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Oh my God, they’re after me. I have to escape the meat processing factory! I will not be turned into a steak dinner! Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Skate 3. I’m playing as meat man. Say hello. Nice to meat you. HAHAHAHA! That Joke Was Amazing, Right Guys?? The Statement Above Is True Ah, the jokes. This is the character I unlocked from finishing hall of meat mode. He’s awesome. He’s a big slab of steak. Except you have to play as him in free-to-play mode, free play mode, not free-to-play, free play mode. And there’s no people around. There’s no cars, and there’s no missions, and there’s no events or anything like that. So you basically just get to wander around the map as a big giant slab of meat. Freaking awesome at tricks tho! Nope… failed. Watch his running animation. Hahaha, look at it. It’s so ridiculous. What are you doing? Wonder what he looks like when he’s actually flying in mid-air, like hall of meat time. Let’s go try it out. I want to try this ramp again. I’m gonna put a ramp here. Go go Gadget Super Ramp. And we’re Gonna Clone you I’m gonna make kinky science, and we’re gonna put more of them. Oh man, I’m in the way. What the? I can hear cars, but I don’t see cars. SPOOKY , Right? What are you doing to me game, my God my skateboard goes through me? The Hell!? The Running animation is the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen! Haha, I love it! Ok Mr. Steak, let’s go! [thread] crumple up into a ball [of] meat here we go ready ah You better make it this time [or] I will turn you into dinner. Oh Yeah Can you flop? You can’t He girls up into a little ball He’s amazing. I love meat man. [he] look like when he does a coffin He’s just a lump of steak frying on a frying pan Geronimo [aah] It broke my meat face. [he] doesn’t have any arms he just holds the board with the force up in the air [oh], it’s a shame. There’s no people around I could make like a Patty I could just slap into them with my big slab [of] meat and pinned him to the ground Also, if there was women I could say hey girl you and me should make a burger and stick my meat between your buns Yeah, I can’t make that joke though. What are you suck you care at your time? I’m a skeleton now his name is Dem Bones dem bones [and] [bones] need calcium Dem bones and bones need calcium [ah] Then bones need surgery we owe Oh, so bone man. Can’t break all his bones. Let’s test the rigidity of those bones and [smack] Loses some strong bones And Majestic Eagle time oh Smash I think he breaks his bones a lot less than the actual people. I know he uses a skeleton See he doesn’t break anything. He’s our break dancing skeleton. That’s all he breaks break dancers. You just bust out some moves Mr.. Skeleton sick Tricks, bro Mr.. Skeleton, not sick tricks now. I know why there’s nobody around Because Mr.. Skeleton has [nobody] to play with jokes for days bitches ah What a fine, summer’s morning a fine day for a little boat ride on the canal [I] Can just lie here forever? I’m still coughing. I’m still coughing Stop coughing it’s ignorant I can twiddle my feet [Tom]. Dee dum dum dum dum dum [or] is he rubbing his own ass. I know what he’s doing He’s our boss [ok] enough dicking around it’s Betty’s time to shine, [ahh] God damn it Betty Operation Hippie jump care engage [I] see you [care]. [I] see you ah I feel you So many bends on this road, you can’t line it up properly come on. Somebody come at me now. Come at me, bro Come at me, bro Nobody [ok] no takers here. We go. Whoa aah feet the girl over and go to Sleep Betty [ah] Bitch [ok] people said the secret was to jump way before you think you have to and I’m still jumping too early, okay? Good job can I hit me jump a parked car? Nope, you run over it though That was awesome Betty you’re the man dude again. Let’s do [the] hurdle race Look at this Betty’s awesome Good to see you dude People are so nice to me ever since betty got the makeover. She’s not an ugly sack of mess anymore So people are all very nice to her now. You know why cuz she got that ace look at that a son yeah whoo football [I’ma] play football [come] back football. Yeah, go a skateboard fuck off. Don’t need you. I got a football now Yeah, I am fucking messy Although Betty’s messy in a whole different meaning get out [of] here, bitch Nobody’s friends with you I didn’t [boo] come back boo. Huh? Oh. Nope. Nope. Nobody [nobody] pretty in the gold [aah] Betty bitch get away from my ball get away you old lady Dude, you hear my ball Did you in the balls [I]? Hope you like that. It’s ok ball. I take care of you. You are my new best friend Betty Lines up the shot, but he shoots, but he shoots, but he shoots Celebration oh Let’s do the crowd Goes Wild Okay, give me more more more Gonna get a whoop whoop What did that bin do to you get back here bin vandalize her she’s invincible as well? break my board Hello, Mr.. Dumpster you be my friend Hi, Mr.. Dumpster I’m a ghost [I] knew it [I] Have become fully transparent I have [assists] and turned into my final form I’m knighted and