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– [Jared] What are you
doing with that spoon? – Unlock the door. – The most humbling thing to see is your own children
growing and developing. – [Grandma] Beautiful,
it’s gonna be beautiful. – Yay! (Jared laughing) – [Jackson] Next me. – Mom, your turn. Good morning everyone. Hope you’re having an awesome day today. We’ve got a visitor at our house. – Hi. – Hi Grandma, how are you?
– We’re running late. – We’re getting ready. We’ve been up early. We are doing a photo shoot cooking day with cookies and pies and cinnamon rolls. – [Jared] Look at Jackson helping you out with that chicken broth. – And a roast. – And a roast, yeah.
– And a roast. – We’ve been up since about six o’clock getting everything ready for this. Mom, how early did you get up? – About that.
– To do it? – About six o’clock. We’ve got a pie. Is this just cookin’ something? Oh look at those veggies. It just smells good in this kitchen. And that’s the coolest part about doing this cookbook, is like, all these fun foods. – ‘Cause then we eat
to our heart’s content. – [Jared] Yeah. – And Bonnie gave her
neighbors some food last time. – [Jared] Uh-huh. – My– – Yeah and we’ve got
cookies too, we’re doing. – [Jared] Yeah, we’ve got
these little gingersnaps and sugar snickerdoodles,
is that what they’re called? – Uh-huh, snickerdoodles. – [Jared] Snickerdoodles. – [Grandma] Did you grow
up on snickerdoodles? – We had our fair share of snickerdoodles, we certainly did. – Snickerdoodles or chocolate
chip, what was more– – What was more prevalent at our house? I would say sugar cookies, chocolate chips and then maybe snickerdoodles after that. – Snickerdoodles are probably the most inexpensive cookie to make. – And they’re so stinking good, they’re just delicious. – We haven’t made ’em in forever. – [Jared] Yeah. – You have to start making cookies. – Can I do this part? – [Ellie] Yeah you hold that for me. – Okay you help Mom,
you’re such a good helper. But guess what, you’re gonna
have to help me Jackson. You, me and Calvin are gonna go run some errands. We’re gonna go to the recycling center and we’re gonna go recycle
some cardboard, okay? – [Ellie] Smell it, do you like it? – Uuuuh. (Jared laughs) (bright guitar music) – We’re not quite there yet. – [Ellie] Mom has brought
all of her goodies and her camera. Look at these pie pans. How long have you been
using these pie pans or bread pans. – As long as I’ve been married. – 30 years?
– 37 years. – [Ellie] 37 years. – Mom gave them to me, Mom gave me some of them
– Awww. when I went to college
before I got married. – Those are used and abused and they make some pretty good bread. We have our set up here. Mom and I are gonna do cinnamon rolls and a pie. Bonnie made cookies. So we’re gonna have a
cute shot, look at that. – So we had a trailer full of garbage and recyclables and we recycled all that and threw all of that away and we surprised Grandma. Hi Grandma. – Hi. – [Jared] With our favorite treat. Jackson, what is our
favorite treat to get? – Social cookies. – [Jared] Social cookies from Swig. We got Mom her favorite drink at Swig. And my favorite drink. And Dad is at a meeting right now. – Yes. – We got him one too. But the Social cookies are my favorite, these sugar cookies, we’ve talked about ’em a lot before in the past, but the Socials are my favorite, because they’re not too big, but you still get that
sweet joy and happiness from eating them. (bright guitar music) I just love these aluminum trailers, because they’re so light
and easy to maneuver. I think the whole trailer weighs like 700 pounds or something. So that’s pretty easy to
just lift and scoot back. – [Ellie] I’m missing a biscuit, so we’ll just take a picture of that half, and I’ll eat that half. Sound good? – [Jared] So are we able
to eat some of this now, can I have some of your
famous chicken pot pie? – I’m plowing down. (Jared laughs) – This chicken pot pie is
one of my favorite meals. That’s the cool thing about this cookbook. All of the stuff that we’re making here, is like oh that’s my favorite. Oh my gosh, that’s the best. Every meal that we put in here is just so stinkin’ good. – Look at these bread tins. Mom’s had these for 37 years. – [Jared] They have some love, don’t they? – She’s been making ’em, her Mom bought ’em for her, making ’em for 20 years. Mom’s getting hers in the oven. I’m just putting my
