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Skateboarder’s First Time on An Electric Skateboard | WowGo 2 Review Part 4

Skateboarder’s First Time on An Electric Skateboard | WowGo 2 Review Part 4

I’m going to perform 5 range tests. 15.63 km. 18.47 km. Today I’m outside with the WowGo and Meepo Board. This is the WowGo 2 and the Meepo v1.5. I’m out here with Ming. He’s gonna help me with the video today. So Ming unlike me he’s actually a skateboarder or he actually knows how to skate. I don’t really know how to skate so I wanna ask him to try out the WowGo board first and then the Meepo Board and get his reaction, see how he feels. You haven’t used one before right? Electric skateboard? Yeah he hasn’t used an electric skateboard before. Today with everything I’m wearing my weight is 74 kg. Ming weighs about 65 kg. We have a big difference in weight but we’re gonna use both boards so this range test is gonna be kinda weird so don’t take this one too seriously. I’m doing 5 range tests in total so you can look at all the numbers and see what you think. So Ming’s gonna try the WowGo Board first and then I’m gonna use the Meepo Board first and then after about maybe about 5 km we’ll switch. We’re both gonna use the Runkeeper app. I’m using the Runkeeper app on an iPhone 6s Plus. Ming is using an iPhone 6. Ok I’ve put the remote on slow mode. How do you like make curve like uh curves? How do you turn? Yeah how do you turn in general? You just lean on it. Yeah but it’s still too stiff. I’ve tightened the trucks and I didn’t bring the skate tool today. I made the trucks tight because I was going at full speed in previous videos. Today we’re not gonna go at full speed but I didn’t bring the skate tool so I can’t really loosen them. Yeah I can’t I can’t turn like… Yeah because it’s a little tight that’s why I feel like I’m kind of constrained to like the movement. Yeah probably have to loosen the trucks a little bit. Actually the slow mode is actually pretty fast for me the first time already. I can skate faster but it’s just still feels a little awkward like. Can you just switch that? Let me try and see what the difference is. Just switch this down. All the way down? Ok. Go gentle on the stick. Oh sh*t. Oh my god. Exactly. Go gentle on it and then… The fast mode takes some getting used to but once you’re used to it it’s really easy. I think it accelerates really fast so uhm Yeah I think I can get used to it. How about this one? There’s a couple guys working on pipes here so we’re we borrowed some tools but I don’t think it works. It’s too stiff. That doesn’t work. Want it looser, right? Ok now? About right? A little bit more. Don’t loosen so much it flies off. It won’t. Ok it’s fine now. Try it. I think it will be enough for me for now. I could try it. I guess it does work. I’m gonna loosen up just a little bit more and see how it feels cuz I can’t still turn properly. This is like very loose now so let’s see how it how it reacts. Yeah it’s a lot better now. It’s uh I loosened up the trucks a little so I feel more comfortable. How do you stop anyways? How do you stop? Yeah. Press down. Like… Just press down. What do you mean down? Oh dis? Yeah. Uhm. Yeah I was like it was a lot of fun now like since I loosened the trucks a little bit. And also I’m getting more comfortable on the board now. I know how it feels to accelerate how it we can balance off the accelerations. So it’s really fun now. I think the fast mode is still like really fast for me so I still have to get used to the acceleration so yeah. It’s pretty good. We’re gonna go check out a skate park. Ok. Let’s go. I guess there used to be a skate park. So this used to be a skate park. Now it’s called G Ground? Made in China. Uh-h-h-h-h-h… The most iconic photos of Shanghai are mostly in Lujiazui. Here it is! All right. I think we’ll switch off now. We’re gonna switch boards now. So the WowGo 2 was the first electric skateboard that Minh has ridden so I’m just gonna get his thoughts on it. It was a lot of fun and uhm… Yeah I did go through the learning curve and stuff so… For the fast mode I’m not confident with this still. The acceleration’s like really fast still but uhm it was really fun. Except for the uh the brake. I’m I’m still terrified by the sudden brake. I just still need to get the feel for the brake. Overall it’s pretty fun. Ok we’re gonna switch boards now. Ming’s gonna ride the Meepo and I’m gonna ride the WowGo. I changed the the trucks. Oh crap. Right. So That’ll be interesting. Yeah Ming has loosened the trucks on the WowGo quite a bit. I’m not really used to loose trucks. Uh so the Meepo is probably might be too stiff for him. I think it’s the same. This one was too tight. That’s why. Now it’s like similar to yours. It was way too tight. You know I noticed I couldn’t tighten the Meepo as much as the WowGo. Yeah anyway. We’re switching and then uh we’ll see how it goes. I just stepped off the Meepo deck and I just stepped onto the the WowGo deck. I do like the Meepo deck but now that I’m on the WowGo deck it feels bigger cuz cuz it feels more flat. I mean it’s still concave but it feels more flat and it just feel— Dammit! I accidentally accelerated. Uh What was I saying? This WowGo deck after stepping off the Meepo deck the WowGo deck feels bigger. It’s like, it’s probably not bigger but it’s just I dunno. When you stand on it it feels a little bigger in my opinion. There are police around here and uhm Sh*t! I think I think these electric skateboards are technically not allowed in Shanghai because like Hoverboards and other electric you know what do you call those personal vehicles or whatever they’re