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Skipping School to Become a Ninja!

Skipping School to Become a Ninja!

– [Man] This is Lincoln petting his dog. – Dog’s sad we have to leave. – Alright, we are going
to Japan right now. You guys will probably see
the video on the main channel of us becoming an Ninjago Ninja. A real life Ninja. Not just a Ninja warrior
thing where the people jump around and stuff, but
we are filming that video on the main channel. It’s gonna be a quicker trip. We’re gonna show you the travel out there. Right now it’s like five in
the morning and we have to drive two hours to Las
Vegas, fly up to Seattle two-hour layover and then
a huge flight over to Tokyo and then get to our hotel. So this is gonna be a travel video and you’re gonna have
Lincoln coughing a lot. Thanks for the coughs Lincoln. – I’m not coughing, I’m sneezing. (cough) – [Man] Oh, thanks for the sneezing. Thanks for the
– You’re welcome. – clarification too on that. – You’re welcome. – [Man] Alright, let’s hit the road. (upbeat music) We made it buddy. – Yeah. – [Man] Did you have a good nap? (tired grunt) Get ready, you’re gonna sleep
a lot more on the plane. Alright, we made it to Las Vegas. Step one is done. It is now 6:01 a.m. Las Vegas time. So, there goes the shuttle. Goodbye shuttle. Time to get our luggage and
time to get out of here, get on the plane. Our plane leaves at 7:30 a.m. so, we got about an hour to get through
security and everything. TSA should be back to work now that the Federal Shutdown is done. So, lights out. Let’s go. Oh, it’s cold in Vegas. Right now we have 67 miles range left. What day is today? Thursday! And we’ll be back here on
Sunday and it’s cold out here (laughs) it’s cold. Hopefully 67 miles range is
enough to keep the battery pack warm while we’re gone. Yikes, we’ll see. We don’t need a dead
Tesla when we get back. (thumping electronic music) Alright, so we brought
the new YouTube luggage. Luggage review,What do you think? – It’s great. It stores stuff and it rolls good. – Oooooooh a battery inside of it. (upbeat pop music) All the times that we travel,
Lincoln has never been asked to actually go in the cockpit
and they just barely came up and said, hey, would you
like to go in the cockpit? So, they pulled him out of
his seat before we took off and they just went up there
and just sat up there. That was really nice of Delta. He’s Lincoln’s Diamond on Delta, which is like 125,000 miles or something. Really nice of them. – [Lincoln] Hi!
– [Pilot] How’s it going? (beep beep beep) – [Overhead Speaker] Cargo smoke. – [Lincoln] Good!
– [Pilot] I wasn’t sorry where you were sittin, I
just sorry that couldn’t let you sit up here. – [Lincoln] Yeah, that would be cool! – [Pilot] You want a picture and stuff? – [Lincoln] Oh yeah, for sure!
(ping) – We are in Las Vegas,
about to fly to Seattle. I’m in first class, seat
1A, got a free upgrade. Lincoln’s back in economy comfort. I figured I drove while he
slept here for two hours. So, I’ll take the first class ticket. (bright upbeat music) – Why is this set up this way? – [Lincoln] It looks good. Don’t you think that looks good? – Lincoln just did that and
told me not to touch it. So, we are getting food. I’m getting the All American Burger because, I’m going to Japan. So, your last meal should be
a like All American something. Lincoln’s getting, what? – [ Lincoln] Fresh berries. – Fresh berry, pancakes! – [Lincoln] Pancakes! – Okay, I need to do a suitcase review. This is a suitcase that
YouTube sent, says, ‘what’s inside?’ on it. What’s the brand? Away. Away, is the brand. This one, is one that Leslie
got me for an early valentines. (Beep)
Early Valentines Day present. Thank you Leslie, that was really nice. Her friend tried to talk her
into her buying a suitcase that was like 300 dollars
more and she’s like, No. This is like 85 bucks at
TJ Maxx, it’s Samsonite, it’s good quality. Leslie, thank you for your gift. I’m gonna keep it and cherish
it until the wheels fall off. But, it’s incredible how