I’m okay. This is Betty’s favorite position. I mean Jeez Betty Channel Your inner Boss Eagle Birdie Eagle Yeah Balls [Eagle] [bunny] don’t oh I want to do is land in the [frickin] thing Yeah, like that awesome. [I] really hippie jump a car Don’t take no care if it takes me all day takes me all week. I’ll stay here ah This is it. This is the one again Almost I did it [freaking] second try take me away taxi man car hug Carol Carol Carol Catwalk [ah] too close Stranger danger stranger danger I am going to grind the shit out of this. I’m gonna grind you into dust No, I’m not betty you suck at grinding. Oh. No, you know Betty. I love you ah Buddy Betty you must really like the fucking taste of ground because you spend most of your time there. I didn’t restart shut up Dude, you fucking meet me halfway. [oh] my [God] look at these people [I] Knew everybody in this game was freaking ghosts Creepy these are like a walk through them You creepy weirdos. I don’t care if I lose Just [figure] [out] the secret of life. [I’ll] [be] you guys are real [I] can kill you [I] can’t do this Grinds are so stupidly hard you can’t [freakin] line them up properly [ah] ah And just as I say that I nail it oh yeah, what’s up look how much in the lead? I am what Jax a flip. Yeah, dude. What’s that? What’s that? I’m sorry? I can’t hear you over the [sound] of how in first place. I am what’s this son watch Such tricks much epic. I am in second. [do] not see those sick tricks Longest grind I can do that. I can win Jap about mother fuckers Always getting in my way God damn it Billy pull your own weight Did we win? I hope we did hope billy didn’t be an ass look it up in the corner do nothing Wait, yeah, we won Billy I am pulling all the weight Bet he doesn’t have that much weight anymore Jack’s bosses wins that’s a phrase that I am so used to hearing by now Somebody challenged me [to] flip over the shark. I don’t even flip normally how the hell am I gonna do this I? can’t flip I can also break my face Flip again [Benny] No, see why there must be some sort of trick to doing flips easier Whoa oh I? Did it I don’t care you said [slip] over the shark you didn’t say land on the ramp on the far side He didn’t say [Jack] don’t break your ankles screw you I did it Kinda we’re right up the wall No almost almost Matrix shit, son it was awesome. Gonna. Set up some ramps here and see how this works That’ll work, right Maybe I hope it don’t hit the lip and blast my face into the front of it Let’s go Betty show the world what you’re worth ah Crap ready, you’re not worth anything the hell am I oh I know where I am Dead that’s where on the spot more like own the snot Good job [Betty] Is it Betty the one? That was the worst. I don’t know what I wanted to do [I] missed all the buttons never get that moment [when] you have some sick tricks in your mind And then you go to do them And you don’t do any of them you like hit all the buttons at once and it doesn’t nothing Yeah, oh my God you’re fucking five off what you do is fat, and you buddy got an extra five points Yeah Awesome good. [I] couldn’t do that again. Not not even once more let’s see how cool it was oh I was so cool It was awesome What’s up chico? You want to take my picture sure you can [date] my picture. Don’t look man Don’t make me look fat honey, okay? Oh oh, oh, oh oh That is all wrong [your] betty [sit] yeah, let’s do any sick tricks, but who cares oh? that ended That was the most painful thing. I think I’ve ever seen I’ll fuckin money shot. Look at that ass oh Man, I can’t go back to the video editor to look at it. That sucks I Planted my face right into the end of that trailer. [oh] it looks so painful Well that does it for another skate 3 video that was fun Betty’s a boss and so is meat man and Skeleton boy I forgot what his real name is Dim bones. [that] was his real name, but anyway Thank you guys so much for watching this video If you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss and [pie] finds all round whoosh whoosh Thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes You were doing 62 mile an hour This Is An Outro.


When you said he curls up into a ball you missed a major chance to call him a meat ball
Edit: also when skeleton was in a coffin😂

Funny joke also meat man and dem bones are in a fight but there also part of each other so he can't beat his meat… I might have ober thought this one

Since she can walk he is…. ground beef!😂 😔why do I don’t this to myself?😔😅

I enjoy jack but someone butchered his vocals in the subtitles. Not like what's been going on recently with self promotion or anything like that, but, just.. is it because I'm Irish that I can understand what he's saying or were the subtitlers smoking something that day?

Idk if people are still confused about why he calls the ball a football but if anyone is, it’s because in Europe they call a soccer ball a football and vice versa.

I was really confused when he said he was playing football and the started playing with the soccer ball. Then i was like "……….oh yeah."

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