SKATERS vs. THE WORLD! | Skateboarding Kick Outs / Skaters vs. Haters

Yo, what’s up guys hope you’re doing well I just have a couple of dates in a couple questions before the video starts So we’re getting close to a hundred thousand subscribers And I kind of want to know I want to figure out what the prize is for The giveaway should be I was thinking maybe some Amazon gift cards that way I don’t have to collect any personal info and I don’t have to worry about shipping the prizes either also You might start to see new content on the channel as we start to feature skaters and craters in the community So let me know what you think about that. Basically, that’s all for now I guess if you enjoyed the video, please like it and if you’re new to the channel, please consider subscribing Oh, yeah. Also, if you’re not follow us on social media, all the links will be in the description below the video What you doing here? Go ahead, move out man Security, call security Call Security! Ohhh(There excited) Alright, That was cool Whats good? What up, Al Al? David BACK IN THE HOUSE! You need to leave the property, now Come on, you gotta go You gotta go, come on watchout! You ain’t gonna do nothin Whats wrong with yall, man Will yall, please sir, stop skateboarding No video taping please I’ma call the cops on ya get the fuc* outta here Son of a bitc* over here Fuc**** a**holes over here they don’t belong on this property Were just riding our skateboards Right here, go Dam*! Holy Shi* You guys can’t be doing that here anymore, sorry You guys gotta go somewhere else What? You guys can’t be doing this here Yeah, I’ll give it a highfive, I’m sorry You gotta go somewhere else, sorry (Inauduible) You hit me! Fuc* you, too No skateboarding! Get off the property, you are tresspassing Okay, and then I’m gonna walk away see it that’s it and the cops cops will just tell me to leave – I know and i just don’t wanna deal with it. Incident reports We get it a hundred percent we’re gonna turn it around and it never happened, okay? Yep Whoo There you go! Ayyy There it is! Good Job! A**holes Well, I’ma make a phone call. We’ll se how quick you’re gone What you’re doing is against the law It’s against the law Motherfuc*** Can I get one more try? Can I get one more try real quick You got a lighter? No Get off the table. All right, you’re not I’m getting off man Get off the dam* table You don’t come here to rearrange furniture You know man, don’t even try this with me right now Don’t tell me what not to do Just because you’re an a**hole – how am I an a**hole, I’m trying to reason with you Oh cause you’re here doing the an a**hole thing What are we doing man? We’re not bothering me but not hurting anything. I don’t like you Why don’t you you don’t even have a reason not to like me because you’re fuc*ing stupid that’s why I’m the stupid one, right, but you’re a security guard. So you’re a genius I’m not a security guard, I’m a security officer Your pictures being taken plenty with that it’s fine it’s fine here I know I’m on you’re property, you’re an a**hole Alright, so what the fuc* are you doin’? Look what you did to me No, you did that to yourself You went out the door angry as hel*, for what because I’m skating’ on this rail? Yes, you’re damaging my property Okay, that’s all you had to say – I’m sorry – don’t come out like that no more. Alright Nobody else is gonna be that nice to you Ohhh man! I can’t believe you ran into me you ran into me No, you ran into me You don’t watch where you’re going No, thank you you have insurance. I’m covered by medi-cal. Okay good You have a drivers license – Yeah Heyy! Hel* yeah, dawg What do you think of that I’m pretty impressed Thank you so much, sir I like how y’all utilizing this Holy crap, this spots amazing Yeah, this is a great place (Music Playing) (Police Sirens) (Argues) Don’t touch him Hey, hey, hands off! Guys, go call the cops. Let us do our thing untill the cops come What the fuc* is the big deal Get the fuc* out the way Yeahhh!! Fuc* You! Lets Go!! One more, One more try That does not make it okay to illegaly skate on the roof Give me your skateboard, the police can give it back Give me your skateboard You’re recording this, he’s breaking the law No, he’s not Can I get a merry Christmas, please? No But he landed it, this is what he wanted for christmas leave the park Alright, sorry I’m just here, supporting some awesome skateboarding tricks Okay, Okay. I’m gonna do it right now Right now Okay Yeah, alright last try go can’t just let them get down here can’t just let you just let him get down It’s on us You guys are done Alright, Alright, Alright Alright, you got it, bye Whoo!! (Music) I’m not affected by the hecklers the heck with Shaw. Well, I’ve known to flip like Ryan Sheckler born in 2004 Plus, I’m on a crime that you can’t ignore

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