much smoother this one is, versus this one. For example, the wheels, you turn it. This one has a bit of lag in it. It takes a second to get going. Push that one. Okay, now watch this. – [Lincoln] And he wins the race! – This is the clear winner. YouTube, thank you for sending
your really nice thing. I’m gonna steal this from Lincoln. – [Lincoln] No you’re not, that’s mine! – Don’t tell him that. – [Lincoln] I’m right
behind you, I can hear you. – Leslie, thank you for the gift. I will never get rid of it
’cause you gave it to me. – It’s time for food. Thank you! – [Man] Fresh pancakes, bacon and berries. Yummy, yummy, yummy. But seriously, what time is it? How much time do we have for our flight? – It’s time for you to get a watch. (tick, tick, tick) It’s time for you to get a watch. – [Man] Oh, oh, oh, oh. (laughing)
Oh, what the heck! I thought you were gonna catch it! – Did you see my bag, it
just got clotheslined. – [Man] I just wasted yours. (upbeat music) Welcome to Tokyo Lincoln! Where’s all your fans
waiting to greet you? I pretty much just said that
because back when we did the gold play button video,
it was Linconls first time to Japan and we said that same
thing and we had the shot, it’s in the little montage. So, I thought it’d be fun
to recreate that now that Lincoln is a giant young man. Nobody is here to greet us, what! Where’s all the fans? Look at that, there’s
actually a Tesla in Japan. This is the Uber we
would hope we could get, but we don’t get it. That’s cool! Have we ever seen one of these before? Maybe once or twice. – I saw one model S and that
was driving to Disneyland. – [Man] Yeah, once. Now right, we get out of the airport. So, this is the airport,
this is the Narita Airport. There are two airports in Japan. Haneda and Narita. Narita is a bit out of town,
Haneda is like right there in the city but, Delta
flies out to this airport and it’s not that bad. We are going to take an Uber. It’s expensive, it is not advised. You can take trains, you can take buses. We’re here to take an Uber,
which will probably cost us around 230 dollars. (coughs)
That’s a lot. But, we’ll get to our hotel fast. We wanna find some like Domino’s Pizza. That’s what we usually have, right? – Domino’s and Mcdonalds. – Domino’s is so good. (thumping electronic music) Big city, big city, we made it. That’s a long travel day. If you haven’t, never done
it before, it gets ya. It kicks your butt. Lincoln slept. – How long were we on it, like
13 hours on the planes today? – It’s long, like I’m ready to go to bed. It’s like one in the morning
back home, two in the morning. We’re either going to go to bed right now or go get some food. – [Lincoln] I’m gonna get in bed. – Okay, then I’m going to bed. Goodnight, get ready for
tomorrow, we’re gonna do some fun Japanese things. We only have a day and a half here, so tomorrow is gonna be pretty fun. Thanks for watching
our travel day, see ya! (slow bouncy music) Don’t show this video to
Leslie, do not let her watch it.


Dan parked his tesla in front of a quarter mile runner dodge challenger

The dodge challenger and the model X can be a great rival against the drag strip

Who else noticed Jerryrigeverything appearing randomly in the background? You should have put him in one of the suitcases instead!

You’re rich enough to always travel, own several Tesla’s, let Lincoln miss school all the time, can afford to willingly take a $250 uber, and you STILL choose to eat Dominos or McDonalds when you’re in JAPAN?!? Boooiiiii what???

7:32 I went from vegas to New York to London to Johannesburg to Krueger in a week. My sleep schedule wasn’t normal for almost a month after.

I was about to say! He would miss school to be a trash, sweaty, fortnite player(I'm talking about ninja), but turns out it was the other ninja!

I love watching these because who doesn’t like tagging along with the coolest father/son duo? Maybe I’ll tag along for real one day! Who knows! Anyway, great content.

In my Country the Police would send you a nice letter with a nice fine you would have to pay 😉 or if you would try to leave the Country by airplane the Police would not let you go 😀

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