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Setups: Jamie Foy’s Loose Adjustments for a Solid Skateboard

Setups: Jamie Foy’s Loose Adjustments for a Solid Skateboard

Hey what’s up its Jamie Foy and
you’re watching my setup I just skate all the homies graphics pretty much I don’t really skate my graphics too much even though I love them the Deathwish kills it with the graphics and everything this is my board and when I
skate I skate an 8.5 width board but I shortened it usually an
8.5 is by like 32 in length mine’s a 31.75 it’s the medium
concave not steep and not mellow I skate Thunder 151 raws it’s just a
solid truck the not hollow or anything just through and through solid
metal I like it because I feel like they’re more sturdy I skate more on the loose side say if you had a scale loose medium tight a
little bit looser than medium I feel like the loose trucks kind of help you
like land more tricks they like it’s kind of save more stuff cause if you don’t land
perfectly straight your trucks will curve and you could possibly make it out
so I like to have a little bit looser trucks I skate size 54 conical full or
radial full they’re both Formula Four that Spitfire makes but they’re
the blue ones the 99 duro so they’re a little grippy at the same time as
they’re slick and I ride them for a long time like usually three months bone
swiss classics I take the shield’s off all the dirt that would get into it can fall out my bearings out I’ll ride them for six
months at least usually they last a long time I rock the Shake Junt hardware just
the classic allen key 7/8 allen with the nice short one so that way when
they’re tight they’re perfectly flush always rocking the shake Junt grip
some grip tapes like back in the day I would just shave it down when I put it
on but not shake Junt I just whenever I put Shake Junt on ready to go nice grippiness you can pick all this stuff up go to a local skate shop it’s your best thing to do just go out there and get it.


I noticed a lot of pros recently have been riding decks with larger widths. Chris Joslin rides a larger deck as well. I am an adult and ride I 8.25 and size 11 shoe, but am I missing out on anything?

Me and Jamie foy do the same thing we have one wheel faced in and one out ride formula four size 54mm ride shake junt love deathwish and ride bones bearings

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