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Sesame Street: Women Can Be

Sesame Street: Women Can Be

MUPPETS: [CHATTERING TOGETHER] A wonderful vacation. I’m thrilled to be here. MUPPETS: (SINGING) Women can fly
way up high on trapezes. Women can be roller skaters. Women can help to find
cures for diseases. Women can hunt alligators. Pilots and poets, policewomen,
too, look at the things that we women can do. We can be clowns. We can be cooks. We can be bus drivers. We can write books. Just look around you, it’s easy
to see, there’s nothing we women can’t be. Sing it like it is, Teresa. TERESA: I used to be good with
a needle and thread. I’s sew dainty dresses
of blue. Then I got an urging to be a
great surgeon, and now I sew people up too. MUPPETS: Then she got an urging
to be a great surgeon, and now she sews
people up too. Margaret, tell them
about the cat. MARGARET: Once I had a cat that
I tried to teach tricks, a quiet and sweet little thing. [MEOW] MARGARET: But the tricks I was
trying required a lion. [ROAR] MUPPETS: A lion? MARGARET: And that’s why
I’m here in this ring. MUPPETS: The tricks she was
trying required a lion, and that’s why she’s here
in this ring. I used to go bicycling
far from my home. My mother would say,
come back soon. Come back soon! I traveled so fast off the Earth
in a blast off, now I’m on my way to the moon. She traveled so fast off the
Earth in a blast off– 5, 4, 3, 2, 1– now she’s on her way
to the moon. To the moon. Women can ride up inside
of a rocket. Women can be office clerkers. Women can sew things like
pillows and pockets. Women can be soda jerkers. Pilots and poets, policewomen,
too, look at the things that we women can do. We can clowns. We can be cooks. We can be busdrivers. We can write books. We can catch fish. We can train dogs. We can climb mountains. And we can chop logs. Just look around you, it’s easy
to see, there’s nothing we women can’t be.


It's people like you, JesseLH88, that make the world such a nice place! Keep your nasty comments to yourself and move on!

My issue is that the potatoes are still raw. And I am still hungry.


This is a very cool video! But there's actually never even been a woman on the moon. There have been 12 people on the moon, and every single one was a white male. And that puppet that became a surgeon, well women surgeons today are paid 40% less than male surgeons. But it is a lovely and inspiring song.

I can't believe no one mentioned that Rita Moreno did a couple of voices in this song. As a man though, I fully support women getting equal pay to men because there's a higher percentage of single adults that there were when this sketch was made in the '70s.

oh, how I remember this one! I always loved the blast-off part. Now THIS is a clip all little girls should watch!

nah cause i had enough doctors around me that i thought sewing up had to do with stitches immediately. plus i had has stitches as well

Rita Moreno voices:

– the singing lumberjack
– Theresa, the singing surgeon
– the speaking cook "Margaret, tell 'em about the cat."

This is a great clip. Thanks for posting this.

Those who make jokes about women "making sandwiches" need to reconsider doing so. This is a video for CHILDREN to watch, and encourages girls. It's sickening that people would make such sexist comments to a CHILDREN'S video, joking or not.

Every time I think of this clip, I think of one of my childhood classmates who became a strong woman who can do anything. Peace.

apparently in todays way of thinking they believe a woman should be this big buff ham hating dominant butch.

I like the sweet gently kind and quiet women

So many memories of this one as a kid..(1) We thought it was frightening when the surgeon sang that "Now I sew up people too" At 5 years old you don't understand what she meant by that! (2) My favorite part was Prairie Dawn: "Women can be Soda Jerkers!! (3) It SCARED me that the when the astronaut blasts off she had no legs and that her bottom half was a just creepy cone shape with a hole at the bottom!

There is NOTHING WRONG with having cats, sewing dresses, and staying home! Jeez, they make it sound like a BAD thing to stay home.

I think there should be a sketch like this that focuses on men being daycare workers, teachers in kindergarten and the early grades, babysitters, nannies (yes, au pairs!), etc. I am a man who enjoys children a lot, and I've been babysitting since 1988.

@rRunner266 'write books' she says 'we can write books' but i swear i thought she said what u said XD so i just kept listening to it and i finally put my speakers to my head and realized what she said XD

I agree with you. No woman (or man) can become a surgon overnight! By I guess that the writers took a poetic liseince to demonstrate a point.

women can sew, stitch, do my laundry and run the dishwasher too but do they sing about that? NOOOOOO!!!!!!! JK! LOL i believe there will be a woman president eventually sometime! i just hope i'm still alive when it happens! i'm a 40 year old guy

how about that group they form in Married With Children??? NO MA'AM??? can't remember what it stands for though!!!! LOL

i check out sesame street at 4 am on tuesdays and wednesdays on sprout, and i guess i don't remember the classic stuff to be annoying, but some of these newer characters are SO DAMN ANNOYING to listen to!!! and it includes Elmo!!! there are these 2 female monsters that are SO ANNOYING to listen to! and Baby Bear??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! we should be teaching kids nowadays to be SMART!!!! if more kids have baby bear as a mentor, they're gonna be STUPID and Incoherent the rest of their lives!!

Women can also make sandwiches 😀

Just kidding, we're all equal here,
but there is one serious part in that first line,
No one can make food like mamma can 🙂

We should also be teaching kids to be humane and compassionate. I'm so distraught that Sesame Street is no longer doing this.

nowadays Sesame Street SHOULD be teaching kids how to survive in a Zombie apocalypse too! NEVER can be too sure that it's never gonna happen! and kids have to do what they can to survive too!

My philosophy is, and yes, I'm a man, and yes, I'm saying this, women can do anything men can do, only better.

I was just thinking about this song because the temple at which I attend Jewish services in Chicago has a female Rabbi, which is very unusual in the Jewish religion and has probably only recently started happening.

On her way to the moon, huh? Either she has the power to get to the moon and back in less than two minutes or she just chickened out!

In spite of this song's very important message, I swear I don't know why but something about this sketch bothers me. Maybe it's how the song is performed, maybe because these Muppets (except for Betty Lou) are unknown or what. But this sketch just doesn't wow me at all. It never has.

The only well know female muppet is a fat diva Besides sesame streets target audience already believes they can do anything

The one question I always wondered as a kid: WHERE WAS PRAIRIE DAWN?! Yeah, Betty Lou's there, but Prairie was the MAIN FEMALE MUPPET in the beginning! She deserved to be there representing her gender! Missed opportunities…

I have to admit that the first time I saw this clip, that rocket blastoff scene actually frightened me quite a bit (I was about 10 at the time) – to the point where I was having nightmares about it, keeping me from getting sleep as a youngster. My mind was nowhere near as stable as it is today, but it's still not 'normal' by any means!

They should mention of what fabulous sneezers women can be. No I don't think any of the Muppet women shown here would have been any good for that.

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