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SLIDING 9999 FEET! | Roblox

SLIDING 9999 FEET! | Roblox

We’re going down really fast! Yes, oh my god, Ah! What’s up, YouTube,
welcome to Guava Juice. Today we’re going to
play Slide 9,999 Feet. You guys told me
to play this game, so I’m going to play it for you. Anyway, shout out to see
you, Mark and Marcus. What’s your name? Comment below, I might give
you a shout out next episode. All right, let’s play this. All right, so not
sure what to do here, but I assume we’re just going
to slide down 9,999 feet. Wait, what are these things? Whoa, whoa I have
never seen Guav swim. Oh, I have actually. But I don’t really see
them swim too often. Look at that. What kind of swimming
status is this? Wow, look at that. You can call me Guava Phelps. It’s like Michael
Phelps but better. Hey, come back, no. No! OK, all right,
that’s fine I can– There it is, there’s one. I’ve got to go, got
to go, got to go. This is my box, get
away from my box. No, no, I don’t want to go yet. I don’t have a box. OK, great, great, I was
like, I’m not ready. OK, I’ll do this, I’ll do
[? Dosh. ?] [? Dosh ?] box, OK, here we go. We’re sliding, we’re
sliding, here we go. Oh, we can see my speed. I’m going 200 speed, 300 speed,
oh my god, this is a cool game. This is so cool, wow. Dude, this is like the
volcano game I played, except it’s a lot better. It’s more like polished, whoa. Incoming waterfall, so we had
to go down the whole thing. I’m assuming it’s 9,999 feet. I don’t know how much that is in
meters, but we can still do it. Wait, no, no! My box, my box, no,
no, I lost my box. OK, can I slide
into your DMs, lady? No, no, OK, oh crap. Crap, we’re dead, we’re dead. No, this is not as
fun with myself, no. Here’s one, here’s
one, I missed it. Here’s another one, I’ve
got to jump perfectly. I missed it, here’s
another one, jump. Oh crap, what just happened? I got ran over. No, OK, I need another– Ah, no, I need a– I messed up. I got to start over. This isn’t as fun if
you’re not with a box. Wait a second, wait,
I’m flying now. What? OK, that’s cool. My name is Guavs and
I can walk on air. Let’s do something, just
give me a box, I don’t care. I don’t care what
box you give me. Just give me a
random box, please. Anyone? Why isn’t that spawning? I’m clicking spawn,
it’s not coming up. There’s one, Illuminati,
oh, oh, too many boxes. Just give me one, Illuminati. No, that’s my box. Guys press the– there we
go, this my boy [? Dosh, ?] [? Dosh. ?] All right,
here we go, let’s do this. Let’s do this. I don’t know how I
got out last time, I think I accidentally
pressed space bar. Which kind of made me
jump, and that’s not good. OK, here we go. Whoa! [? Gains, ?] bro, this
is so addicting to watch. All right, might as
well tell a story. All right, so let’s see
I need to tell a story. So today I went
to the gym, right? And there’s this one
person lifting weights, and he was basically
screaming and making the most obnoxious noise. Every time he lifted to
dumbbell, he would go like ah. I was like, dude, what
kind of noise is that? I was laughing on the
inside, I didn’t want to bust out laughing because that’s
like embarrassing, you know. Like make that noise
while lifting weights. So every time he
lifted he was like ah. It wasn’t that loud, it’s like
really subtle, like ah, ah. I was like, oh no,
and the funny thing is he was a huge dude also. I was like, dude,
that’s hilarious. But it’s just like, you
can’t make fun of it, because that’s just how he is. it’s not nice to make fun
of people or judge people. It’s just funny because it was
just so unexpected, you know? Oh crap, I died. Like this is unexpected, I
fell down, I didn’t pass it. But Yeah, overall the
story is, it was funny. But I just accepted
him for who he was. Later on he asked me if I was
using weights or whatever. I was like nah go ahead, dude. So it’s just like, just accept
people for who they are. Don’t make fun of them because
they have a different laugh or whatever. Sure you can be– you can laugh because
it’s like out of the blue, but it’s just like, you got
to love everyone just the way you love your family and
your friends, like that. Don’t judge others, guys. Even though that was funny,
I couldn’t help but laugh. But it was just like, yo. Yeah, we’re friends
by the way now. So it’s all good. We’re all friends. Wait, hold on, wait a second. I have like three
different boxes on me, so I don’t even know
if I’m going to move. Ah crap, I’m totally
going to die right now. There’s like three
