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Skateboarding Tricks: 50-50 : Skateboard Tricks: Back Side 50-50 Mistakes

Skateboarding Tricks: 50-50 : Skateboard Tricks: Back Side 50-50 Mistakes

One of the more common problems that you may
experience when learning back side 50/50s, is the same as front side. Sometimes you hit
the ledge on the way up, this just means that you need to Ollie above the ledge and then
come down and land in the grind position. Sometimes people Ollie and then they catch
on the way up. So you want to Ollie high enough and then come down on the ledge to make sure
that you get into a clean 50/50. Another common problem is that people don’t put enough weight
on the back side of the board. They don’t put enough weight on their heels, so this
causes them to grind and fall off eventually. If you put more weight on your heels you’re
more apt to stay on top of the ledge. Another common problem that people experience learning
back side 50/50s is learning it at different places. Some places only allow you to Ollie
into the 50/50 in the middle of a ledge and some places like 3rd and Army, allow you to
go over the top of the ledge into the 50/50. The only advice I have for that is just being
a little more versatile and just being able to test it at different spots and learning
how to do it in more places.

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