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Snow Hoverboard?!

Snow Hoverboard?!


I just taught my new puppy how to watch YouTube !!!WITH THIS VID❤️When she heard Adley laugh/scream with the puppy she looked confused and she is still watching the video lol

guys checkout my channel I do vlogs and I'm about to hit 100 subscribers also tell your friends to check out my Channel

loved this sweet lil BDE! My 9 year-old boy wants to know how to make that cool fidget car thingy. Maybe i'll read through the comments and see if anyone posted it. XO

Hay Shaun can you by any chance send me the info your buddy has on the 3-d printed fidget spinner so I can print it please

Hello! I'll post a unboxing & review with ninebot mini lite. I'm waiting for you to tell me what you think of this product. On the canal I also do some gymnastics. Thank you!

its cool but its a bit anoying when you make these videos spending almost all the time whit your family. (Depends of the vlog). Still keep up the good videos!!

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