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Skiing Stereotypes | Dude Perfect

Skiing Stereotypes | Dude Perfect

Ah! What a gorgeous day. Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Hey! Dude! Come on, man! Sorry, it’s kind of
my buddy’s thing. Ow! Ugh! Got to let go, man! Woo! Ha ha! Ski tips up! It’s time to shred the gnar– Can you grab me a couple
of chili cheese corn dogs? I’m going to smoke
them on the way up. Nothing like 12 inches
of powder to really activate the send portal. You know what I’m saying? Ha Ha Ha Ha Love the outfit! Hey! Thank you ladies! Yeah, I do it for the honeys! Let’s all– Easy! Fingers! Put these between
your shoulders. Seat belt. I can’t grab it with
these mittens on! Stop! No, you stop! It’s not safe for the driver to
have a snowboard on his head. I would turn the
AC on, but there’s four pairs of skis in the way. I need you to figure it out! Hey, turn around. I forgot my lift ticket. Go back to the house. Get me out of here! Can I help you, with something? Yes, sir. Can I get some skis and boots? And can I get a snowboard? I’m assuming you just came
from graffitiing a water tower? What was that, private school? Excuse me, Mr. I
Sleep In My Own Car? What’s wrong with that? It’s a great place to sleep. You ever missed a
church Sunday service? Have you ever been to church? You take off work to get? Ha, you don’t work. You’re a trust fund kid, right? See you on the slopes,
community college dropout. I knew I should have finished. By the way, I go to
church every Easter! Sure you do. How are you today, sir? Hey, do I need my skis? What– yes, you need your skis! What are you doing? What do you mean I need my skis? Get off! Get off! Get off the lift! What did you think when
you saw I had skis on? What, are you going
to walk down the hill? Guys, I said no blues. It’s just selfish. Oops. I don’t know how to stop! Ah! All right, man,
where are we headed? All right, dude. I’m thinking we start
at Doom and Gloom. We’ll go over to Moose Nutts,
drop down to Spanky’s Ladder. Then we’ll head over
to Big Doo Doo– got some great
jumps over there– shoot through Spin Dryer
right by Get Along. And then we’ll finish
over at Powder Keg. What happens if
we get separated? Just go to Body Bag,
take a right at Wounded Knee around Dead
Possum Cove smack dab through Turd Splitter. And then we’ll meet
up at Ruby Tuesday. You got this! I think I’m just
going to follow you. See you later, hosers. Ahhhhh! Hey, you should probably quit
skiing and pick on sledding! Snow dusters! Pizza Alert! Boo! Hey, while you’re doing
a whole lot of nothing, why don’t you make a snowman? Yeah! That one wasn’t as
good as the other one. It’s OK. All right, time to
pick my skiier level– one, two or three. Tell you what I’m not–
a skiier type of a three. All right, gents, I
need your skill level– one, two, or three. Three. Three for me. Three! Oh gosh, why did I say that? That was so stupid. Ah! Ah, I should have
picked level one! Ah! Hey, man. You sure about this one? You’re fine! I’m just gonna to send it. Oh really? Oh. Hang on! Hang on, Gar! I just kind of took a tumble. I’ve got a little
bit of bruising– Dude! –in the ribs. You brought these
guys into this? I got like a hangnail. Do you have any, like, Tylenol? It’s just like, everything
just, like, hurts. It feels tweaked. You guys happen to,
like, give flu shots? Oh, what? Are you kidding me right now? Hey, man, we’re going to
have to take this serious. You don’t have a bruised rib! Hey Ty, I knew it was serious. So I cancelled the last
five days of our trip. Our flights are tomorrow now. Thanks for hanging with me. You did what? Ah! I’m sorry about this Ron! I’m not injured! I’m fine! I’ll give you a ride
to the hospital! Call the Marines! You’re going to love this. Hang onto this for me. Ah! Here we go! Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Hang on, Codes! It’s bobsled time! Ty! No! Hey, you might
actually be hurt now. All right, I’m thinking we
either go Lumpy Susan or Ripped Kyle, what’s your vote? Suit yourself. I’m going to the park. Aw, sick three, Billy! Oh yeah! All right, let’s
head down Royals. Dude, I cannot do blacks
on a rental board. If I can’t see the
top of the mountain. I’m not going. Ah, I don’t know. It’s pretty icy today. Oh gosh! My goggles are way too dark. Hey, I think we should split up. I cannot ski with
a group of eight. OK, I need you to take a
new profile pick for me. I’m a go to the top
of the quarter pipe. Snap a pic at the peak. You can do that? Absolutely not. But it’s going to
look like I can. Dude! Looks epic! Nice! Oh, it’s everything I
dreamed it would be! Dude. [INAUDIBLE] Hey! Can’t you sit on the side! Hey, you got the sandwiches? I say we eat here. Dude, let’s do it! It’s a great view. Dude, have you ever wondered
how all these beads get on these trees? No way! It’s the bead guy! Oh, hey, guys! It’s basically like
seeing Santa Claus. Ty, dude, get dressed. We want to be first
in line at the lift. Hey, you know what? I actually tend to get a little
altitude sickness day one. I was thinking maybe I rest up. That way, I can hit it
hard with you guys day two. Who knew two movies at
once was so enjoyable? Oops! Ha! Still good. Dude, look who made it! Hey, guys! Before you get too
excited, I feel like I got to shoot you guys straight. I didn’t even rent skis! I had no intention of
going out there whatsoever! Hey, by the way, have you guys
ever heard of Harry Potter? Ha! It’s a real page turner! Dude, you having a good time? Yeah, I know! Me too. Have you had the pizza? Oh, you like it? Yeah, I do too. That’s great. No, are you a snowboarder
or a skier all the time? No? Yes? Ha ha, cool. You ever been to a
Chamber of Commerce mixer? No, no, I hadn’t neither. Thought about it once. I’m originally from Utah. My name’s Ricky but my
friends call me Bobby. What’s your name, bud? Say something, man? Oh, uh, no. No, I did not. Oh, cool. Only like 200 more yards! Hey, you want to
borrow my poles? Oh, that would be great, man. Ha! Yeah, right! Should have grabbed skis! All right, let’s hit the trees. Oh really? There’s a perfectly, like,
good groomed run right here. Dude, if the run has a
name, we’re not doing it. Hey, there’s a good
open run over here! Slow down, Tim. Slow down a little bit. Hey, look out for the tree! Do what? Ah! Hey, why can’t we stick
to the runs with names? What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a
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video, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it. Noggin. See ya!


