Skateboarding Tricks & Maintenance : How to Remove Bearings From a Skateboard

My name is Shawn Connolley. I live in San
Francisco, California. I’m a sponsored skateboarder and I also run a youth skateboarding program
called the SF Skate Club. Now what I’m here to show you today is how to take skateboard
bearings off of a wheel. Now there’s a couple different ways that this can be done. But
one of the easiest ways to do it is to use the truck that you actually already have and
pop them out that way. Now this doesn’t work with all types of wheels because some wheels
are a little tighter to the bearing than others, but it should work pretty good. Take your
tool and remove the bolt that is on the end of your axle, or your axle nut. And I’m going
to take that off, being careful not to lose any of your washers that you’ve got on there.
Now the axle is an excellent way to pop off a bearing from a wheel. What you do is you
just put it inside the axle, just enough so it’s only inside that bearing itself, not
into the second bearing, only into the first bearing. Now this is a little harder with
smaller wheels because there’s not as much to grab. So the larger the wheel the easier
it is to do. But I’m going to grab the wheel and just pop it off like that. Now you’re
going to take that, turn your wheel around, put it in and pop it off. Now the exact same
method could be used to put the bearing back on the wheel also, by aligning it up, and
putting pressure and locking it in. Now lets say in a second case, its very difficult for
you to do that. Maybe you’re not strong enough to pop it off, your wheel is too small or
the wheel that you’re using is really hard and it holds the bearing in there tight which
some wheels do. What you’re going to want to do is, find some kind of a skateboard tool
that has a bearing press on it. Now you can buy a lot of different brands of skate tools.
This one here is a reflex tool and it’s made by Alien Workshop. And this is a very good
tool. It has a bearing press on one side and a rethreader on the other side. So these are
very good for regular truck and wheel maintenance. And what you do is, it has a small piece on
here that fits perfectly into your bearing and then you can pry it off like that. Now
you can also use this which is a little easier for putting it back in, because you’re able
to put it on a table on a flat surface and press the bearing back in. And this is how
you properly take out bearings from your skateboard wheel. My name is Shawn Connolley and I’m
from San Francisco, California. I’m sponsored skateboarder and I also run a youth skateboarding
program called the SF Skate Club. To learn more about it go to

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