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Sesame Street: Coconuts

Sesame Street: Coconuts



@gettinhitched — The moral of this boy's story is that he has had a much less sheltered life. He has leared how to climb the tree responsibly, and to use the machete responsibly — For the pursuit of survival and food.

I'm waiting for your response which surely is going to rant about the trials of the poor coconut.. who until the boy came along with a machete, had lived a life of peace, and knew nothing of such destructive and hateful things.

to be able to climb a coconut tree like this guy! I remember seeing this as a kid and thinking "I would love to be able to do that". I love coconuts, I own trees, but hate having to depend on someone to get them for me. At least now I can wield a machete to shave and cut my own coconut :D.


Back then, even though machetes/ cutlasses were widely used, crime was scarce on the islands. Kids weren't as sheltered as they are now, which I think is a good thing, life was simpler, there were fewer predators, less crime. Children were taught to be responsible, resourceful, creative, and learnt practical skills. Now way too many things are just left to the tv and the classroom because we are aware and afraid of the dangers that lurk outside.

♬ Consider the coconut
Consider its tree
We use each part of the coconut, that's all we need

We make our nets from the fibers
The water's sweet inside
We use the leaves to build fires
We cook up the meat inside ♬

To get coconuts out of trees nowadays, OSHA insists that the coconut picker must be in a manlift and properly tied off to the manlift. The manlift must be inspected monthly and the operator must have a valid certification. A trained ground guide shall accompany the manlift and must wear a reflective safety vest and hard hat and be properly trained in flagging. The entire area around the coconut tree must be barricaded in case a coconut falls or is dropped. The barricade shall have tags stating the nature of the work and potential hazards associated with the work. These tags shall be placed no further than 20 feet apart. A Job Risk Analysys sheet must be filled out entirely and signed by all people involved in the coconut picking work.

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