boxes in one right now. Oh, OK, all right, OK,
all right, all right, what the heck. OK, restarting, restarting,
minion, this is mine, this is mine, yes! OK, I’m feeling this minion. Whoa! We’re going down really fast! Yes, oh my god, whoa! Whoa! Dude, this game is so cool. OK, just land right
side up, yes, cool. As long as I land right side
up, I should be just fine. Because if I keep
stumbling around, that’s how I died last time,
I just kept stumbling around. And I did not have
enough speed to get through the other platform. So as long– no,
no, no, what just– no! Oh crap, I’m up side down. Hopefully, this
will flip me over. Come on, flip, flip
over, flip, crap. Someone flip me over please. Come on, still up side
down, yes, yes, yes, yes. No, no, no, no, Ah,
I’m upside down still. OK, here, there you go. I have faith, come on,
land right side up. Right side up, come
on, come on Guavs, yes, yes, no, yes, yes, no, yes,
yes, yes, we did it, we did it. OK, we go. Wait, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, oh crap, oh crap. Whoa, whoa, why and I– no. This is mine, don’t get
in, man, this is mine. OK, I’m loving this rainbow one. Love is love, love is
love, come on love. Love will win this race for me. Love will win this race for me. OK, good, right side
up, right side up, stay like that, Guavs,
stay like that, please. Do it for the vine. That’s like so old. No! What the? I don’t get it. Please work, jump, oh no,
I accidentally jumped. No, I accidentally pressed jump. Come on, come on, I
need to make this jump. I have to make the jump. Yes, we made it,
guys we made it. No, no, no, no, no, I have
the worst luck right now. All right, here we go again. Here’s that jump. Come on, make it, just
make it, just make it, no. Come on, come on,
is that too high? Is this too high? It is too high! Why, why do I keep
not making this? Why do I not make that? All right, let’s do this again. I’m upside down this
time, so I’m not sure if I can make this,
but it’s worth a shot. There you go, right in
the hole, yes, I made it! What the heck? Wow, OK, all right,
I’m not doing anything. I’m literally no hands. I think it’s all luck right now. I just got to ride it
out, so please make this. Is that the end of it? Is that the end? I think so. Is it? It’s not, there’s a rainbow,
I’m inside a rainbow. I’m inside a unicorn. Oh, this is the bowels
of the unicorn right now. That’s amazing. So beautiful, it’s
like the Nyan cat. “Neon” cat? How do you say it, “Non” cat? Wow, this is what the
rainbow tastes like. This is what happens
when you eat Skittles. Oh my gosh, is that it? I’m up side down, so I
don’t have a good vision. Please make it, please
make it, please, yes. Oh my gosh, we’re making it. No, no, OK, good, stay on track. Stay on track, come on. We’re almost there,
don’t mess up here. Don’t mess up here, just ride
the waves, ride the waves. Is this it? Caution, it says caution. Why? It’s a big jump. We have to make this. We need to make this. We have to make this,
if we don’t make it I’m going to be so disappointed. No, come on, come on, come on,
come on, yes, yes, yes, money, yes, yes, yes, yes, we did it. We did it. Yes, I’m a dog, oh
my gosh, I’m a dog. Oh my gosh, I’m a
dog, woof, woof. Oh man sometimes I
wish I was a dog. Wait a second, I am a dog! What? What? Is that a jet pack? Oh my gosh, there’s a jet
pack, this is so sick. Whoa, whoa, whoa, oh my
gosh, I am a flying dog. This is amazing. Look at me, I look so dope. Hey, what’s up, homies? What’s up, homies,
how you doing? You wish you were me. You wish you were me. Let me block your
way, there you go. There you go, no one can
leave, sorry, everybody. I’m sorry I just want
to stack up these boxes. I’m sorry I’m making
traffic right now. I’m sorry, look what I did. Look what I did, I am so sorry. All right everyone pick one,
and we’ll write this together. All right, ready? It’s going to go
out, here we go. Here we go, there
it is, here we go. Here we go, here we go,
yeah, it’s a party now. Whoa, all right,
everyone, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. It was pretty cool, as simple
as it is, it was pretty fun. The whole rainbow dog character
change was pretty amazing. Oh my god, there’s
Guavs, what the heck? It’s ghost Guavs. Anyways, thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time. Bye, oh yeah,
shout outs to Lucy. OK, comment below,
what’s your name? OK, bye-bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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