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Skateboarding Tricks & Maintenance : How to Kickflip a Skateboard

Skateboarding Tricks & Maintenance : How to Kickflip a Skateboard

My name is Shawn Connolly, I live in San Fransisco,
California. I’m a sponsered skateborder, and I run a program for youth called SF Skateclub.
And today I’m here to show you how to do a kick flip on a skateboard. Now, to do a kick
flip, you’re going to be, have to be able to do good allies. And this is the first flip
trick that you’ll probably learn how to do. So what you’re going to want to do is set
up with your feet, one foot on the tip of the tail, using your toe to get as much pop
as possible, and then your front foot hanging just off a little bit, with your toe pointed
forward. Now, you’re going to want to hit the tail, drag your foot up past the length
of the nose, and then out past the front, almost like a one footed ollie. And then you
allow the board to do a kick flip, and then you catch it with your feet evenly, and then
land back on the board, and continue rolling forward. Now, like with any flip trick, it’s
going to take a lot of patience and a lot of figuring out exactly what will work for
you with your foot placement. Now, you’ll notice that if you put a little bit of toe
on the board, lots of foot hanging off, that the board sometimes flips a little bit faster,
but it tends to be a little bit lower. And then sometimes you’ll notice that with a lot
more foot on the board, it will flip slower, and it’ll have a lot more ollie and come a
lot higher. Now, you’re going to want to start low and quick when you first start doing kick
flips, but eventually you’re going to want to learn how to keep as much foot on your
board so it’s closer to an ollie, so it flips quick and then stops, and you catch it, and
you have more air time. And that’s how you do a kick flip on a skateboard. My name is
Shaw Connolly, I’m from San Fransisco, California, and I’m a sponsored skateboarder, and I founded
the youth program SF Skateclub. You can learn more about it at


@alvarovsk8 an allie is actually another word for a shitty ollie in my opinion. its just a lil hop to get over stuff on the street like sticks or rocks. thats just what ive heard.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch my kickflip slow mo. it has a good shot of my toe flicking and i just hope it helps all of you

@Legendkiller3601 try to flip it more on the side than the nose and start flip it with your knee first

if there are mistakes its normal : im french =)

hahaha before i watched this video i was doing kickflips the wrong way. i always used to put my front foot in the middle and kick down

I having problems with a kickflip
I can get the flip motion and I van land it only with my front foot

I think that the problem I have is that I push my board forward?

Does anyone know how I could avoid pushing the board forward?

@EnjoiLife268 just dont think about the flick so much and think more about getting ur foot back on the board straight after you flick

@KenAndEthan Only way you will land them from now is too pick up the nuts to move your feet back onto that board!

hi my name is shaun connery im a sponserd skate boarder,and i run a program called sf skate club for youth

@PhOBiAxAGONY maybe you're kicking it before it even pops off the ground. Try to kick it a little bit later than when u're used to and as fast as you kick it out, you gotta bring it back too (your foot), otherwise your foot will always end on the ground.


@anes1998 that means that your scared of landing it. try landing it with only your backfoot. soon youll get over the fear.

@selenasquarepants Being a poser -__- Well its just that i never really wanted to try anything but yea
Now i can land them clean i can land Tre flips and varial kickflip sand stuff but yea

@selenasquarepants Well i realized why am i skating if im not going to try so i decided Lets go And restart But then i got a knee injury In my right tendon so i couldn't skate much.
And it took me about a week or so to Get kickflips and heelflips right And everything else Im getting better.
Yes i just started this year -_-
Ihate the fact that i was a poser and yea know im working on getting sponsored but that won't happen until Another year.

i have an annoying problem, either i land on one foot or my board flys away to my left or i land behind my board or my board doesnt flip properly all the time 🙁 everytime i try the kickflip, one of these problems happen -:( i feel like i wanna give up skateboarding. PLEASE HELP😔

how nuts is this, first i landed a tre flip, then learnt varials. and just learnt kickflips last week:L.

He wore this same outfit in like 4 other videos at this exact same area…. This man is working hard to get the most views

Help!!!!!!! I can do a heel flip, Varial kickflip, and Varial heel flip but I can land the kickflip. Every time I do it I get the flip but by lead foot is always off to the side and I lland with one foot. How do I land it!!!??

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