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Skateboarding Tricks & Maintenance : How to Varial Kickflip on a Skateboard

Skateboarding Tricks & Maintenance : How to Varial Kickflip on a Skateboard

My name is Shawn Connolley. I’m from San Francisco,
California. I’m a sponsored skateboarder and I also run a program called the SF Skate Club
for kids. Now, what I’m here to explain to you is how to do a kick flip varial, or varial
kick flip, or a shove it kick flip. They’re all the same. What you’re doing is combining
an Ollie, a pop shove it and a kick flip all together. Now what you’re going to want to
do is set up with your feet. One foot on the tail, the toe on the edge to get as much pop
as possible and your front foot on the left side corner of your board. Now what you’re
going to want to do is, as you Ollie, you’re going to want to kick flip at the same time,
dragging your foot out past the nose. And do a shove it at the same time. So you’re
slightly scooping the tail. And send it over back side, which is the way that you can see
so it’s in front of you. So this is usually the first varial flip that you’re going to
learn how to do. And wait for it to continue flipping. Stay over the board, land and roll
away forward. Now the best way to learn any flip trick is to just try as many foot placements
as you can and be very patient, because flip tricks are very hard to learn. Now when you
first start out, you might want to start on a flat surface, flat ground not moving, stationary.
And test out and see how it is to get the board around. But then eventually you’re going
to want to roll with some pretty good speed and do a kick flip varial, land and roll away.
My name is Shawn Connolley and I live in San Francisco, California and I’m sponsored and
I run a program called the SF Skate Club. You can learn more about it at


For some reason I don't get enough kick in it so I always land on the graffic and it's pissing me off… So plz help me

my name is sean conery im sponserd…my name is sean conery im sponserd…my name is sean conery im sponserd… shutup we get it

i landed this trick a couple times on my first day attempting 🙂 but for some reason i cant kick flip xD

This guy spent his time to help you guys and you take the piss…? STFU and watch it! Thank you Expert Village 😀

I tried doing a pop shuvit over like this 30 cm thing, and did a variel 😀 YES!
But I couldn't do a shuvit FUUUUUU

hahahah yes i am dr jackshaw the abnormal drug dealer i run a meth lab…….. fir kidsssssssssss

Haha.. Put on subtitles english (automatic texting.)

my name is sean calmly i'm from san francisco california i'm a sponsored skateboarders and i also want a program called the assets gay club for kids.

I can almost do the 3 flip ( I can do it stationary, but I'm still training on doing it while going forward with my board), but eventually I made a varial kickflip while rolling forward instead if the treflip… Now I can do the varial kickflip even though I didn't try to learn it, but I know It's a big difference between a treflip and a varial kickflip… What am i doing wrong with my 3flip if land the varial kickflip instead?

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