gravy and my roast away and I’m wondering, this is my great grandma’s, and it’s a gravy boat, why did they stop making
gravy boats like this? Because you spill and
then this will catch it. Why did they stop? I’m gonna find one and buy one. This one’s Bonnie’s. I can’t take hers, so. – [Grandma] Is that Bonnie’s? – Yeah, that’s an awesome idea. – Ellie and I just got through
making this beautiful pie and she’s putting it in the oven and we’re doing it for our photo shoot. – This has not come easy. – [Grandma] It is beautiful. It’s gonna be beautiful. – Yay! (playful music) – What do you say we bring
things back up to speed. How did you guys like that slo mo montage? Was that pretty cool? So Ellie’s out delivering food to one of our friends in the neighborhood. Jackson’s at a friend’s house. Calvin just woke up from a nap and I want to show you where I found him. Right here, perched on our bed, cookie in hand that he got,
watching a little Netflix. Calvin, did you do this all by yourself. Oh you little sneaky boy. These kids learn so fast
and it’s crazy to me. I am dying, where is the light, I need to be able to see
your silly face, young man. You are so much older
than you actually are and it impresses me. And I don’t even realize what life was like when I was Jackson’s age. I can’t remember everything, but I was on the phone with Ellie, Jackson was over at the
neighbor’s house playing and Ellie and I were talking on the phone and Ellie was like,
why don’t you walk over and grab Jackson so we can get ready for dinner and everything. I’m like yeah, that’s a great idea. It’s about six o’clock,
we’re gonna have dinner soon. As soon as I opened the garage door to go outside to get him, guess who comes rolling up on the Segway, big smile on his face, he just finished playing with
his good buddy next door. Jackson, hey, I’m talking about you. Don’t you go away. Did you take the Segway
over to your friend’s house? – Yeah. – And did you take the Segway back home and park it in the garage? – Mmm-hmm. – Yeah. (Jared laughs) He got off the Segway, put it right back where it needs to go, turned it off, and it
was so mature of Jackson. It was the funniest thing. If I have it on the camera, I will put it up. Hey bud. – [Jackson] Hey. – When did you get here? Careful. – [Jackson] I’ve been to Ben’s. (Jared laughs) – Give me a hug. I think you’re awesome, do you know that? – Mmm-hmm. – [Jared] What are you
doing with that spoon? – Unlock the door. – [Jared] Okay let’s see. Let’s see what your mind is doing next. (Jared laughs) Oh my goodness, you boys. And did you lock the door Calvin? Oh my gosh, my little boys are growing up. This is the life of a parent. This is the life of having children. They grow up, their brains get smarter and they just do it faster than you think. They do it faster than you think and it’s incredible, the
most humbling thing to see is your own children
growing and developing. Oh my gosh, it’s so tender and sweet. Sometimes they get into a little mischief, but most of the time they’re
doing fun stuff like this. Ellie, do you think this will work? You don’t think it will? Let’s try it. Alright boys, circle up! (crickets chirping) Alright boys, circle up. (crickets chirping) Boys listen, this is
what we’re gonna do okay? I’m gonna say, alright boys come here and then you come running
out as fast as you can. And then it’ll look like you’re listening the first time, okay? Sound good? Great. Alright boys, come here! Perfect. (Jared laughs) Are you okay? ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do ♪ Whoa. (Jared laughing) Okay, ready? – [Jackson] Next me. – Mom your turn. Now that I’m dizzy, we got to get these kids in their pajamas. Touch, good girl. Touch, good girl. That was a very good girl Penny. That was a good girl. That was a good girl, yeah. That is where we’re
gonna end our vlog today, with some training with Penny. We’ve been having a lot of fun
doing some of these classes and training a little bit more on our own. So thank you so much for
watching the video today. If you guys enjoyed it, be
sure to give it a big thumbs up and we will see you tomorrow. Bye.

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