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Setups: Mariah Duran’s Skateboard Gear

Setups: Mariah Duran’s Skateboard Gear

Hi I’m Mariah Duran and this is my setup so for the board I have Meow
skateboards deck it’s a size 8 I have a tiny foot and it’s perfect for like just flicking and whatnot just get technical and yeah so basically I try to keep my
board pretty light so I’m not you know it’s like cheat codes you don’t have to try as hard for the grip tape right now I just have clear grip tape but Cloud 9 grip tape so you can kind of just get fun with it you know design whatever on clear haven’t written a black grip tape in a while so it’s always decorated or something trucks that I have on right now I’ve got the Thunder Hallows I believe they’re 139 and they’re the hollows because I like to keep it light I’m tiny I have Bronson bearing right now with the shields on you got Spitfire wheels size 52 I think that’s the perfect size for me
because I don’t like will bite too much but I also want them to last a minute
because out in Albuquerque there’s a lot of pitches so when you like bomb
down a couple times we get to the perfect size when I’m riding switch I do use my nose but and then when I’m like going fakie I do use my tail which is I guess that’s normal


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