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Skateboard Tricks : Nollie Front Side Shuv It Skateboarding Tips

Skateboard Tricks : Nollie Front Side Shuv It Skateboarding Tips

The next trick I’m going to be showing you
is what’s known as the Nollie Front Side Shuv-It, or when you’re taking it all four wheels off
the ground, it’s a Nollie Front Side Pop Shuv-It, and again, it’s pretty much the opposite of
the normal Nollie Shuv-It or Nollie Pop Shuv-It. Same sort of action, but your feet are switching
sides, because the board in this trick is going to be spinning behind you. But, I personally
think that these are a little bit easier, call me strange, but it just feels more normal
with the board spinning behind me on this trick. You may think a normal Nollie Shuv-It
is a little bit easier, but that will come with time. But, what you’re going to do with
this trick is, set up in the Nollie position, remember, that’s when your feet just switch
jobs in your normal stance. So, my normal middle foot is on the nose of the board, my
normal back foot is in the middle of the board, and putting my front foot in the direction
where I want the board to spin, middle foot with my toes hanging off so I can get the
board to shove and do the 180 rotation. And I’m going to try and show you it with the
mic in hand, but I’ll show you it again without it in hand. So, the Nollie, like that, but,
here it is with it all together. But, again, I’ll show you it moving in a second, without
the mic on.


well i dont kno if you read magazines or not but im pretty sure its backside. nollie stance is the only stance where things usually flip around

This is definitely BS shuv it because it always goes with the rotation of the tail. If you don't believe me go look it up on google or some shit. : )

@JustinDavid0717 using the word flip is so confusing…if you think about backside and frontside simply as a rotation…think of it that way…not by how the trick looks

@Nikesb457 bs and fs switch n nollie
and an easy way to tell, if you do the motion of a regular stance bs shuv, u will notice it has the same rotation of the trick that hes doing

technically nohtiong switches, the board still spins bs, you just standing on the front of the board, it doesnt change because its going behind… nothign changes at all its bs if the nose of the board is going forward,!

A trick is backside when your back is facing the direction you're moving upon doing a trick. Frontside is vice-versa

to all of you people saying this is backside, lets look to regular fs and bs shuvits. they call a bs shuvit a bs shuvit because you are kicking your foot behind you. they call an fs shuvit an fs shuvit because you are kicking out in front of you. the same applies nollie, therefore this is a nollie fs shuvit

I'm confused.. just do it and call it a nollie shov.. to me you shov it to the back.. therefore it's bs but who gives a shit.. but my son says it's fs on skate3 too?

BS and FS depend on which direction the board is spinning taking in to account your stance. So this trick is a BS shuv, just like a BS nollie bigspin is what would like a FS bigspin.

It's kinda funny, cause I skate goofy, but do tricks regular. So I can't really ride and then do a trick, unless I do it nollie. I can hardly do an ollie, but I can almost do a nollie shuvit since I've been practicing nollie shuvs without knowing it really. That probably didn't even make sense.

Its fs because your kicking your popping foot forward. Look at a nollie tre flip (nollie 360 BS pop shuv and a kickflip). It spins the other way. Does that make sense?

haha this is much like the casper/hospital flip debate. The trick shown in the video is a nollie BACKSIDE shuvit, more commonly known as the nollie frontside shuvit- basically I'm saying, most people get it wrong (I honestly don't care, I would be fine calling it a nollie front shuv as well). For nollie, all the frontsides and backsides are the opposite. Sure we are tempted to say nollie FRONT shuv because of the nature of how the trick is done- kicking the foot forward, board goes behind… but the board spins in the way a normal regular backside shuvit spins. frontside and backside are about the way the board spins or where your body is turning, and surprisingly NOT how you kick your feet. that said, the nollie treflip is actually a nollie frontside 360 popshuvit + nollie flip. and it spins the same way as the regular 360 hardflip which is a frontside 360 popshuvit + kickflip. you can also think of the nollie frontside 180 and the halfcab. they are the mirror images of each other but the nollie FS180 is a fakie switch BS180 and the halfcab is a fakie regular BS180. you can see how the nollie changes the BS to a FS, makes the FS/BS names opposite. only for nollie. for switch, the names are dictated by how you kick your feet (weird, I know)…

everyone top complaining that's its not an actual nollie fs shuv it most skaters get it confused Cuz that's how they think it goes

I did a shovit by scooping the front of the board with my front foot and i landed it. No pop. I ride goofy. So what kind of shuvit did i do!!!?!????

Nollie Backside shuv, its spinning in the same direction as a normal back shuv, add a nollie therefore its Backside not frontside…pssst….

For all the people arguing about wether its fs or bs, here is my argument. Nollie is essentially Switch, or more specifically switch fakie. So would u change the name of the trick for fakie as well? And if you do a normal tre flip, you do bs 360 shuv + a kickflip, so youre telling me for a nollie tre you do a nollie fs 3 shuv with a kickflip? I feel most people would agree that sounds like a nollie 360 hardflip. But if thats really how it is… then wouldnt you agree its dumb as hell to call a nollie tre 180 (nollie bigflip) a nollie fs bigflip, and a 360 hardflip 180 just a "nollie bigflip". No thats fucking retarded, gtfo.

To the people saying it's backside:
If you do a regular FS shuv Fakie, It's still a FS shuv.
If you do a switch FS Shuv, why should you call it a BS shuv?

It makes no sense to reverse the rotation names, both on the shuvs and on 180s too.
This is a FS shuv!

Its backside. You front foot does not become your back foot just because your nollie. for instance I'm goofy foot. so my left foot is my pop foot in ollie stance. when I do a ollie stance back side pop shove my left foot kicks back and the board spins foward. In nollie my back foot STILL kicks back but the board spins backward….BACKSIDE!!!! same applies to frontside shit. its how your normal stance back foot kicks. not how the board rotates.

Youre doing a backside shuvit, not frontside. I just watched Braille Skateboardings video on the difference. Im pretty sure they can be trusted.

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