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Sesame Street: Count Backwards with Elmo

Sesame Street: Count Backwards with Elmo

[ELMO HUMS] ELMO: Oh, hello. How are you? You want to play game with Elmo? Oh, good. Game called, “counting
backwards with Elmo.” Yeah. Oh, and the Barkley, look. Barkley wants to play, too. [ELMO LAUGHS] ELMO: Barkley is a doggy. And doggies can’t count. No. Oh, that’s OK Barkley. Even if you can’t count,
you can play, too. Yeah. Good doggy. OK. Here we go counting
from ten to zero. Barkley! [BARKLEY BARKS] ELMO: Look at Barkley. [BARKLEY BARKS] ELMO: Hey, wait a minute. Maybe that doggy
language for number 10. [BARKLEY BARKS] ELMO: Oh. Barkley’s sitting. That must be number nine. [ELMO LAUGHS] ELMO: Barkley’s scratching. That must be number eight. [ELMO LAUGHS] ELMO: Barkley’s
trying b his tail. That must be number seven. Oh, what are you doing now? Oh, Barkley’s rolling. That must be number six. Oh. That could five. Or it could mean Barkley
doesn’t want to play anymore. [BARKLEY BARKS] Oh, good. Barkley, he still wants to play. Oh, Barkley. Yeah. Oh, that must be number four. Oh, I guess three
is a lot like four. Two is tickly. [BARKLEY BARKS] Whoa. That must be number one. Aw. That must be number zero. Aw. And that is also one
very tired doggy. ERNIE: Burt, let me
see you be happy. BURT: OK. Here is me happy, OK? ERNIE: OK. Here’s Burt happy. [BURT LAUGHS] ERNIE: OK.


Holy guacamole the puppeteer work done for Barkley is/was amazing! And not to say for the others it isn't, but the physicality necessary to pull off all of the rolls, tumbles, and jumps is incredible!

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