Snowboard Academy: Is This a Movie? (Movie Nights) (ft. @MarzGurl)

[intro music] Snowboard Academy bring it home today on videocassette available from Columbia TriStar home video Hi guys, welcome back to Movie Nights. I’m here with my good friend Kaylyn Saucedo – [Kaylyn] Hi Thank you for having me today I’m so glad that you could fly out just for this [Kaylyn] just Precisely for this and no other reason although this is a very good reason [yodeling sounds] [yodeling stops] Just what is this though? I don’t know if we really can answer that. How do you answer that? Do you remember the year? 1998? Boy do I. Do you remember just how big snowboarding was in 1998? Sure do. That was the year that Snowboarding was introduced into the Olympics [Allison chuckles] This movie really wanted you to know that Loafer boy, it’s in the Olympics. It’s new. It’s happening. It’s hot it’s fresh You know, it’s the fastest growing winter sports. This is uh, not an avalanche of fun They promise that it is but really isn’t. [commercial clip] Or maybe it’s just an outrageous avalanche of high velocity mayhem?! [Allison] Um, but they are- it is true when they say the path to higher education is all downhill. Oh boy, is it ever downhill? [laughter] I know you see Jim Varney here in the center Um, I know that seems like he’s really really important. Very little of it is really of Jim Varney being important well, let me ask you this like What part of the movie wasn’t Jim Varney though? If you had retitled this like, um-
Jim Varney farts into a camera for eighty- five minutes [fart noise followed by laughter]
If you had to retitle this uh- Ernest Snowboards to the Max Or something crazy like that if you had said that this was an Ernest snowboarding movie I would have believed it because that’s what
[Allison] It might as well have been That’s what they really wanted it to be right? They wanted it to be a vehicle for Jim Varney They wanted it to be Ernest, but maybe they couldn’t get the rights to Ernest? Maybe?
I feel like things just- just went horribly awry. I don’t think this is what they wanted to make This is a major mistake. No, you’re the mistake
[Allison] Real quick I’m just gonna summarize the movie. Right. What they say that this movie is anyway, okay So there is a ski school and this guy that owns it, Joe Flaherty, Flare-i-dean? Fluh-hattery [trailer clip] And SCTV’s Joe Flaherty
[Kaylyn] Canadian comedian who you might recognize as Uh, The guy who constantly wants to make Happy Gilmore screw up his putting in the movie, Happy Gilmore You suck! Ya jackass. Jackass [sound of golf club swinging] This guy sucks! It’s a significantly better sports movie. A sports movie that was actually a comedy. That’s true Why don’t you shut the hell up? No, you’re the mistake So he owns this ski school and he’s got two sons and one of them’s Corey Haim and one of them likes to ski- Dad doesn’t give a shit about me.
[Allison] The other one likes to snowboard and Skiers vs. Snowboarders Snowboarders are kind of like Rapscallions. Do you remember how much people said that like Skateboarders were the scum of the earth and they always felt like the man was always trying to impress them Um, That is basically the narrative of this film where as somebody’s just got it out for those damn Snowboarders People just didn’t like extreme sports Because they didn’t like fun, but we like fun. So obviously we’re gonna like these protagonists Hey you bloody snowboarders! It’s those damned snowboarders again They’re making a mockery of this place and you’re encouraging them. They’re Christmas Snowboard Goof-offs. The fundamental problem here is the snowboarders. They set up a competition between the snowboarding school and the ski school and if the snowboarding school can win then they get to stay there and Also Brigitte Nielsen wants to steal the slopes from them like she is the estranged wife of the owner [clip] Ah, hello husband.
[Allison] And she wants to sabotage them because if they have a safety violation then they will lose their insurance and then lose the place and she can get like half the money from the sale of Of the stupid school the stupid ski school. The bottom line is that she just wants money She wants to find a better accent Still carrying around those damn divorce papers?
What are pants?
This is a resort I guess she’s Russian because that’s her character, right? Her character is Be Russian [Russian music plays] I’ve not seen that many Brigette Nielsen movies. Um, She has a slight accent but The one thing that you don’t want to give her is another accent Yes, because she-she can barely act with her normal accent. Oh, it was slipping! Constantly! [Brigette] Exactly the pain and sacrifice, but I did come back, ay? Shut up and sit down. Oh, I drank my vodka.
