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Skateboarding Tips : Fastest Bearings for a Skateboard

Skateboarding Tips : Fastest Bearings for a Skateboard

How you doing there? I’m Simon Bingham, and
this is No Comply Skate Shop and I’m going to tell you what are the fastest bearings
available. These are them right here, Bones Swiss. The originals. These have been around
for twenty years. They know what they’re doing. They’re the fastest bearing and I’m going
to tell you why. It’s because they have Swiss metal, which comes from the Swiss Alps. And
it’s harder than any other metal that you can get. And the low balls can’t get dents
easily, so that way they last a lot longer and go a lot faster. Because when you ride
your bearings, the bearings actually heating up as its spinning. So, that can create little
dents in those bearings and that’ll make your wheels go slower. So, if have the Swiss, it’s
a lot harder to heat that hard metal up when it’s spinning around like that. So, they actually
end up lasting a lot longer. So, once again, these Bones Swiss are the fastest bearings
available out there.


I Got Bones Reds, theyre quite common and run for about 15-20$ ive had mine for 2 years, Ive been cleaning them with Zepreserve NC (its a Preservant/ Lubercant for cars) and im still rollin 8)

i use bones red and their pretty good.

their the same as bones swiss but alot cheaper.

its cheaper because its made in china.

Tht skateshop has a huge deck selection…and I have bones swiss ceramics they r alot better thn bones Swiss.

@TeoDucky But bone swiss ceramics are bad for street because they can break a lot easier from pressure hence the word "ceramic". So if you do a set you f'd.

@Luxifer5 you are wrong…bones swiss ceramics are called ceramic because tht is the inner material….more metal bearings can break easier frm pressure…..and i skate street all the time….i ollied a 6 stair with em….each stair was a foot and a half long.. it was a huge set and my bearings where fine…. one of the sponsered skaters at my local skate shop has had his wheels split in two before his bones swiss have broken…. and that is what bob bunquest skates on his mega ramp is ceramics

They are great!!! untill ya know you live in mississippi and you live literally right on the gulf of freakin mexico and the humidity at the skate park is always 100% and they get slower and slower and slower untill the sieze up….and then i bought some new ones 😀

bearings dont spin fast enough to heat up………and "metal from the alps?" switzerland made bearings can be just as good as chinese bearings……look it up

Hahahahahaha the Swiss alps, 😂 🐎💩

It's made the same way alot of companies make en, from steel cable, it's not like they went to the Swiss alp mountain used a pick axe to find rare metals and used then to make the bearings, oh man but I neede a good laugh and this high as a kite nigga did just that. Thanks Ya Stupid

The only reason they are apparently the best is because skaters think that they come from switserland but they are like every other bearing because they are made in china like every other bearing made by cheap crap metals from china

I heard Oust Moc 9 is better then Bones Swiss Ceramic. I also heard that Sector 9 BLACK BALL Ceramic Bearings are good. They are both much cheaper than Bones Swiss Ceramic.

Swiss is worse than chinese metal i broke 3 Bones swiss bearings an i decided to instead of replacing those 3 i replaced the WHOLE thing with my non- branded ABEC 3 bearings. BONES SWISS ARE PATHETIC. Worst way to spend 45 bucks.

then you got shity ones dude my swisses were 60 i got the bones super swiss 6 best money i ever spent had them 2 years not one broke yet i clean them 1 time ever 2 months and put bones speed cream in ever time i clean them there worth the money in my opionion

This guy has no clue was he's talking about. I've had expierence with bones swiss bearings. If you take care of them cleaning them every couple months or so depending your environment they should be OK. But they are made in China. A better option is Oust bearings, they are made in the USA. They are much higher quality and hold the lube in more and keep the dirt out.

this is the only video i'v found where they actually get the point across instead of telling where they were made and what the abec level means and why some last longer, thanks dude

I LOVE THIS GUY!  The metal that comes from the Swiss Alps is the same no matter where it comes from.  Here is why.  It's a freaking chemical element! Iron is iron, and so are all the other alloying metals found all over the world.   We learned all this in school.
Steel is an alloy and has many grades.  The Swiss Alps have NOTHING to do with how good a metal is.  How does the balls getting hot create dents? You think the balls get soft or something?  Do you have any idea how hot those balls have to get to deform?  The only thing this video is doing is spreading false information to consumers about Swiss bearings and "Swiss metal".  Why trust Expert Village, because clearly this guy is NO expert?

this guy has no idea what he is talking about… harder steel is brittle softer steel is well softer… coming from the swiss alps makes no difference it is about the ammount of iron and carbon in the metal… high carbon is harder but brittle low carbon is stronger but soft.. this seems like a dimwitted ad for bones swiss bearings 

That's inspired.
The steels harder because like its Swiss and it wants to roll down hill dude.
Thanks for sharing that Steven Halkings.

Actually Swiss Ceramics and Super Swiss are better than the regular I also think the super reds ceramics are faster so I've heard and all iron is the same

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