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Skateboarding Basics : How to Tic Tac on a Skateboard

Skateboarding Basics : How to Tic Tac on a Skateboard

We’re going to talk a little bit about how
to gain speed on a skateboard without actually pushing off. A technique known as tick tacking.
Tic tacking involves keeping both feet firmly planted on the skateboard doing a slight tic
turn and moving the front of board from left to right, to left to right. The momentum of
your skateboard will prepare you forward without having to leave your feet on the board to
push. Let’s try one in action. Both feet are on the board in a resting position then when
I start moving, the board will start to gain speed to right to the left, to the right to
the left faster and faster until you gain more speed. Learning how to tic tac is especially
important for younger skaters who really haven’t achieved a type of balance they need to learn
how to push off yet. Also their legs are shorter and the board is a lot wider when they stand
and this way young skaters who find it necessary to have their legs very far apart to maintain
balance can still learn how to get speed safely without pushing. Once you master the tic tac,
you can learn how to push off and you’ll be getting enough speed to do tricks and have
fun skateboarding.


@trigerhiger Search Pumping a skateboard or something on youtube and you should find it, watch the flow and body movement carefully and try to copy it, its not complicated at all. Your wheels need to have rounded edges though or it wont work.

@Samhutton1994 thanks man, ill search it, ur really helpin me out, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ im not bein sarcastic, seriously, thanks, ill search it

that tip not having balance at a young age becuase i remember when learning the ollie it was hard to push and then put my feet in the right position so it's a good tip

I didn't realize this was actually "something" I've been doing it for years just when I'm lazy and don't want to pump to keep speed

i was wondering about what you guys were saying in the top comments and then i started watching and it came up with a guy on the ice and i was like wtf it turned out to be an ad….. FML

Man i swear they should like make pads to go on your butt or something so it wont hurt as much when i fall off on my ass D':

You are going downhill…moving the board any which way will obviously make you gain speed if you are on a slope. Pointless video sorry.

You make great skateboarding videos dude. I'm one of those younger skaters who struggles on a skateboard and your videos are really gonna help me.

Not explained is how this works. The rider leans to one side of the skateboard, which eventually translates into the pavement pushing against the wheels in the direction of the riders lean, which accelerates the rider in the direction of the lean. Then the skateboard is turned into the direction of the acquired velocity by doing a kick turn. Actually the skateboard is turned a bit past the desired direction so that the next lean to the other side keeps the skateboard going in the desired direction. So similar to many forms of skating, the rider is pushing sideways on the board (while it faces a bit "outwards") and turning in order to propel the skateboard forwards.

I skateboarded to school and on my paper route from about 1985 until 1988, and just about everybody used this technique to get from place to place. Extremely popular. Back then–at least among my friends–it was called 'kicking' for whatever reason; maybe because you're kicking the board from side to side. Now I haven't seen anyone do it in probably 25 years! Nice way to get around though ๐Ÿ™‚

i know this video is old af so idk if anyone is gonna see this but i only go backwards or i dont move at all. i cant go forward

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