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Sesame Street: Dad Trips Over Skate

Sesame Street: Dad Trips Over Skate

DAD: Hum di dum dum. Doo doo dum di doo
dum dum dum dum. Aaaah! DAUGHTER: Hi, Dad. You’re angry, aren’t you? I can tell. But I love you anyway, even
when you’re angry.


@hoopersghost Boys can never pull this on their moms. It's not that girls are devious, it's that men are pathetic suckers for a pretty face & a cute voice!

There was a cartoon panel like this with a boy and his dad in one issue of the Sesame Street Magazine, when I was about five (1974-75). I like the way the kid tells her father that she loves him even when he's angry. Unfortunately, that didn't work on my dad.

What I don't understand about this cartoon is why did the little girl have only one skate on at the beginning of the video? Don't you usually wear two rollerskates to go rollerskating?

Otherwise, this is a good cartoon with a powerful message.

I don't recall me or my sibs leaving one skate on like we were skateboarding ourselves, but it was simply silly little accident and it happens and she says what she says and it's done. Certainly killed 18 seconds here.

I wasn't trying to make a big deal of this cartoon, It just seemed odd that the little girl would not realize she had only one of her roller skates on.

Maybe it was a fad.

But none of the less, it was still an amazing little cartoon that deserves a round of applause.

very very classic skit daddies girl .what happened to his hat he was wearing where did it go when he tripped and he landed on the ground weird ? it is a fad about 1 skate may be she was dancing and felt comfortable with just 1 skate on 1 skate off let girls be girls and stop whining about it already .

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