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Sesame Street: Grover’s Echoes

Sesame Street: Grover’s Echoes

[GRUNTING] GROVER: Oh, Mommy. Mountain climbing is harder
than I thought. [SIGHS] Oh, hello, everybody. It is your old mountain-climbing buddy, Grover. And today, I have climbed up
here into the mountains where it is very high. Whew. Very high– to show you what an echo is. Echo– echo is the word, the cute
little word, echo. You see, sometimes in these big
mountains here, you can shout things and hear the same
thing repeated back at you a few seconds later. Believe me, trust me. I will show you. I will shout my name. Grover! ECHO: Grover! GROVER: How about that, hm? Did you hear the echo? I did, too. Now, I will count slowly,
and listen to the numbers echo back. One. ECHO: One. GROVER: Two. ECHO: Two. GROVER: What a terrific
little echo. Three. ECHO: Three. GROVER: Four. ECHO: Four. GROVER: Five. ECHO: Five. GROVER: Oh, this
is so much fun. Six. ECHO: Six. GROVER: Seven. ECHO: Seven. GROVER: Can you believe this? Eight. ECHO: Eight. GROVER: Nine. ECHO: Nine. GROVER: Ten. ECHO: Ten. GROVER: Oh, wasn’t
that wonderful? ECHO: Oh, wasn’t
that wonderful? GROVER: Oh, OK, that
is enough there– ECHO: OK, that is
enough there. GROVER: All right, we’ve
had our fun. ECHO: All right, we’ve
had our fun. GROVER: Come on, we
can knock it off. ECHO: Come on, we can
knock it off. GROVER: Oh, please stop it. Well, thank you. ECHO: You’re welcome.


contd..which actually is not Spanish for "How are you?" but "Very well, thanks," or even,"Fine, thanks." And then the cowboy is like,"OK, I give up! This is just plain RIDICULOUS!" and with that, tosses his hat over the canyon cliff, in exchange for a SOMBRERO, as it turns out! Anyway, surely someone must have that one, and if so, can you post it, again?

Grover's openmouthed expression at the end is just PRICELESS–he says,"WHAT! NO WAY! AMAZING!" And, now that I think about it, that also reminds me of the other echo skit, that I mentioned awhile back(the Spanish echo), where the cowboy tries ONCE MORE, to get an English echo, as he shouts,"How are you?" and gets "Muy bien, gracias," in return, which, again, is actually Spanish for "Fine, thanks," (and not "How are you?") I mean, once Grover "thanks"his "echo"for stopping the echoes, and the echo goes,"You're welcome!", is a little like the cowboy asking "How are you?"(in English)and getting Spanish for "Fine, thanks,"in return.  And again, if anyone has that skit, please post it; it was on YOUTube, but has been pulled.

Grover is getting his Rocky Mountain High in the clip. Grover might be joining the Mile High Club very shortly.

I saw this back in 1977 visiting my grandparents in Arizona. My grandfather took me to Echo Canyon. I don't remember if that made me think of this clip. I may have also seen the Spanish echo thing watching Sesame Street on the same trip.

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