Skateboard Maintenance & Repair : How to Avoid Breaking Skateboard Noses & Tails

We’re talking about skateboarding parts and
maintenance. We’re going to talk a little bit about avoiding nose and tail breakage.
The nose and the tail are important parts of the skateboard. They are assured that you
are able to pop when doing tricks in ollies and they make sure that you are able to turn
in the proper way. To avoid tail damage avoid getting into the habit of using your tail
to stop the skateboard. As this eventually wares down the thin edge of the skateboard
causing it to be easier to crack and peel. Same thing with the nose. You’ll notice that
this nose has been chipped pieces of the deck are peeling off. A jagged piece of deck can
usually cause you more problems than you think. So as a good rule of thumb any missing or
almost falling off pieces of a skateboard should simply be ripped off fold the grip
tight back down and keep on skating. The important part of maintaining deck maintenance is that
a skateboard deck is not a solid piece of wood. It’s actually 7 layers of soaked heated
and pressed wood together. This allows the deck to be flexible yet durable at the same
time unfortunately it means that when the wood breaks it peels away in layers. Make
sure you avoid having your skateboard rolling to corners or hard objects this may also split
the nose and the tail. In general keep your nose and your tail away from hard objects,
keep them from getting wet and avoid using your tail or nose to stop too much as this
wears down the deck and causes breakage and cracks.

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