Double Vodka! [Allison laughs]
I think our impressions were better than what was- I didn’t know that’s what she was doing at first. I was like wait did she sound like she knows less English?
Well like- But I did come back, ay?
She just comes off as ‘No, I am called Russian woman.’ [Kaylyn] And that’s i- that’s the entirety
[Allison] Is that really the impres- I get nothing is the impression I get from-
Uh, Maybe your- your impression is a little more accurate All of her lines she delivers like the same. Every single one like when she’s being annoyed by Jim Varney’s stand up She’s just like Oh get it over with.
You suck!
[Jim chuckles] Thank you. Very witty I’m gonna take a short break right now, but I’ll be right back.
No hurry. Break’s over get back up there She didn’t want him to do it and then she’s like why you busy not doing job? Get back on stage! But why? Who- Does she run this place? I don’t really understand because she’s been gone for ten years It’s really unclear what anyone’s doing at any point because I- it makes it sound like there’s a plot in this movie There’s really not, no. Do you just occasionally see people skiing and then snowboarding.
Woo! And then the slow-mo jump Or somebody does the splits as they’re going down.
A Mountain Dew could fly into every shot and it would make sense. Too bad Chris, I kind of like the idea of you winning in a parallel universe Hey, I like parallel parking You know where they put all the little cars in there diagonally and-
Ready? All of this stuff essentially is in this movie, but really it’s like someone pitched this movie and then just Focuses all on this tertiary character played by Jim Varney.
Who is doing nothing of significance Until the very end. Like, he’s brought in as this bumbling guy and they say that he is there to do PR and He is there to be the safety instructor and the entertainer Yeah He’s doing three different things mind you he’s not the only person to hold down multiple jobs the lady who runs like the ski shop Apparently also runs like the daycare nursery?
Cause I know it hasn’t been easy lately Well with everybody having to do two jobs and all well Not everybody It doesn’t make any sense why at any point he would even slightly consider not accepting in snowboarders Into his Mountain because it would make him more money Why ever say no? It’s weird too because it never feels like there’s anything at stake here.
Right! Because they begin by like the brothers argue for like two seconds. It’s barely anything. It’s the fastest growing winter sport We’re gonna allow snowboarding?
And then like the brothers like ‘Oh, we should only let in skiers and not snowboarders. Those- they’re a menace
[Kaylyn chuckles] Because the- the skiers are the paying customers and the dad’s like ‘alright I guess we’ll open up parts of the place for snowboarders’ and they’re like ‘Alright!’ And then they decide that they’re gonna have this competition and prove that the snowboarders are here to stay
Check mate! Check, please? Check out those bibs. Do we take traveler’s checks? No, we don’t accept traveler’s checks Really not much of anything is going on like they have the whole plot about trying to sabotage the competition because they want someone to get injured and lose the insurance and then like they find out who it is because like the- the brother the snotty brother is like ‘Why don’t you ever believe me? I didn’t do it. Believe me me me me!’ and they’re like, ‘Wait a minute me meeeee?’ Why don’t you believe me me me? Me me me me me me And then the health er- not the health inspector what might as well-
[Kaylyn] The insurance [Allison] Insurance [Kaylyn] Guy Insurance Inspector. He’s like, ‘oh I saw the sabotage going on. You’re fine’ The End! Oh, wait a minute we have proof! I know. I know I saw evidence of the sabotage myself [end credits music] Because they- they had to spend as much time as possible on Jim Varney doing absolutely the unfunniest things you’ve ever seen He’s falling down, he can’t ski. He’s knocking over everything in the shop He’s catching coffee in his hand. He’s so funny! The person we hire is gonna have to wear two hats.
Hey, hey, I wear hats. I even brought a couple of hats, see? More than once, I was just saying fuck you because the screen Like- It-it wouldn’t end. The scenes just kept going and I’m like ‘wait this ski scene’s gonna end, right?’ and he’s like nope He’s gotta go down the stairs now In skis or- or even the comedy that wasn’t about Jim Varney, right? . It shows just how nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Snobody knows-
Snobody knows the troubles I’ve seen They have the- the lady with the accent who shows up and she’s like ‘I’m looking for ha-penis’ Penis jokes!
Can I help you? Yeah, I would like to go mount uh, penis Oh, Mount Happiness!
