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Skate Therapy Ceramic Bearings: First Look

Skate Therapy Ceramic Bearings: First Look

Well, I finally got my first ever set of ceramic
ball bearings! These Skate Therapy bearings were sent to
me from Alberto, a fellow surf skater in Barcelona. Alberto’s a cool dude. He’s a filmmaker, he’s got a YouTube channel
about skating, he does skate tours around Barcelona, and of course, he’s got his brand,
Skate Therapy. Definitely check out his stuff and subscribe
to his channel if you like his videos. In this video, I’m going to share my first
impressions of these bearings, give you a little info about them, and of course, run
an extremely scientific spin test. Taking these bearings out for the first time,
I was not disappointed. They’re fast, and there is just no issue there. These Abec 9 ceramics are supposedly immune
to oxidation and they have dual removable seals for easy cleaning. They are pre-lubricated with a very light
lubricant for a fast roll right out of the box. They’ve been tested in all skate styles but
are not recommended for hardcore street skating. I just don’t think they can sustain those
repeated, heavy impacts. Unfortunately, these bearings do not come
with spacers, but they do come with a sweet Skate Therapy sticker. In the new year, I’ll be taking these with
me to Hong Kong, so please be on the lookout for a full video review of these bearings
sometime next year. If you’d like to pick up these bearings for
yourself, you can use the code “papayaboarder” at checkout and take 2 Euros off. All links are in the description, of course. Thanks again, Alberto, for sending me these
bearings, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the spin
test, and let the bearings speak, or rather, hiss, for themselves.


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