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Sloped Best Line Skate Contest – Red Bull Bomb the Line 2012 Germany

Sloped Best Line Skate Contest – Red Bull Bomb the Line 2012 Germany

I’ve grown up with the “Baustelle.” It has been the best skate spot in Berlin for years. The people from the Kulturforum see how many skateboarders from around the world come here to skate. It’s really interesting to see that now, 20 years after the spot was built, such a big skate event can be staged here. The best thing about the “Baustelle” is that there are so many different spots in one place – curbs, banks with curbs on it, double sets, the huge bank over there… And that’s all at one big spot. It’s like a huge “skate-plaza” that is just open on Mondays. The spot was built 20 years ago. At that time we jumped over fences and skated there even though it was still under construction. 50 meters downhill – we felt like we were in Paradise. That’s the reason why we still say let’s go skate at the “Baustelle.” When people talk about the “Baustelle” and the double set, they always talk about Sami. When Sami did the call to jump the double set, I knew, I couldn’t just take pictures. I had to film it, too. It actually was a historical moment. When we used to come here to the “Baustelle” at 10 o’clock in the morning, Willow was already there skating the 10 stair. It was his playground here… Willow was killing the double set, he just did everything here, amazing tricks… Within a very short time, Willow was raising the standard of the double set to such a high level, that he made it almost impossible for others to follow or do even harder stuff. I’m sure what he did with the double set was one of the reasons why he has turned pro.


all i understood is that nigga destroyed that double set and no one else can skate double sets like that dude and pj ladd so fuckin calm

I can't get it why skate culture adopted skinny jeans… back in the 90's it was all about baggy saggin pants and hip-hop culture..

there a place like that near me but you skate it for 10min and you get kicked out by cops or security

"Marnell died in January 2013, following complications related to type 1 (juvenile) diabetes, a condition that was diagnosed when he was 10 years old"

Because in germany museums stay closed on mondays, skating then cannot disturb any visitors.
Glad the administration gave in that much, here in cologne they forbid to skate the top spot (in front of the "dom") completely.

Red Bull: jobylx kuioddi josndiws ui adhfa. that idea will make you millions! to bad you don't understand what it says! See how damn annoying that is!!!

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how red bull sports videos are formatted: 90% bullshit intreviews 10% skateboard dubbed with the audio from the bullshit interview  

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