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should i use speed leg or longer push ? (pascal briand vlog 131)

should i use speed leg or longer push ? (pascal briand vlog 131)

can you explain me if it’s possible to get the same speed… out of a corner if you use speed leg….or longer speed? that’s an incredible moment Nicolas Sanchez is back on skates hi Juliette wow…your skate are super shinny amazing we need to skate with sunglasses now here are the silver surfer skater and….the confetti skate you did that yourself? yes
why? it was too warm for my feet seriously? it’s a air conditionning system but it’s not aerodynamic anymore^^ you were doing good Juliette you are gliding good in the straight it look powerfull not so much of a double contact but you glide good so not much to change i feel im between double push and double contact yes yes right it’s more double contact time that double push even it’s a bit late to say you do double contact your skate is landing a bit too late for this there is the skate holding you you finish your push, and you start to hold yourself on the other one it’s a bit late but honnestly you feel comfortable with this…i would advice not to change it keep doing like this but i could do this and double push yes but it’s not really like double push here it’s your 2 skate that have contact on ground at same time yes, i mean going more on the outside yes right….this you do it good really?
yes it’s good this you are not like active in the push but your bodyweight is moving so it’s similar to a push so ….honneslty….i would not change a lot all good Killian? yep all good was good also your cross are quite good here it’s the transition that are difficult there are lot of change straight line corner and corner to straight line in both direction so there are many transition to do this is ok but i can’t get the 1st cross in the corner so i loose 1m directly so i need to put some effort to come back and in straight line i ‘m a bit disturb anyway your corner entry if you want to make them better (at this level) don’t stay to close let a little space to make sure you are confortable for the 1st cross so you won’t have to slow down at the moment we get speed should i stick to the Inside? no no we just go too much Inside now it’s better to go a little on the left but in this corner specially it’s super tight give yourself a bit of space in this one Juliette you even put the skate Inside the track on the border here really?
yep you put your skate on this little border like this i was scared^^ i also thought Killian got scared when you did it i didn’t even noticed this is really a trap in marathon this when its warm in summer you put your skate on this black soft line there was a race in Zurich (SUI) in the last straight line there was tons of those and many crash cause of it you sprint…you put your skate on it ….boum in the corner i need to start the acceleration before you otherwise i loose 50m it’s no problem to be a bit back…50m….humm was not 50m was 10m afteri need to go full to come back so i get more and more tired 50m every time …it’s hard slowly you will go faster and faster…you just start racing by doing speed leg like this in the corner when we will skate regular speed you will understand how to control more your technic and take time to control no doubt that you already try it full…i can see it on your face you need to explain me this is it possible to get the same speed out of the corner by moving the leg fast or by pushing with power? yes it ‘s possible it’s the grip quality …it’s hidden you can’t see it…if someone use long step and take time to push strong he will generate as much speed as so i make mistake when i see you move fast your legs i should stay focus on controling my technic and get the right grip and push strong it’s possible that you would get at the same speed but you would need good wheels then for same quality of wheels you can generate your speed with speed leg or on the grip (contact / pressure) the faster you go, the faster we start the acceleration the better it’s to built this on power with good pressure (grip) with a slow move and good pressure the slower we go at the begining of the acceleration the better it is to use speed leg but when i bike or if i run … i feeli have more speed leg than other people but here i can’t do it it’s just cause here you don’ t have enought pressure (grip)…but it will come


You talk about double contact in the beginning, I guess you want double contact for a short period, maybe not easy to explain but how long should the double contact be?

Great! Really nice music Pascal. But the best is all the advices you say to the skaters. Always very very interesting for all of us who are trying to improve our technique. Waiting for that double contact video.
Thanks my friend.

Très intéressant comme analyse, très instructif comme d'habitude, merci Pascal. Tu parles avec Juliette de double contact et double poussée, je connais la seconde, mais pas la première ça consiste en quoi ? PS : je vais vraiment finir par demander une mutation à Toulouse, vous avez des circuits partout 🙂

Another great video – merci Pascal!! It is also ''cute'' that you use the term speed leg 😉 Keep using it … even if in English we say leg speed ;-))

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