Oh, it’s over there. You know what jokes we found out were cut from this movie? Jokes like a snowboard in the shape of a blunt DID NOT make the cut of this movie.
That would have been a joke, though, is the thing. Like, I mean apparently, okay. I did some reading up on this So this makes a lot more sense when you know this. There was a uh, producer and writer on this film called Rudy Rupat-? I’m gonna look this up. Okay. I don’t wan- I don’t want to besmirch anyone with a similar name um Rudy Rupack, yeah so Rudy Rupack was 25 years old when he wrote and produced this and that what meant that he was the youngest person in Canada to produce a movie at that time and it- The idea of this was to make a movie and a video game. Oh, man the video game would have been like uh- I feel like it wouldn’t have been that hard to make a video game out of it because This looks like- this looks like crap that would have been on a Sega CD Like I don’t think this looks any worse than anything around that time.
[Kaylyn] Because at that time it’s 1998 Um, The PlayStation 1 is out at that time and there are in fact other snowboarding video games out at that time. You’ve got games like- What? You’ve got Cool Borders! Cool Borders 1, 2, & 3 were out by this time! So-
Imagine [Allison giggling] Imagine this, okay? You’re- you’re snowboarding or watching a lot of slow-motion snowboarding footage and shitty FMVs, right? Jim Varney comes out in a big fart cloud!
[fart noise] Floats in and ya gotta avoid- [Allison and Kaylyn laughing with more fart noises] You have to avoid him, you have to play as Jim Varney Then Corey Haim comes up and he’s like- ‘Uh- he did the wrong thing, dude! Go back to the beginning!’ [laughing] You’re like ‘Aw, man!’ Mind you, Jim Varney while stumbling around for 95% of the film shows up at the 95th percentile point of the movie and is like ‘I have to stop the sabotage of this entire race And I just cut this big old pack of Dynamite and I threw it and I saved the slopes and now we can keep the insurance and we get to keep the mountain!’ Jim Varney saved the day! Despite having done Nothing of ANY significance at all whatsoever up until that point. I feel like he didn’t even need to be there at that point though either Yeah, no.
I mean, what happens after that? Like, first of all him catching It didn’t stop the fact that the insurance guy saw this happening. So you’d be like ‘what the fuck man?’ I guess like that lady’s messed up and then she- she runs off with some snowballs in her arms Uh, Excuse me. There’s no snow in here
[bell ringing] Miss there’s no snow in here Ma’am there’s no snow in here There’s no snow in here! And she’s like, enh!! And then they have like a ski stick fight and then she starts trying to murder her Just absolutely and- and
Was this worth it? She’s got the audacity to be like ‘look what you started with me! look at what-‘ and the insurance guys like ‘nah, Sweetie, we already caught you like, what are you- what are you even doing?’
‘My plan was sound!’ She’s teamed up with the former security guy and they they try to hide his identity even though we know that it’s him I don’t know why they do this I don’t know why anything happens.
Add macaroni to 6 cups of boiling salted water. Stir, boil rapidly stirring occasionally 6 to 8 minutes or until desired tenderness is reached…Roger! There’s so many scenes of just stuff that’s just dragged out even when it’s not Jim Varney You’ve got the snowboarders who are being dicks just to be dicks just because they think it’s funny hah! I’m gettin’ tired of these bougie skiers
I hate those bulswa skiers. Ski school, we’re gonna tag it so that it says SKIN School I totally missed that one. It’s just the dumbest things. That’s terrible. just starting the dumbest fights ‘Oh, we’re gonna take this dude skis and we’re just gonna snap ’em in half because we’re just we’re just assholes like that’ I- I could say this. You can totally tell that this was written by a 25 year old, but also there was some weird thing with this because Columbia TriStar Home Video wanted to-to have the exclusive rights to um, put it on the video release worldwide But they were transferring ownership at the time So the bank that was loaning them the money to make this pulled out and they were saved by this Quebec company But they considered the script too edgy Which is why they had to get rid of like, the snowboard shaped like a blunt How was- How was this I can’t believe that this would have been saved by any of the PG-13 stuff in this. It was PG-13 to PG and then after they uh, edited this they brought in this other guy who plays the bartender in this who just wanted a job at the time and he had to add these jokes and you could super tell like he didn’t give a shit didn’t Know anything about comedy, he just had to add in whatever to make this a funnier movie I- I guess I don’t know because it wasn’t a funny movie. What are you, a comedian? Apparently not Now this is what I can’t get past like, why make the decision with all the other jokes you have in it You’re like- ‘Oh, but the snowboard shaped like a blunt? Not gonna fly we can’t have them smoking the weed That’s a bad example’ Go ahead ready go on This is head cheese Head cheese?