actually not allowed. Uh-h-h… There are so many police here. Try not to make eye contact with them. Ok we seem to be in the clear. Yeah they’re just like stopping scooters stopping bicyclists on the road because this road is for cars only. Again Ming is now on the Meepo board and I’m on the WowGo board. WowGo 2. Ming is on the Meepo 1.5. Lujiazui has this really nice bike path. Hill test. Whoever makes the next budget electric skateboard please add a tail. Let’s go down there. The view’s pretty nice down there. It looks better in person than in video. Ok I swear it sped up by itself. That was a little scary. I’m not sure what happened but… Ey did you ever feel like this speeds up by itself? No. Something’s wrong. Oh really? Let me try to describe what just happened. So I had the uh accelerator all the way up but it wasn’t accelerating. And then And then suddenly it started accelerating like there was a major lag. There was like a 2-second lag. That was a little scary. I managed to brake. Oh my gosh. Ah-h-h-h-h… That didn’t feel good. Now it feels ok. We’ve gone about 10 km so far. But we’re going pretty slow today so we might hit I’m guessing we might hit 20 km maybe. I dunno. But the sun’s going down so I dunno what’s gonna happen. Wow dude. It happened again dude. Yeah. Like the lag? I almost crashed into you. I’m trying to make it happen again. Sometimes when I push up like if I push up and let go… Oh it it just did it again! Yeah did you see that? I pushed up, I let go and then it just kept on going. I dunno. It doesn’t happen every time but it definitely happens sometimes. Yeah! I have never been here. A kicktail would be really handy here. Hehheh. End of the road. Kicktail. Kicktail. Oh! You did it. Almost. Hey! Mark! How’s it going? Just enjoying the sunshine the sunset. Bamboo bike! I have the remote. It needs a remote. I’m old school. Bamboo bicycle man. It’s pretty light. The sun’s going down so I’m not sure how we’re gonna keep on filming. I didn’t bring my light today. Uh so on the Meepo according to the remote there’s one light left so that should mean uh between 20 and 50%. On the WowGo there’s still 2 lights left on the remote so that’s between 50 and 70% so there’s still a lot of power left on the WowGo. Ok. This is my plan. The sun’s about to go down so we can’t keep on shooting but the Meepo’s about the run out of power soonish anyway so we’re gonna let the Meepo run out of power and then I’ll continue riding the WowGo tomorrow and use up the power tomorrow and then just add up the numbers. Uh. Yeah. We’re going uphill again. Uhm. So I should be feeling voltage sag. Ok there’s one light left on the power indicator on the remote but I’m not really feeling voltage sag. I think it’s because we’re going pretty slow today. Cuz we’re not going at full speed so I can’t really tell that there’s voltage sag anyway. It’s happening again. I dunno how to gt it to show on video but it did it again. I press the accelerator and then yeah I let go and then it accelerates. Ok see it didn’t accelerate just now. See it’s not accelerating. I’m not touching it. Ah it’s really It’s really random. It happens sometimes. Ok it’s— Faw! F*ck. Aaahhh… I just cracked the screen! I just dropped my phone and cracked the screen. Ok anyway anyway uhhh what was I gonna say… Yeah. It’s getting dark and I didn’t bring a light so uhm… We still have power left so I’m just gonna continue riding both of them tomorrow and to use up the power and then we’ll see what the range is. Uhmmm yeah. So we’re gonna stop Runkeeper now. Today’s weather is 13 ºC. Uh my weight is still around 74 kg. I’m not sure how well you could see that but it’s continually going from a solid single light to a blinking light. I’m actually heading to lunch with a friend so I can’t really… If I keep doing this I’m gonna be late cuz I thought I had a lot of power left. Uhm. But I guess not. Let me see how far I’ve traveled. So I’ve only gone about 2 km today. Uh. I’m gonna have to end this ride because it’s just not… I dunno the power keeps on cutting out and and then coming back. Uh I can’t really ride like this. I guess that’s it for now. I’ll continue this video later cuz I gotta go meet up with my friend. So this range test was kind of a fail cuz we ran into a couple of problems but I am doing 5 range tests so hopefully the next one goes more smoothly. He sent me an antenna that I can add. They said have the antenna stick outside of the box. If I’m at 50% then I should be able to go double this? I saw you moving quite fast.


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Thanks for the tour of Shanghai. It's a little different to when I was there in January 1992. Your video clip is much appreciated!

Very nice video. I like how you cut and use the music. BTW, beautiful City. Have to visit some time. But far away from Salzburg. Looking forward to see more about the Wowgo s2.

those bushing i bet they are very hard composicion, same on my koowheel, then i changed for green ones from the brand venom

Dude, the details are fantastic! You say your weight, his weight, what app you're using on which phone, the temperature, which battery type you chose on the wowgo… THANK YOU. So many (vlog)reviewers simply don't say all this. Subscribed man! keep the quality 😀

Please do a review on the wowgo KT
It’s got the kick tail you wanted and want to see one before I buy one

Daniel I like your videos but please be a little bit more professional and use the right tools to adjust your trucks on your videos! And always wear helmet, you owe that to your viewers…. Safety first!

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