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Skating A Hoverboard

Skating A Hoverboard

– Will It Shred? Hoverboard. Oh no!! – Currently, or is this broke? – No it works, well let’s see if it works, we just kinda dropped it but
it did work this morning. Test this out a little bit, yeah it works. Piece of metal here, I don’t know and just drill it into that. I have no idea what I’m doing. – No that’s a good idea. – [Shaun] We are looking
for some supplies. – We’ll use this
– [Shaun] Okay – And some of these, these
are old lawn mower blades We have a lot of them. – We’re gonna use old lawn mower blades to hold our hoverboard together
and shred it, that’s great. – Fit? – [Shaun] Kinda what we came up with. We’re about to skate a hoverboard,
this is just gonna work. – Sweet. (upbeat music) – This is so heavy, oh my
gosh. Let’s try that again. (upbeat music) It got my camera, well
that’ll be a cool shot. (upbeat music) I had it and then I hit this bump. Does it count, I don’t even know. (upbeat music) Alright next shot I think we’re gonna try to use this thing in the air. It’s like 40 pounds but if we can get it even this far in the air
I’ll be super stoked. Woohoo! This thing is burnt toast. Well, I think that’s
the episode right there. Definitely fun though, out
of ten, solid ten out of ten, maybe higher, maybe 11 out of 10. Definitely worked, even got
some air, cruises the bowl, and it still works like
the wheels even roll. So, skateboard hoverboard, ten
out of ten, will shred again. (upbeat music) Dude that is crazy, oh my gosh, I can feel the wheels
spinning as I’m going.


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the very end when its showing the skatepark with the drone on the bottom left corner it looks like a fidget spinner XD

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I was searching for how to make an electric skateboard using hoverboard wheels, and this is what comes up. I not sure what to say.

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