The Wikipedia page about this was great because apparently this was all because of something to do with Bob Dole like he was talking about how like how like movies were like showing that people were like violent and like a bunch of like, ruffians back then and so they wanted to like be nicer in movies, I guess? What was so nice about this movie?
Just Dial touch me or rather teach me on your lodge telephone I-It feels like they think they’re Revenge of the Nerds or something Or some sort of like frat gross out comedy at some points But most of it is just Jim Varney’s rejected Earnest stand up My girlfriend is so fat when we finished making love she rolls over and smokes a ham. Hey, where are you folks from? Buffalo. Well I had human parents. [Jim chuckles] Good evening, folks. Don’t you hate following Danny DeVito? Speaking about a town I just flew in from the coast and boy are my arms tired. I mean what’s with these airports? Hey, I bet you guys are having fun! [Jim chuckles awkwardly] Buzz off dickhead! [microphone static] I get the sensation that when this video hits the internet it’s going to sound like we’re talking about Wow a lot of things are happening in this movie and I cannot stress to you how Much nothing is actually happening for as many words as we have said about Emmen This lady is trying to stop this thing from happening. It sounds like we are describing a plot happening. It’s really not I don’t know how to tell you without you actually seeing it for yourself that there’s so much Nothing happening all the time. Hey, don’t let your mouth write checks that your butt can’t cash, okay? Just make sure your mouth can write checks that your butt can cash. And now your butt can cash my checks anytime Brilliant writing.
You know if you stare into the sun long enough you can go completely blind I’d- [Allison sighs disapprovingly] I have questions about Jim Varney in this. Sure, Sure. I have questions. That hair for one thing. I don’t- yeah. I thought it was a toupee at first, but it might just be very unflattering hair It could be. And, it feels like he made a very conscious choice about his aesthetic in this that I don’t quite understand Turn I feel like they told him to improvise a lot I think I feel like a lot of the other stuff hit the cutting room floor and they thought this was their best material and the sad part is I think they were right. I mean Jim Varney caught on fire for a couple minutes. I was flailing around so much in this movie [chuckling] Oh! Falling out- around on the ground in snow and then like the snowplows coming along and he’s just [Kaylyn imitates Jim Varney screaming] Jim Varney [more imitated screaming, ending with a fart noise] And he survived. And then he survived bu- but it cuts away from him and you don’t see how he got out of it But you assume he got like tire treaded or something by the snowplow but he’s still alive. He’s fine. He’s fine guys Don’t worry, if you were concerned that Jim Varney’s character doesn’t make it spoilers: he does But it would have been a funnier movie if he had just died in a horrific fashion at the end.
Wouldn’t it? Oh God and please, anybody? Help me! [splat sound] [end credits music] You know what I just realized they didn’t address, right? So they’re talking- Everything? Say, when’s the last time you conditioned your hair? [choked gasp] My hair?! So they’re talking about doing this Skiers vs. Snowboarders race, right? Mhm. And the brother that wants to do the snowboarding almost the entire movie He says to this ski lady who runs the ski school like ‘I’m gonna do a race one on one with you’ and just like ‘bring it on don’t write checks your butt can’t cash’ and then the two of them never face-off No, they never have their own race You barely see the skiers versus the snowboarders. You just see snowboarders annoying people Yeah, and Jim Horny falling and then occasionally the plot will dip in On your marks? [Jim Varney sneezes] You know what? The race doesn’t even matter by the end of it quite frankly The race doesn’t even matter because then we find out that Russian Lady’s trying to sabotage the whole thing And then the insurance guy is like ‘your mountain is saved!’ and then what did the race matter?! Let’s call this race a draw.
