny rabbits. A monster of extreme
cuteness doing brave deed around the world. JUDY: I’m all ready, Grover. GROVER: Yes, I’m not finished. Doing brave deeds
around the world. JUDY: Oh. GROVER: Thank you for being
such a good little girl, allowing me to help you. JUDY: Oh, thank you. Good bye, Grover. GROVER: Yes, I am now
going to go home and take all this stuff– wait a second. I do not have a box to take
this stuff home in anymore. What am I going to do? Taxi! [CAR DRIVING] Mwaha! Taxi! [CAR DRIVING] [SCREAMING] PIG: Who’s that? [SCREAMING] [CRASHING] PIGS: Super Grover 2.0? [INAUDIBLE]


Well, let's see. He has string, glue, a tambourine, and his super helmet. He could tie string around stuff, and carry it home in his super helmet. Or he could put some stuff in his tambourine.

"We'll glue all those packages together, then you can carry them home in one big globule." I love Grover.

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