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Skateboarding Tricks & Tips : How to Do a Handstand on a Skateboard

Skateboarding Tricks & Tips : How to Do a Handstand on a Skateboard

Hey guys, what’s up? This is Jacob from the
skateboard park in Hempstead, North Carolina. Today we’re going to learn how to do a handstand
on a skateboard. Handstand on a skateboard is a trick that originated back in the seventies
and it’s definitely a freestyle trick, not that many guys are doing it anymore. It is
a very difficult trick but it’s also really cool and it’s an awesome freestyle and expression
type of trick. When doing a handstand on a skateboard it’s more important that you can,
comfortably and stably, do a handstand on the ground. I recommend learning in the grass
or in a pool, anywhere, in the sand, that if you do take a few spills you’re not going
to hurt yourself and get discouraged. Once you feel comfortable enough to do a handstand
on a skateboard, I would recommend putting your skateboard in the grass. Don’t put it
in the dirt, you might mess up your bearings but set your skateboard down in the grass,
put your hands over the center of your bolts, use the bolts on your skateboard, here and
here where you mount your trucks, use those are your basis for your balance and know that
that is the center of gravity and the distribution of weight on your skateboard. From that point,
you’ll then want to place your hands as wide as you can on your board and jump and propel
yourself upside down, into the handstand position. That is how you do a handstand on a skateboard.


I prefer to grab the nose and tail with my hands for handstands. This gives more control for making turns and allows you to use a slalom-style pumping to keep the board moving longer.

you guys dont have to watch how to handstand on a skateboard if you dont want to and it dont count fo shit its a freestyle trick

Hey is this right? I put both my feet on the edge, and i put my front heel on the ground and use it to push off and get into the stand. I've watch Mullen videos and he does it sometimes too. How do get back on the board though? Having trouble with that.

you should practice by doing a handstand on the ground and trying to slowly bring ur feet back down and place them in between ur hands?

I put my hands on the nose and tail. I should upload a how to handstand on a skateboard video. This didn't cover very much.

I start with my feet on the board and use one leg to kick up, I don't think the handstand in the video is a legit trick

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