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Sesame Street: V For VACUUM

Sesame Street: V For VACUUM

Noony noony noo noo, noony noony noo. Noo noo noony noo noo noo. [SOUND OF VACUUM CLEANER] TYPEWRITER: V. Whaa. Hmm? (SINGING) Noo, noony noony
noo noo noo nnn– V. Whaa. [GRUMBLE] (SINGING) Noony noony noo noo. Vacuum. Hee hee hee. No!


Rofl, as a kid this type writer guy used to give me the creeps! He was a typewriter…with arms…and wheels. When he used to get upset or angry he would REALLY scare the heck out of me,lol.

I was terrified of this effing guy back in my preschool years. The count didn't phase me, but this danged typewriter scared the bajeebus outta me for some reason.

Thanks for the memory lol have not seen this or thought about it for a while
Is Bill Cosby the voice? I had always thought it was.

Fantastic memories. OMG. I crack up really hard now, whenever I Watch THIS particular version of that segment.

you know if you listen again, it sounds like JIM HENSON (who of course is now deceased)…but since i think he was the creator it would definitely make sense…any thoughts??

Is it odd that Sesame Street is such a fond memory for me, and it cheers me up when I'm feeling particularly down? I still watch it on YouTube, and I'm 33. ๐Ÿ™‚

No, that's what it's there for, that's why keeps looking up for more videos. I'm 31, this show is timeless. There's no age limit.

This 33 year old just finished watching this clip as well! I haven't seen that typewriter since I was 6 years old. WOW… ๐Ÿ™‚

I'm 31 and definitely remember this guy, I just searched "sesame street talking typewriter" lol haven't seen this in ages!

Oh, geez! ย A friend emailed me this link, sending me back to "Memory Lane" 40 years ago. ย That typewriter was a classic. ย One laugh after another.
PS: ย Someone, please tell me they're still showing Sesame Street to today's kids(?!) ย 
To deprive them of that would be a crime! ย LOL.

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