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Let’s go excuse me Excuse me, sir Ma’am hey guys, I’m filming the intro as an outro. This is like after our day is done and We’re done with everything. We do some really cool shit today, so :3 be excited or Yeah, they should be excited. Huh, I’m excited my sister’s here. So you guys have been asking me put her in videos She loves it. She loves it and all you So we’re gonna skate today. I haven’t skated since 9th grade 9th grade I got it’s like a big skate accident with my brother and It was like the worst pain of my life You weren’t even there. Yeah, I was you’re a baby You’re literally like 5 years old. You’re shouldn’t even live here She was literally she was literally like 6 years old Can you doing with here with a 7 years old you can’t be more than 8 because I wasn’t 16 I? Remembered what it was I’m 8 years older than her and she doesn’t she was a baby all she used to do was cry about Everything ok damn my teeth look so white and nice the fuck My teeth are not nice in person. Well, I mean Well it looks so good damn. It’s been 8, 9 years since I’ve been on a skateboard, so That’s a lot. She skips every day, so She’s a pro. She can’t teach me not really I don’t need you to teach me shit ok Love you guys see you at the mall Disgusting outside. It’s really hot. There’s too much people here we are getting a skateboard She has a board now I want a new one Hate this place so much I wish you guys could smell how it smells right now. It smells like vomit smells like vomit vomit I’m so awkward cause I feel like I have to hold this like all the way out and everybody is watching me and looking at Me well you have it. No. I haven’t blogged and so long so I forget how to be honest or be the worst cheerleader I’ll be the best cheerleader I Would be the one on top with your board I wonder why You’re doing so bad you’re so loud. people miss youThey’re like why don’t you put on your videos anymore? Honestly? Why don’t you? cause I haven’t been doing vlogs. Laura’s busy she works two jobs! *awkward laugh* Not anymore! I’m so ugly. I hope I die. I cant wait to die *this weird kid asks If there youtubers* its….its Close the elevator close the elevator close the gaw dayum elevator “What’s your channel? “Why would you come up to me and ask with your channel? What if I’m recording for a home video? I’m recording for memories. We’re gonna build a skateboard, bye now What’s your channel? I think I want to be holding. I’ve never heard that one before I like. What’s your channel? I? I look like garbage Don’t wear crashing ah hey. I’ve seen people on youtube where that stuff. You’re making me do this It looks normal from here. You know it Yeah, what I both want to stretch I? ever Gotten I Want to be cool you know yeah, I get well crystal. You need it you need or thresher I knew I didö the fuck is that the fuck you Okay, no you got to get that one Tell another school. Yeah alan. It’s okay. I’m not sure if you want to bet your friend my stuff Yeah, I know who else you want the fifth I View those colorful ones except for all the pastel one over six Of course I picked everything out okay now I blacked out Pam. Oh welcome Your fucking day, I forget This was on that I’m getting me so you think I’m going to win out what you think a pretty cool man. I like the wheels into go down Are you ready yeah prove you deserve to wear slasher? Activities here, I saw some other guy do shit here. Well. He’s cooler than me. Let me do it Thanks, I don’t want to do this anymore So my board is done by down here it is looks better when you hold on I Really like this one And you’ll – sick Scuse me scuse me sir ma’am. Ma’am. Ma’am. Ma’am You cannot eat in here ma’am ma’am You need to stop ma’am They’ll be so close. He just got it So mine down there other ways all summer Cool We going on state park wait wait Yeah, shit. Where’s my future? Oh my God? Where is it? Did you forget it there? And all I want to do is go to the skate park cabinet, you’re wasting our leave my God. Yes From frying chicken yeah, Joris, I can’t see so I don’t get my heart My God is a sniper wall, holy shit up tigra wall On the sniper walk oh my God Wireless hansel vegas for kids they are for kids. I’ma sit out here Just me and you Why do you leave it by sequencing? I dare you escape. I do here now. Do it do it you’re No, ball Okay Hold it Security sitting over there you don’t give a fuck you’ll let me let me skate by a real quick What? boy What use me coming through sorry your car for goodbyes, I? Wish you were dead. Oh Son I ain’t about to fucking go in there Ha ha ha fuck. There’s a hobble poses For your thrasher sure now they all love the person of blood. I want to go in. I’m going to do it I’ll just be your mom lunch ok What are people going to do talk shit to me? Are they going to talk shit to me was that I’m Gonna know get the fuck out? That’s going to be a video from you. Oh, so Yeah, um. I mean y’all want to talk shit, okay? Guys are entering the skate park. I haven’t been here since the accident in ninth Grade Triggered by She’s all the way at the end. She fucking left me You know everybody’s judging me? I don’t know what to do goodness They’re all eight and nine years old of it like I just did better the girl with a book she doing here She’s old up through my mom Bullshit yeah, I’m quite a place here because you’re fucking wearing boots And imagine being that Prob Oshie Ebadi. She sucks It’s all kids with scooters. Yeah blenders only kids You’re going to die you’re going to exact it looks so easy though, I Know you’re sick scooter isn’t something like oh Damn – go away – go down there alright Something’s okay. We can do better I’m scared What’s the work that we can do? Anxiety’s Already you daughter no hablo English Are you do that? I can do any kind of activity soft soap to my sister Okay, okay, we could salvage back Yeah, boy Some guys hold us. We start. Here’s this one. He said some you suck and we need to leave Is that one so I kind of oddly? Well? He told my sister not me As he handed her back her board. He was like a fucking you guys doing here spider, not that retarded or not alga Didn’t go as planned is way too hot it’s 110 degrees outside, so So I felt like I’m dying after like 15 minutes. They’re like. I can’t handle the heat. I can’t do the church. Why? Why you give me that look she’s like next time? I come here. I’ll come with a group of well respected individuals. Yeah so Were you trying to say? Shen’s I saw I was skated since ninth grade. You’re sober now Yeah, because I got hit really bad seven years I got hurt really bad out like I’m never skated You’re dead, and then I never skated again. You have the pain tolerance of a broken egg shell Almost already dead So I am I am the shitty lighting and then you’re like that Jesus lady that get in the decent lighting me and my brothers just escape. She’s the not scape. Did you stay home could your little? I’m eight years older than her by the way I’m like A Small Toddler difference, that’s like a lot the thought were your friends also stationed up there like it’s not your friend No, it’s my – 8 year old sister, but it raises over today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure that that like button suffice add subscribe to the Wolfpack Oh, I love you guys so much likes watching bye guys. You’re being so rude YOU BETTER SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE! NOWWWWWW


NOTIFICATION SQUAD ASSEMBLE! i know you guys have been wanting a vlog so here! more stuff coming soon <3

p.s. no the bottom part isn't see through, it has a tan layer

Dude! No way. That’s my local skatepark. It’s called rio vista skatepark in Phoenix Arizona. I wish I was there too see you 🤧😭

You're so lucky the store cashier was nice, if you went to any other skate shop and didn't know shit they would've been rude

your sis is amazing and so are uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Lia: I don't like attention when I'm vlogging I feel weird

Also Lia: screams ma'am loudly in an open mall

No hate

What’s her sisters name is it mar or is that her friend I have been watching her for a long time but I don’t know her sssisterwolfs name

That's why I want to be familiar first for using my board, before hitting any skate park. I mean proper riding with an ollie is enough. People are jerks, but then again, noob blocking the way are also ruining others enjoyment.

Jeez, the comment section is full of fans tryna suck sniperwolf's dick. Like stfu, she's a poser, not a beginner

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