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Nice raymond 😀 I literally just got hurt doing a bar spin and then I watched this video and you made me happy thanks for the good work you're my favorite youtuber 😀

I love your vids and it makes me happy when someone is that tallanted but there is one thing, i cant do scootering cuz im not that rich for scooter😞

You inspired me to start scootering I recently bought a new scooter I am trying to learn tailwhip and bar spin flat keep up the great work Raymond

Hi Raymond do you remember when you FaceTime a girl at Woodward well it’s me hi I can’t remember if you said you would send me a package or not

I was ready to check out at and then my mom saw that the shipping was 15$ I think so she told me we wouldn't buy it. I guess no doodle Merch for me😕

I’m from the uk and my local is one ramp. I dont really count it as my local. But we have lots of bad skateparks

I have progressed a lot since april!
I learned to bar and whip flat, and 360 a box!
Not thinking of slowing down!

Last night i had a dream about u lol and i learnt how to do my first tale WIP but i dont even have a scooter in real life lol ima huge fan! I love ur vids! And u gave me a skate bord when u gave me something cause i dont have anything HAHAHA! Have a great day!

My sister’s teacher in one of her classes is a brother of one of your best friends so my sister FaceTime you one day at school on the teachers phone!

I haven’t watched for a year and 5 months and quit scootering 1year ago it got too hard and had a fusion scooter that was’nt sized for me it’s really hard Liv in Arizona it’s too hard scootering in the heat it got too 115 degrees the other day heat sucks long time fan no hate I’m going to California next month hope too see y’all

If Temecula makes a new park they should put it more in between cal oaks and tsp because even cal oaks is just as close

Raymond, I thought I would let you know that have inspired me to scoot (even though I’m not great but practice makes perfect) I’m a huge fan from England! 😁😁

I don’t know if you already have it but you should upgrade to the go pro hero 7 black, it makes smoother videos and helps get rid of the
“go pro affect”

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