Skateboarding | Walmart skateboards SUCK!

how you know a board is bad step one, how bad the bearings spin no spin neither do these not those nope none of these second check for cracks in the board see there’s a crack you always have cracks in the board and its sort of good grip I think where not really I’m probably can you here I’m probably the last one im going to talk about you board probably im guessing doesn’t have pop um the bearings kind of spin weird here but most of all the biggest problem here would be plastic trucks which basically means they suck these are I don’t know if they’re metal um they’re metal but when you have a board like that they don’t actaully turn there got a walmart board before and they don’t turn like this is plastic sometimes it looks good but when you actually get on it like it may look good but when you actually try it they don’t turn you really can’t turn I don’t even think these are GEL long board wheels these are plastic trucks and also when the price is about twenty bucks nope might as well go to a second hand store eighty bucks there probably junk I don’t know I think regular long boards like brand-new brand spanking new two hundred maybe I don’t know im not even an expert just guessing here pretty much well cya in

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