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Skateboard Maintenance & Repair : Common Skateboard Problems

Skateboard Maintenance & Repair : Common Skateboard Problems

We’re talking about skateboarding parts and
maintenance. I’m going to talk about how to check for some common problems that might
wrong with your skateboard. The first thing you need to check is if the trucks are mounted
to the deck appropriately take your hand and try to twist the truck. If there is no movement,
then your trucks are mounted correctly. If there is the littlest bit of play that can
mean that your trucks can move or fall off and that your board can change direction without
you knowing. Make sure these bolts are tight, all 8 of them. Also another important thing
to check is your wheels. Are they wearing them evenly? Do they need to be rotated? You
can do this by holding the skateboard in front of you and making sure that the top of the
wheel is completely parallel with the top of the truck. Another common problem is busted
bearings. To check for busted bearings simply spin the wheel and listen if it has a nice
smooth sound then the bearings are probably okay. If there is rattling or squeaky sound,
the bearings are probably worn out and need to be replaced. Another way to check for a
common problem is to check for pressure cracks. Pressure cracks are formed by the pressure
of the bolts that are mounted on the trucks to the deck. Simply look at the bolt, draw
a straight line with your finger down the deck from the bolt and see if there any cracks
in the natural grain of the wood. Even though pressure cracks aren’t that big of a deal,
if they become larger they can cause the board to eventually crack in half or drive your
trucks to come off. So remember check your bearings to make sure that they sound right
and look at your wheels to make sure they haven’t been worn unevenly. Check your deck
for pressure cracks and make sure all your bolts are tight and where they need to be.


go to a skate shop ask for "REDS" the best barrings u can buy for about 20 dollars they've lasted me a good 2 years and still work great.

hah ! u got cheated reds are lik 16 at my shop but bones swiss are teh best fastest things ever but tehy cost liek 40 bucks

check the bearings. if one side spins slower then ul drift. if u can even out both sides having one slow bearing it can work a bit better(though not perfect)
also check the bushings. if u used them too long or. . . like i once did. put wd40 on them to stop them creeking cuz it was annoying, they may be dissolved or worn down. and they rarely wear evenly. also check if u bolted the trucks down correctly. sometimes u can bolt them crooked so the truck aims some other direction other then foward

Guys please help me buy a new deck cause my old one is already chipping what kind of deck do you think I should get Zero, Mystery, $lave, Girl, Chocolate, or Plan B? Thanks!!!

Girl no questions asked! By the the way Foyle92 girl and choc are made in usa but enjoi is made in china,Dwindle distribution, not sure about krooked,though.
And all brand decks are made from canadian maple.

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Bleh please help
My Skateboard turns slightly Left just a lil bit if i push it without me on it
it turns left n right pretty good i guess please help

guys if u have probelems with imbalence just losse king pin cheak ur bushings if there good skate ur trucks losse for a while the tighten them up again it helps if u skate both ends regually.

my trucks keep moving. The part of the truck that is across from the bushings and the kingpin, you know, the thing that the pointyer part of the truck keeps moving in the hole.

@g000n33 get vice grips and grab hold of the bolt from the bottom. then grab another vice grip and grab the bolt. Twist the bolt. it'll just twist off

I bought a board a week ago and now when i skate and lean on on side of the board it makes a clicking noise and then if i lean on the other side it does it again, any tips on how to fix it??

my skateboard alway sleans over to the left without me on and with me on i cant gain speed and cant scate or if i do crash into a cirb or anything in my way

@SkaterJetro What have you tried to fix it with? This is a common problem caused by the bushings. It can be from new bushings after the nice slick surface of new bushings has been rubbed away. Sometimes it's old bushings, because the oils in the urethane have evaporated out. It also happens with trucks that are super tight. What makes the noise is the friction from the bushing rubbing on the truck hanger. You can try tacking apart the truck and rubbing a drop or 2 of lube around each bushing.

0:09 Problem number 1 – Are the trucks mounted properly?
0:35 Problem number 2 – Are the wheels mounted properly?
0:52 Problem 3 – Are your bearings busted?
1:12 Problem 4 – Are there any pressure cracks?
1:39 Remember this.

@zozozot hey dude i got a problem …whenever i ride my skate it makes a rat-ish sound .
you know how to fix it?? plzzz reply.

hey i need help! i bought a ZERO board this march 9 when i did a couple of tricks it has pressure crack on it. What could I do? and i though only old skateboards have pressure cracks. And the dude at the skate shop told me if i want to avoid pressure cracks, loose my trucks that are connected to the DECK! is that guy right or wrong?

the other day i got my skateboard wet but not soaked,im just wondering if theres a repair for this or if ill need a new deck or will it be fine when it fully dries??????????

first off it said maintenance and REPAIR. i clicked on this shit to figure out how to repair my pressure cracks not listen to you talk about stupid shit any real skateboarder would already know. 

I have a skateboard with lights on the sides.And my problem is that my skate turns itself and when i try to skate it goes just 2m…I dont know whats the problem and i need an answer ASAP…PLEASE

i think that my trucks are screwed at an angle so if i push it in straight line, it would goes to the right and if i go the other way, it goes to the left. Any solution for me without me have to buy a new one? fyi this is a brand new skateboard and i dont want it to be a waste. so i need to untighten my trucks so that it could turn if i lean to one side?

what if one wheel doesnt roll as long as the rest? i changed bearings on it and everything and it still stops spinning way earlier than the other 3 wheels. i dont know why, dont know wut to do. SOMEONE HELP!

My board has one prob and its annoying. When i stan on it, it turns left by its own. I cant fix it please someone help

I really need help I changed my longboard trucks and wheels into my normal skateboard and it wouldn't turn the correct way and so I switched it back to the longboard and it does the same thing

I just bought a 53$ element skate board and road it for about 1 week and 0nly 2 out of the 4 wheels touch the ground I think that it's warped so is it still good to ride

Ohhh 2008 summer or autumn afternoons how I miss you.. right now I'm goin nuts cuz I can't get my fucked warped screw off my deck

one wheel doesn't roll when i push it with my finger, it stays in place, issue with the bearings?

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