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Skateboard Tricks: Nollie Varial Flip : Skateboard Tricks: Switch Varial Flip Foot Position

Skateboard Tricks: Nollie Varial Flip : Skateboard Tricks: Switch Varial Flip Foot Position

The foot placement required for the switch
varial flip is very similar to the nollie varial flip only now you’re going to find
that you’re going to have to get a lot more pop out of your back foot than you did for
the nollie varial flip. Since the momentum was bringing you forward it tended to throw
it that way, but now you have to get as much pop out of your back foot as you can. So your
foot is going to be set up with your toe precisely on the tail so you’re able to get as much
pop as possible. Your front foot is going to be in charge of flipping the board. Now
this is a very slight movement trick as with most 180 varial tricks. It’s actually easier
to slightly under do it. Of course it’s going to take as much practice as you can and testing
out different foot positions to see what works exactly for you, but the front foot should
be pointed slightly towards the nose. This way when you drag the foot off the tip of
the nose you’re able to send it just right to get a 180 varial, not too much and not
too little. So with most flip tricks, remember, when you’re setting your foot up if the board
tends to flip too much that means that you need to put more foot on the board. This will
cause the board to flip a little bit slower since there’s more foot on the board and it
sticks to the board just a little bit longer. And remember the opposite is true for the
other way. If you tend to flip the board too slowly and you end up landing upside down
or your board just does a switch pop shove it and doesn’t pop at all remember you need
to put just a tiny bit of toe on there with more foot off the board, and this makes it
so that the board flips a little bit faster and you’re able to compensate and flip it
exactly one flip and be able to roll away. And that’s the foot placement that you need
for a switch varial flip.


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