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Skateboard Fails and Ankle Damage! How PAINFUL is hitting your shin?!?

Skateboard Fails and Ankle Damage! How PAINFUL is hitting your shin?!?

See you later cankles I’m BLew. I’m J. Hey, it’s pain day What’s happening today, so do you remember when you were a little hoodlum, huh? And you thought you were cool all your friends and you thought you’re a little skater boy And you you take your board to the park and then the terrible event of a skateboard coming in contact with your shinbone Happen and it was like the worst pain that you could ever imagine Yeah, that’s what we’re doing today. Yep. We’re gonna rank that specific pain today. Oh And I’m sure you can probably also relate to when your razor scooter whips around and smashes your ankle Legend has it if you’d like and subscribed right now, you will 100% guarantee land your next triple axel Backflip spinning 180 kickflip perfect landing legend has it. You will be a legend Hey, don’t try this home. Don’t hit your shins and your ankles on purpose. Just just don’t do it Leave it to us the Pain Rankers. I have a question for you guys What is the most painful experience you’ve ever been through? Let us know down in the comments below. I wonder whose painful experience is gonna be the worst out of all yeah It’s a good question. What’s your guesstimate about how bad this is gonna hurt? Man this can six This is no walk in the park So what’s the pain science for a skateboard to the shin or a razor scooter to the ankle? All right, fill your shinbone right now. Okay. Can you fill that little teeny skinny little layer of OUCHNESS!? That’s cartilage in your periosteum, and it’s really painful because it’s chuck full of Nerve fibers that just want to hurt you that is their goal So cause pain when the periosteum gets hit it can swell up it can leave lumps of blood and death and gore and I’m excited and we all know somebody who has glass ankles. Yeah Also referred to as cankles I’ve hurt my ankle before and I knew just who to go to This guy’s like a PhD in ankle science because he snaps his ankle in half every other week. Yeah Who’s flippin idea was this!? This is gonna hurt Oh This is gonna hurt dude, you gotta send it to send it good and hard. Oh Man go No, you should just send it from there what if can you just launch it straight just Oh Describe it. Dull. But like it gets well sharp really quick. And now it’s just like dull spreading throughout my leg See you later cankles Moves a tiny bit. Yep Oh my goodness sakes Oh, oh man, how you feeling? Oh Dude look at that. Oh my goodness sakes. Oh, Man you took that look at that. Oh My goodness sakes, I Don’t recommend doing that on purpose. Oh I don’t recommend doing that on accident. Yeah, I just don’t do that. I mean I Definitely probably raise that up so it doesn’t swell a bit Jay. You know last time I said that to you He was a skater boy skateboards head see you later boy very painful very painful Do not recommend doing this but all of our stuff I don’t recommend doing check out the carnage one more time for yourself We’re about to reveal our rankings in three two one Yeah Hey, yeah, so for me it was about as bad as a paintball worse for you it was worse The ankle wasn’t too bad even though I do have cankles glass cankles But J freakin sent that skateboard right into motion and it flipping hurt I’m sure you little kids out there can relate to of taking a skateboard to the shin. It doesn’t feel good Especially taking on that hard. Oh man. Thank you for watching Fall is in the air, pain is in the air and J’s in the air


The worst pain I’ve ever been through was a huge astro-turf burn in got on my shin while sliding on it multiple times during many baseball games. I kept doing it until it got all red and irritated and it burned incredibly strong. The pain wouldn’t go away for hours and I was in between passing out and throwing up 😭😖
(I love ur videos bros)

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