You forgot Mr. Trendy. He’s the dude who’s got the latest designer gear and all the fabulous slopes fads going. He hangs out with Mr. Teleski. You also forgot The Condo Family: they are the group that owns a condo just off the slopes. Some of them pay for the privilege of using them sparingly (once or twice) every season. Anyway, my Dad is totally Mr. Trailblazer. He loves going through the trees. I laugh at the stereotypes for skiing/boarding bc they are so true! When my dad worked at a Colorado ski resort, I would go and use his lift and rental comps. I’ve encountered all those characters on my trips. Well, maybe not the rage monster. My dad (did I mention him) has met The Rage Monster working rentals. Oh, the stories he’s told.

I've been the yard sale. Lost both ski poles and popped out of both skiis. Each item a different distance from where i fell and started rolling/sliding.

My 8 year old son wanted me to write you guys and ask you to do a stereotype on school. We just enjoyed watching you new episode together. Keep up the great work guys

You guys should do camping stereotypes! Here are some ideas:
The nature explorer
The Boy Scout
Mr scary story teller at the campfire
The girl that complains the whole trip
The freaks out if his phone dies guy
Mr too much bug spray
The guy who sleeps in his car
The guy who's paranoid that a bear will steal all the food
The guy who brings ALL his electronics
The old guy (he knows where exactly to set up the tent, he knows the best place to fish, he knows how to start the fire, ect.)
Rage monster (gets mad when his tent falls, mad at the lack of food, mad at the weather, ect.)
The hammock guy
Poison oak Pete (picks up poison oak thinking he can start a fire with it)
The guy who orders food
The guy who says he's "one with nature" so he doesn't shower or brush his teeth or anything like that

4:17 Proof that video games cause real life crime and violence. (I do not blame video games for real life crime and violence)

The only reason I’m watching the stereotypes is because I wanna see what rage monster does cause I rage a lot

Videogame stereotypes:
The pro
The noob
The rage monster
The Xbox hater
The ps4 hater
The i hate that game guy
The fortnite player
The minecraft player
The fortnite hater
The minecraft hater
The steals his / her moms credit card for games
The rage quiter
The angry parent
The roblox hater
The roblox lover
The vip player

Thats all my ideas

Update 1:


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