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Smart Scooter

Smart Scooter

Hi, I would like to introduce a product Smart Scooter. This is a Self Balancing Electric Skateboard, that takes you back and forth. You can find no chance of skipping , since it’s steering and stepping are controlled by Dynamic Equilibrium, It means that can used move back and forth at same rate. It is very simple to operate easy to control and handle, Looks incredibly cool,Moreover it is Ecofriendly. Now, You can see that am standing on the pedal and steering this smart stylish scooter device. Let me explain you the segments of this product. As you see this has a body with two pedals, right one and left one . Where you can stepup. You can switch on this device with given remote and you can also use the button right here,where you can switch it on. You can use this device in Terrace, Floors, Office anywhere to move from one place to another. Total netweight of this device 10kg minimum load it can handle in 20kg and the maximum load is 100kgs. It can cover to maximum of 15kg speed speed per hour. When the device is fully charged, this can cover a distance of 15 to 20 kms. The length of this device is 23inchs, Width is 4inchs, and the height is 7inchs. And this Tyre is fully madeup of Hard Rubber. For more details on, how to ride this device, a manual has been displayed in the video. If u want this wonderful product, visit website, look in for the the smart scooter or given missed call to 4070 4049 or ping through whatsapp @ 99620 99272 to score more knowledge about this product make use of live chat there website at the right side corner are take a look on every piece of information available and every reviews by our Trusted customers. Stay Tuned with us Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus To know more about the product and get updated. Thank you for watching our video to be updated about the product Subscribe our youtube channel.

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