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Sesame Street: Leonardo da Crunchy’s “The Muncha Lisa”

Sesame Street: Leonardo da Crunchy’s “The Muncha Lisa”

but of the cookie and smile. [CRYING LOUDLY] Oh, this is no good. What is happening? Where is my assistant Grovero? Where are you, Grovero? GROVER: Here I am, Lenny baby! LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY:
Oh, Grovero, I need Muncha Lisa to smile, but
she’s doing something else. GROVER: Yes. It appears she is
crying, Lenny baby. LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY: Crying? Why is she crying? GROVER: Well, she
appears to be sad. When you feel sad,
sometimes you cry. LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY:
But she cannot be sad, I am painting a masterpiece. My masterpiece cannot cry. I need her to smile. GROVER: Ah! So you want Muncha
Lisa to feel happy? LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY: Si, si! Yes! I want her to feel happy! GROVER: Do not
worry, Lenny baby, I shall cheer Muncha Lisa up. Hey, Muncha Lisa! Check this out. [SINGING] Da, da,
da, da, da, da, da! Da, da, da, da,
da, da, da, da, da! Do not my moves
not smiling, Grovero. GROVER: No she’s not. LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY:
In fact, your dancing seems to make her sadder. GROVER: Yes. But do not worry, I
have something else that can make her happy. Ta da! Look at me! I have a chicken on my head. MUNCHA LISA: A chicken? GROVER: Mm-hm. MUNCHA LISA: On your head? GROVER: Yeah, yeah. [GROWLING] LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY:
I don’t think the chicken is making
her happy, Grovero. GROVER: At least she
is not crying anymore. [WAILING] LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY:
No she’s not, but the way she yells
and shakes her fist makes me think she is angry. The chicken on your
head makes her angry. GROVER: Sorry, Paulo. [CHICKEN CLUCKING] Maybe next time. Do not worry, I know what to do. Ta da! [COW MOOING] MUNCHA LISA: A cow on your head? GROVER: Mm-hm. [WAILING] LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY:
Uh, she does not seem to enjoy any
animals on your head. GROVER: No. She is still angry. Oh, I do not know what to do. How can I make
Muncha Lisa happy? This is so frustrating,
not to mention heavy. Oh! [LAUGHING] LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY: It worked! GROVER: What worked? LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY: You falling
to the ground and then the cow land on top of you,
makes her feel happy. GROVER: I knew I could do it. LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY:
Keep it up, Grovero! I want her to stay happy. GROVER: Really? OK. You heard the man. [COW MOOING] [YELLING] [CRASHING] [MUNCHA LISA LAUGHING] LEONARDO DA CRUNCHY: That’s it! Smile, Muncha Lisa, smile! [COW MOOING] GROVER: Oh, how I
suffer for his art. [GRUNTING] [CRASHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] GROVER: Here you are. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 cookies. MAN: Wait! Stop! GROVER: What now? MAN: Those are not cookies! GROVER: No? MAN: They’re waffles. GROVER: Well, what
do you expect? This is Belgium,
waffles are everywhere.


How come they went back to give Grover boneless fingers? I know they made Grover look like his season 6 puppet (which isn't bad at all), but why change his hands?

I’ll tell ya why because she kept crying and yelling shaking her fists Grover wants to know how can he make muncha lisa happy Grover had an idea the cow would fall on him

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