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Skateboarding Tricks & Maintenance : How to Do a Custom Grip Tape Job on Your Skateboard

Skateboarding Tricks & Maintenance : How to Do a Custom Grip Tape Job on Your Skateboard

My name is Shawn Connolly. I live in San Francisco
California. I’m sponsored skateboarder and I also run a skateboarding program called
The FS Skate Club. Now what I’m here to show you today is how to custom a grip tape job.
So the first way I’ll show you real quick is the most classic way to put your grip tape
together and that is using paint pens. Now paint pens work very well. You can buy these
at almost any arts and craft store or even at a hardware store. Right here I’ve designed
a small graphic here that I’ve put on my grip tape and it was pretty easy to do. All you
do is you just kind of add to it and you can change things. This is a pretty fun way to
design your grip because it also doesn’t effect the ride ability of the board since this is
just ink on top the regular grip tape. It doesn’t make your grip tape slide to much
and you can always add different colors to it. What you might want to do is put a graphic
like this and draw it with one color, let it dry and then come back, and maybe add a
color on top of that so that’s one way you can do that. Another form of grip tape art
is to cut into the grip tape itself. So what I’ve created here is, I’ve etched out the
pieces of the grip tape after it is already been put on the skateboard. Now this is a
pretty exact way to do this. What you want to do is. What you want to do is always make
sure that you cut away from yourself with any knife so that in case you loose your traction
with it and it sends away you’re not coming towards yourself and able to hit yourself.
You going to want to grab the board and just start to cut each line that you’re going to
want to make and you got to push down pretty hard so that you can penetrate the grip tape.
You don’t want to go too hard because you don’t want to actually cut into the plies
of the skateboard. So I’m going to to poke it into the corner here and just kind of start
the peeling process. Now you can also keep the little letters if you’re able to successfully
able to peel the letters off and you can use these for something else. You can put them
on a surface like that and then you can get yourself the opposite or the negative of your
peel out. And this is one way that you can customize your grip tape. My name is Shawn
Connolly. I live in San Francisco California. I’m a sponsored skateboarder and I run a skateboarding
program for youth called The FS Skate Club. You can learn more about it at FSSkateClub.Com


it's bad to cut in you're grip when it's already on you're board… you're deck is gonna break earlyer when there's cutted in you're ply

n 2003 there was a boy named Link, and his friends at school were bullying him and laughing at him because his name was the same as a game character. Half a year later he was found in the kitchen with a knife. He had slit his throat. If you don't put this on 3 videos in 10 minutes, he will stab you with the knife in your neck while you're asleep. again sorry some weirdo posted

I use paint pens too, i had them cos i use em on my leather jackets…got em at Wal-Mart for like $3 each, you can most of the colors u want, and dont mess up the grip tape

Thanks for the advice i did it to my Rob Dyrdek mind field board i cut the grip cause there was a strip that said mind field on the deck so i cut the grip away once again thanks

yes it does i do not recomend cutting the design out after u put it on the board i more would sugest cutting out first and then applying cuz u cut into your board no matter how carefull u are i also think the paint pen is a great idea i would of never thought of it

guys this is whack and risking the quality of your board. just do the designs on the board itself and put clear grip tape over it

@KahuniTv tht dosent mean you cant do it. some ppl jus like to, especially people who use the same board for ages. I mean you see it every day so it might as well look good even when youve had all the paint scratched off

You all know that if he didn't say he was an expert at the beginning of the videos you'd all be complaining and saying "who is this guy"?

im selling blue ''tribal'' pattern grip tape on eBay, check it out if your intrested.

@kingswoodcountry202 How is an etch not even through a full ply of wood gonna weaken the WHOLE deck?

@HixDaSkater well, i recommend an Almost skateboard , they turn really easy and make u have a smooth ride… and 1 of the best weels out there r (spitfire)

I have a sheet of clear/frosted tape on my deck and I used black permanent marker and stencils, works pretty good 🙂

That is the worst custom grip job I have ever seen. If someone is watching this to try it, dont use either method he said. trace a mirror image of your design on the back of the griptape, cut with scissors then put on the board

if you guys are looking for paint pens to use i recommend these,default,pd.html

An absolute piece of crap, he not only made it look ugly but I wonder how is he going to make switch skateboard tricks with half of the griptape cutted out.

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