Deal, deal. Yeah, they didn’t need the whole plot about the schools or the races or anything It should just been like They’re pulling pranks on each other and doing snowboard things and maybe some character moments which they never built on They could have had Corey Haim doing Anything for instance,
Dickweed! Jerkhole! They could have had a love story going on between-
I thought that’s what was gonna happen! Have the lady at the shop or the lady that he had the- the beef with or whatever? No relationships, they realize that they have to team up because they’re gonna lose the resort The resort is saved totally on accident Yeah Like- like had Jim Varney not just casually and kind of fumped his way on in then they would’ve lost that resort But the thing is, they should have lost this resort. [Jim Varney screaming] Oh Gooood! They were one violation away from losing their insurance and losing everything and you see Jim Varney set himself on fire Like fall off of everything. You see people get hurt. He’s going through the interview process They take him up a ski lift and they hand him a walkie-talkie. Like ‘Here, here’s how you’re gonna communicate He immediately drops the walkie-talkie and hits a skier on the head somewhere below him and the guys like, ‘Oh, I guess I would have expected you to not injure somebody’
Jackass! When you’re the safety guy and then he proceeds to hire him. Oh, skiing! Oh, yeah. Well that- sure, that’s great! Uh, skiing See, I thought you said scheming. Scheming is out, I’m not a schemer They had a line when uh, Jim Varney’s being interviewed where uh, He finds out he’s got a ski at the ski resort. He’s like ‘uh wuh?’ [confused sound] And he’s like, Skiing? I thought you said scheming cause I’m not a schemer and I thought he was supposed to be like a bumbling conman Yeah, like trying to play it off Like I’m totally not gonna rip off this ski resort because I don’t know why he stumbled in there Looking for a job in the first place. I don’t know what job he thought he was gonna get I don’t know what credentials they thought he had to say sure He can be a PR person. But what PRing and did he do the entire movie? He used that he use the loudspeakers to sometimes sing into The microphone and people would just fall over just hearing Jim Varney’s voice. Oh, no, it’s a guy who sounds like Ernest, unhhhh. [yodelling] I rarely come across a movie Like a comedy movie That makes you feel sadder by the end. [Kaylyn] Every single minute I felt like I was saying ‘why is that happening?’ [A] I feel like- [K] why is that happening? Why does that happen? I’ve questioned absolutely everything I saw happening [A] It’s all nonsense and like I don’t think that they earned the 2.5 that they got on IMDb. I feel like that’s- that’s honored
[fart noise] Yeah, I mean because that suggests that this is like a very neutral kind of harmless like no This is not a harmless movie. People were harmed in the viewing of this movie. It’s a solid zero out of ten is- is what I’m saying. Remember. Alcohol never solved anything. [K] They don’t behave like normal people at all and I realize in a comedy like Sometimes you do weird extreme things that are not the way people normally act but this is like every single person did not feel like a normal human being [A] Ya- you have to have some basis either in the world that they’ve setup or in the real world or whatever in this comedy is just Random things like why would somebody do that? [K] Yeah, yeah [A] And everyone acts like that. It’s not like there’s like one character That maybe is just off and maybe that’s the joke like they just act kind of crazy No one seems to have any basis in reality whatsoever Why you hit me with a large snowball? Yeah, and you spewed pseudo powder all over me and deck, bro. Where were you during Bastille Day? Why is Room Service so horrible? The skiers are pushed way to the extreme of hoity-toity but then the snowboarders are also pushed way to the extreme of just being assholes for no good reason. [A] Yeah, like they’re not sympathetic It’s not like we feel like they’re unfairly being kept off of this- this school.
