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Skate life with a Dog (with subtitles)

Skate life with a Dog (with subtitles)

look that he doesn’t stop,
what are you doing bro? you can’t pretend to live or make money just with skateboarding videos is something that you do because you love it
and that’s why I came here to the city I used to live in I used to live in Valencia and everyone told me
– look for a real job need to find a real job and I knew I had
to find a job but what is a real job that’s the problem
I was trying to find my job and I know Barcelona is the City for skateboarding
so I thought maybe I can do of my life a job I came here with the intention
to make videos and meet a lot of people make a lot of contacts and save some money
to start to travel and go back to my country (Colombia) and that was the situation in my life
I just came here 4 years ago and I had this dogbecause
I used to have a girlfriend and she wanted to have a dog and I I didn’t
really want to have a dog because my life was really busy
working and filming a lot in my spare time I’ve got no time, I was
struggling with money but the dog made me understand
that I can do it because I love him, so what’s the point
if I cannot offer a good life to a dog I’ve got him when he was like a little ball
and I could put it in my pocket it is a really funny story because one day I
had to work as a producer at assistant I was really busy because my
girlfriend was traveling and we toke care of the dog together, but it was mostly me because I have more time
because I’m always skating around and I have time for the dog. I’ve got him with me for like ten days and I remember the first day I left him alone in the
house for like ..I feel bad thinking about it but I left him for more than 6 hours
because I had to work really hard and I left him in my room it was a small room
but I got like a lot of stuff because I am a filmmaker too so I do
have cameras and stuff and when I arrived home from working
because I used to work in a store a and then it works as a producer assistant
in the filming I arrived home really tired and I see
all my room completely destroyed everything around, pee everywhere,
all my cables in the camera has broken like the SD cards all around
somehow he tried to let me know I’m I’m being a dick I just get really mad and
I wanted to do something what people do normally is you have to take a newspaper
and let him know he can’t do this but I realized this is not the way because this is being violence and he
don’t need to be a scare of me he need to respect me and I think
you don’t gain respect with violence since that day I wonder how can I do it how can I take that care of the dog and be able to hanging out with him in the session? and I saw a couple friends, they are filmers too they got dogs and I saw the dog
during the session even the dogs skated a lot of dogs can skate,
So I thought I can take my dog in a session and I can hang out with him and I start
to take it to everywhere I can take it to the store I used to work
in a store and I can take it there to sleep he sleep there and it’s socrazy
because I used to work like 40 hours a week there and he was always with me there
so in my break I have one free and I can go with him to
skate and chill and actually when I’m filming with him in a session, depends of the session you know because sometimes you are with people that get annoyed about
noises and stuff and they don’t need a dog but I can tell you I’ve been
with a big group of six people, crazy skaters jumping rails like doing crazy
stuff and the dog was super quiet because he knews I need to film I need
to get clips and I need to do my life I didn’t like it to get attached like
– oh I can’t go there because I have a dog no actually I can go there
because I have a dog and I don’t care and yeah since that I always take my dog
everywhere depends of the session he knows everyone one day we was playing with him in the bowl (skatepark) and he used to run really close to
my wheel and put his little paw I just broke his nail and since
that he always keep a distance to run with everyone, but he’s really
confident he got a crazy reflex so I have this dog for like three
years and I’m still scared to kill him, because is too small, you know it’s like he’s
jumping all the time his paws are so skinny,
but I think you don’t need to be a scare because it’s my dog, he knows
me and I know him we’re at this confident I can go pushing
I can go really fast kinda we got this connection you know. My friend from Afecto Animal told me the dog always work with treats so anytime I go into a session I buy him like a little bone for dogs so he knows when I’m in a session or I want to skate for twenty minutes or one hour I gave him two or three bones and he always sit down in my bag when you are a skater you do a lot of stuff you don’t want to have a dog because it’s
like you’re busy you’re always going at late-night times but the good thing about having a dog
is they give you a lot of love and they give you peace
because you’re organizing yourself to manage to take care of your animal that’s something you don’t think about when you are just making videos and filming all day I had to join a skate trip with a skateshop called Venero Thanks Venero for paying me the trip,
It was very good. But was super quick I had to join it from one day to the other,
so I had to manage how to take the dog in the bus and then going to Vigo in the Maresquiño for the contest and it’s funny because I just say yes I go no worries I
take my dog, but the guy from the bus he didn’t want me to bring the dog, he was
like – no the dog had to be done with the luggage but is so small to go there, he can stay up in the bus The bus driver said: it’s not
allowed, so I went out to make him believe I’m gonna put my dog in a
box inside the car but then I put it in my backpack and it closed the backpack
and the dog was really quiet and then I went into the bus and it’s funny because
the bus is really it takes really long because you have to go to Madrid and
then to from Barcelona to Madrid you have to go to Vigo and
imagine the dog he was like for so many hours sleeping in my legs here
making no noise and no pee and nothing and that’s was impressive
and the crazy thing is how I bring him in the hotel in Vigo
I was scared too because it was not allowed to bring dogs in the hotel but
he was so small so I bring it with a a little bag inside and he
was joining me every day in the hotel and I was taking to skate he join a
crazy session with a bunch of Guys I was scared because I didn’t
have money to pay my ticket back so it’s kind of like I’m going blind this guy’s
I need to come back because I had to fly to Ibiza so it was like I
had to do this yes or yes and somehow it’s like funny because the dogs knows
when I was in a struggle to him so he was really quiet I think he knows something was going on with him so it was like no problem
like when the bus stopped I took him out and he just go pee here to do his
thing and then come back to the bus no one see us give the passengers what’s
looking at like – oh my god it’s dog there and he was like slipping right there
like super quick A big shout out to the effects animal guys because thanks to them I realized
what my dogs needs a lot and what they want to try to tell me, and is so hard when you don’t know nothing about animals they know everything about what
you needs to know


Ok, lo sapevo che dovevo portare il mio cane a skatare con me
Almeno mi potregge dai morsi degli altri cani ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I used to skate with my dog, but she started slowing down and didn't like to keep up. She's still doing great, I just can't seem to get her to want to run longer distances anymore. I was always afraid of hitting her or accidentally running over one of her paws, but she did a pretty good job of staying out of the way.

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