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Skates, Cakes, & Automobiles! | Terry’s Safety Squad

Skates, Cakes, & Automobiles! | Terry’s Safety Squad

(birds chirping) – [Boy] A new skateboard. I’ve got to ride this baby everywhere. Well, maybe just in the front yard. [The Bad Idea Bandit]: The front yard? Come on, that’s lame. How ’bout, I’ll race
you to the parking lot across the street. – The parking lot? The big one? – Uh-huh. – [Boy] Across the street? – Yeah. – Between all the cars? – Yeah. – Wait, you’re not the
Bad Idea Bandit, are you? – Who me? Never heard of him. – Okay. – [Narrator] Deep in the
heart of urban America, in the city of St. Louis, a little lawyer baby noticed
the dangers of the world. Encouraged by his loving parents and dedicated to helping others
avoid the world’s pitfalls, he’s grown up to form
Terry’s Safety Squad. Together, with his
friends Charlie and Ruby, he’ll thwart the ideas
of the Bad Idea Bandit and help kids and families
everywhere stay safe. (eerie music) – [Terry] Boy, the kids are
gonna love this win-the-day birthday cake, and so will I. (laughs) (alarm ringing) The safety signal, always when I’m busy. (curious music) (munching) What is it this time? – [Computer] It doesn’t look good. Street safety risk in progress. – [Terry] During rush hour in St. Louis. Oh man, this is bad. The Bad Idea Bandit, no doubt. And I’ve got my zumba class tonight. (energetic music) (camera flash snapping) Well, zumba will have to wait. Ruby, Charlie, you’ve got the location. Are you guys in the field? – You betcha. – [Terry] I’ll meet up
with you as fast as I can, which this time, will
be very fast. (laughs) – [Computer] Sir, are
you ready to take the new safety mobile out for a spin? – Oh yeah, suit me up. (energetic music) What? This is Coco’s outfit. – Uh, you can just keep it now. – [Terry] Computer! – [Coco] Well, it doesn’t
look half bad on you boss. It looks kind of worse. – [Terry] Okay, whew, got it. Okay, now to Highway 40. (door slamming)
(playful music) (energetic music) Now we’re talkin’. – [Man] Oh, hey, Terry Crouppen in a car! (record scratching)
(cars honking) – [Terry] What? Okay, okay, it’s okay. It’s not like it can get any worse. (splatting) (angry mumbling) – [Boy] On second thought,
I don’t know about this. – [Bandit] Ah, come on kid, it’ll be fun. There’s more room to
ride in the parkin’ lot. – I guess you’re probably right. – [Bandit] Yeah, first things
first, get rid of this thing. It looks ridiculous and you
want to look cool, don’t ya? – Oh yeah, I want to look cool. – [Bandit] Now, how ’bout some tunes? You gotta roll in style. – What? Hey, what are you doing? (cars honking) – Now you try! I’ll toss my phone over to ya, so you can cut some selfies
while you’re ridin’. It’ll be awesome. – [Terry] More traffic? That’s it. Now we’re talkin’. (curious music) (bird cawing) (whooshing and splatting) (angry mumbling) – [Bandit] Now you try. – [Ruby] Stop, before someone gets hurt. – [Boy] Who are you guys? #busted The safety squad again. – That’s right, Bad Idea Bandit. – [Ruby] Hmm, it seems
Bandit here has steered you in the wrong direction when
it comes to street safety. For starters– – Always wear a helmet
when you’re riding a bike, a scooter, or anything else with wheels. It’s the only thing protecting your head in case of an accident. – And it will save your life. And whether you’re on wheels, or not, always be extra careful
when cars are around. Pay attention to what’s
going on around you. – That means no headphones,
no texting, no distractions. – Distractions? I can walk this street blindfolded. (car honking) (grunting) I’m okay. – Use the sidewalk and only
cross the street at crosswalks. That’s what they’re made for. – And you should be just
as careful in parking lots. They’re filled with cars
moving in every direction, and depending on how tall
you are, a driver might not see you when backing out of a spot. – Mom always told me
not to play over there. I always wondered why. You guys really know your stuff. Who taught you all of this? – Terry Crouppen. – Smartest man I know. At least, that’s what he tells me. – He should be here by now. (electric engine whirring) – [Terry] Great work Safety Squad. Another kid kept safe and
another bad idea foiled. (record scratching) – Boss. – [Terry] Oh, I know what you’re thinking and no, that’s not bird poop on my head. I ate a whole cake before I came over here and some of the frosting,
you know, it got on my face. It’s not bird poop! It’s frosting! It’s frosting, I tell ya! – Well, thanks for teaching us kids to be safe, Mr. Crouppen. – You bet, kid. Bad Idea Bandit, you’re coming with me. This day is saved. – [Narrator] Thanks to
Terry’s Safety Squad. – [Terry] Hey kids, thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe for more episodes of Terry’s Safety Squad. And remember kids, be safe.


I got the impression that if you are a little white kid it's ok to get splattered all over the freeway. Also, the Zumba class? You could have left that part out.

The kid in the video is my son. This is his first video. So proud of him and all the kids that got together to do this!
Keep it up guys!

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