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Skateboarding on Ramps : How to Carve a Skateboarding Bowl

Skateboarding on Ramps : How to Carve a Skateboarding Bowl

We’re going to talk a little bit about carving
a bowl which is basically how to maintain speed and keep going while skating transition
in a bowled out type ramp. The difference between carving in a bowl and carving in a
ramp is that a bowl can continuously go around in a circle. Where as a ramp you must rely
on kick turns in a 100 degree movements to turn around. The most important part of carving
is keeping your knees bend, bending into the transition when approaching straighten slightly
while you are parallel to the copping and then bending your knees for reentry. Let’s
look at it one more time.
With a little practice you can learn how to carve in a way to make you have greater and
greater speed and able to do bigger tricks.


i find he explains it beter than the amateur videos made, because the quality of the audio is more crisp so instructions are more clear and understandable, and the tone isn't someone talking hesitantly and using more formal language.

And one Hah Hundred and eighty xD Look at his face when he says it. He got slapped in the face with his mistake.

that's great, how the biggest "carve" (I know he doesn't) or the main "carve" is blocked by the end of the "bowl," good instructional vid lol

@wiz101pro how is he a wimp? its just a tutorial, this guy is a sick skater, he can do basically everything, thats why expert village hired him, i hate how everyone hates on these people just cuz they are showing simple stuff. its not they're fault, expert village asked them to do this tutorial if they had the choice they would probably teach more complex tricks.

stop writing stupid things you fucking morons, these videos are very helpful for those of us who are trying to learn how to skateboard.

first of all thats not a bowl
second of all you wear knee pads and no helmet(LAME!)
third of all that is barely carving

go on skater2703 and there is someone actually carving the bowl dumbass he is ten and he carves really fast and smooth and better than you, you are shit

can u teach me how to do a 360 360 flip off a two meter drop onto a rail and backflipping off while landing in a nose manual

where is the carving ….you just do some kickturns ….carving means that NO WHEEL should lift off the ground ….more,you talk about a bowl and you're in a snake …learn to carve and go in a real bowl before talking about it ….

How can a channel with 3 Mil. subscribers upload shit like this? This guy can't even skate and is doing kickturns instead of carving

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