[K] That’s very true. [A] Or like, I mean, they just act like jackasses. So why would you want them to be there? No, you’re the mistake. You could totally remove Jim Varney from the story. It would be exactly the same I almost want to edit this movie and completely remove Jim Varney-
[A] It would be five minutes long! GOOD! It would be a significantly better film. Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up This movie has like, a few talented people in it [K] True [A] That we’ve seen in genuinely great movies. [K] Yeah [A] At their absolute worst because they don’t have any editing. They don’t have any direction. They don’t have a good script They’re not given anything to work with [K] For real [A] like they don’t have good material to begin with but really they’re just sort of coasting It’s a paycheck move. It is Except Jim Varn- I don’t know Jim Varney might have thought he had some good stuff Something tells me this is a bad sign [Jim Varney screaming] [A] I feel like Jim Varney was saved by the editing and the good movies he’s been in because maybe this is just this is just what he does [K] Yeah, I mean this was just to keep him moving give him yet another paycheck and he could have gone about his life uh, with people forgetting that this movie existed and- and like I don’t- I’ve never heard a single human being talk about this movie in my entire lifetime. And so his- his image from to this day is fine without people thinking he was ever in this movie. Sorry We’ve just told everyone he’s in this movie, but. Does anyone think this is tarnishing Ernest’s image? No! Does anyone think like, this is- no one’s like, ‘oh, yeah, I remember Corey Haim from Snowboard Academy!’ Oh, yeah! Remember Brigitte Nielsen’s great take as a villain in Snowboard Academy? Remember the Jackass! guy from Happy Gilmore? In Snowboard Academy? Why don’t you shut the hell up? I feel like Jim Varney All we have to do is like go in and edit in his Ernest Hat and this would be an Ernest movie Why is this not just an Ernest movie I’m telling you They just couldn’t get the rights to Ernest. Ernest kills Comedy [voiceover] starring Jim Varney star of the highly successful Vern films! Vern films! Vern filmmmmmmmssssss If it wasn’t about Literally everybody else that’s in this movie Maybe it would have just been an Ernest movie but it’s not and that’s the problem. It was all Sound and fury and signifying nothing. [More of Jim Varney screaming cause we could never get enough] I mean, was it even worth the rental back then? I don’t think it was I don’t know if I ever even saw it on shelves when I was going through the stores at about that age, you know? I do remember seeing it on the shelf and I never rented it. I never rented it, I never saw it. But now I spent a good two dollars , twenty-two cents to buy this film. So is it worth it? Was it was it worth my soul? I mean Will I ever get back these minutes of my life? It’s so short, you know life is so short to be spending watching Snowboard Academy. [K] Again, I feel like there was never an Academy there, but they had like five snowboarders but they were trying to let no- no, they had like, four snowboarders and one guy they were trying to teach how to snowboard and they had like a wooden- Oh, that guy they made do that bad accent? What he said?
Nobody really knows Yes, that bad generic Asian accent. Was that supposed to be a joke, too? like ‘haha funny cause accent’
But I did come back, ay? I- I just feel like they didn’t actually have an academy. They had a wooden sign that they spray-painted and said school here Basically with a lot more words than that But like we’re teaching snowboarding here and then did they? Really? They were just like let’s push this guy down a hill There was really no schooling Happening…
Horribly irresponsible Individuals they were gonna get someone killed at some point. [K] Oh, yeah, we watch and go like flying over a mountain We’re just both kind of like and they kill the man and dead much like they killed comedy several times [Jim Varney snickers]
Just kidding [more snickering] I don’t know how much else I can say about this movie this was such a non movie It’s- I cannot stress enough how much not a movie it is It feels like a bunch of YouTube clips that somebody compiled into an hour It was- it was a tax break is what it was. An hour and 20 sa- whatever long 88 minutes is! Hour 28.
I did 28 I can’t math. You can’t math after this. I can’t. You killed all the remaining brain cells. [chuckling] That we had [Jim Varney fart noises] So, uh, Kaylyn. Do you have any new closing thoughts on this? Would you recommend this to anyone? No My cat wouldn’t recommend it either
[A& K laugh] She was horribly depressed watching this She’s like, you know, you could be feeding me right now
You could be petting me The choice of movies that we had for this it was between this and and what was the name? Aspen Extreme was the other movie? Yeah, another snow- like skiing- Mountain Resort movie. Was that another Canadian film? I feel like it was [K sighs] Was it? Uh, I mean, it’s supposed to not take place in Canada It’s starred the guy from Due South so I was thinking it was Canadian. That makes sense, I understand And it was- I was like, this is the better choice because it’ll be funnier
It has- yeah, The other movie had lower ratings than this, now the other movie was super serious and then this one it thinks it’s so funny and it has better ratings and maybe it tricked people Because it’s not taking itself too seriously But I do think it’s a trick It is a trick. Don’t fall for it. I feel- That one look came off more like dramedy Yeah, like a drama with some shades of humor in it But I feel like this is probably the more depressing move easily easily The other one’s probably slower, takes a little bit to get into this. This was a mistake I’ve never seen Aspen Extreme, but I think I can safely say watch Aspen Extreme And not Snowboard Academy, please. A sight unseen. I would reckon myself some time. I would recommend Aspen Extreme over this That’s what I’m gonna end it on. Do not watch. Thumbs down The End [outro music] It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye But hey, when someone loses an eye around here the party’s just beginning [the final Jim Varney Fart Noise]

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