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Sesame Street: David Disco Skates

Sesame Street: David Disco Skates



That was great! I always liked when there were clips from around the city. It's nice to watch the people looking and wondering what is going on.

David was the man…The epitome of cool in my childhood…Im certain hes in a happier place now, with his skates on, and he finally knows the name of that song 🙂 RIP Northern Calloway

i sure miss Northern Callaway.I grew up watching him on sesame street. he wasn't the best in rollerskating,but was the best actor on sesame street!

I'm The Best Figure Skater In The Bellingham Figure Skating Club , I'm Just As Good As Anybody In The Bellingham Figure Skating Club , I'll Bet Nancy Mane Is His Coach In A Happier Place ,

Love Scott Orvik

That musical piece in this video was called "What Makes Music" and it had words. It was posted on YouTube a while back, but it was yanked.

In total agreement about the song. Plus, if I tried doing that on skates, I would be at the E. R. being sized for a body cast

@noreaga12326 It's on the "Sesame Disco" album and a lot of people and muppets sing it. I can't seem to find it anywhere online though.

" In his authorized history Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street, author Michael Davis reveals that Calloway had been a patient at the Stony Lodge psychiatric facility in Ossining, NY at the end of his life. On January 9, 1990 Calloway died after going into cardiac arrest during a violent altercation with a staff physician. He was pronounced dead at the age of 41. A coroner's report listed Calloway's official cause of death as exhaustive psychosis." Wikipedia

After reading Street Gang, one of the main things I thought was "Man…poor David." After everything he went through, it's good to know he had at least some happiness in his life. This clip proves it. Thanks for posting it!

Watching these clips with David, you relize how much you really miss him. He was truly the star of the show, but became the Brian Jones figure after his 1980 downfall to the point where no-one wanted to work with him, or he couldn't cut it anymore, and so was not included in much of anything after a while. But things like this make you forget about the problems he had, and just remember him as David, as we all should.

I wish all the disco/incidental music used on the show was put on a Cd or at least iTunes.
I was born in 1980 so I am thankful to shows like Sesame Street, Mister Rogers and Loony Tunes for not hiding good music from kids and giving me my eclectic taste in music.

I can't count how many face plants I did in my driveway trying to do this stuff. I miss growing up before helmet laws 🙂

There is all different things being said about Northern Calloway. Some say he was told to leave the show because of health problems, some say he chose to leave the show hoping his bad health would get better (if so, those people say he would have returned), some say he got fired from the show for getting into a fight with the producer of the show, then some say he died of stomach cancer. However, on Wikipedia it says that he died of heart failure.

OMG I remember this one from when I was little. I KNEW I remembered seeing some guy on SS roller skating down some stair steps LOL.

This clip was originally David's imagination, sandwiched between two other scenes of him trying to skate and falling down while Big Bird tells him he'll get better after he practices.

I think that was used as a flashback sequence, as this seems to be in the later '70s, and the street scene was in the mid-80's. It was kind of sad, as most of the cast didn't want to work with him anymore, and that's why you only would see him with the Muppet characters in the later stuff.

I seem to remember another Sesame street clip where another black man with a goatee listening to a walkman was also grooving with roller skates in central park. Or perhaps THIS is the one I was remembering. He also had shorts, like a blue exercise Tshirt and red shorts. 

it would be interesting to see a remake of this done with splinter from the 1987 ninja turtles cartoons doing the same roller skating dance david did in this video. that would be so cute! I wonder what peter renaday would think of that

January 9, 1990. 25 years he's been gone. He hasn't been forgotten, at least by us fans who enjoyed him on the show.

Watching this clip makes me so happy that I grew up during times when Sesame Street was actually great to watch and makes me appreciate David and Mr. Hooper.  Thanks for posting this

Thanks Mr. Calloway for doing your part to help tame mankind. May GOD bless your surviving family and legacy. Everyone be careful out there..

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David was a really cool guy, and a very talented actor and entertainer. I was very sad when I heard that he had passed away. It's good to see him again during happy times.

sail boat lake !!! I use to ride my bike around it all the time ! and i still take my walks around it

My crush sent this to me the other day; I love it! It makes me so happy and he's my best friend; I know we will end up dating eventually. It just makes me so happy. I love how we love this kind of thing; just playful and young at heart, like kids. It's so cool how we both love Sesame Street. I like this guy a lot who sent me this and he knows I do. He will ask me out eventually.

This was a fantasy but David did eventually learn to skate well.RIP Northern Calloway.We miss you and Alaina and Will.

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