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Snowboard Ayakkabı Nasıl Seçilir? I SPXTV

Snowboard Ayakkabı Nasıl Seçilir? I SPXTV

Hello. Today we will talk about
how to choose snowboard shoes. First, a good snowboard shoe should
be light, durable, and flexible. When you buy from a reputable brand, you
will purchase these three properties. When you are choosing snowboard shoes,
we will emphasize three main subjects. First, flexibility. Second, conformity.
Third, the properties of the shoe. Flexibility. Each snowboard
shoes have a degree of flexibility. If you
choose your style, you can fit the degree of flexibility
accordingly. Especially, if you like to go fast, and prefer free-ride,
we recommend a harder snowboard shoe. If you
prefer free-style, you should choose a softer
snowboard shoe. If you are a beginner, we
recommend softer shoes. Because, you don’t need to get tired
or have a hard day with a harder shoe. Conformity. When you are choosing you
snowboard shoe, you need to choose a model that will fit your feet. To
do that, you need to visit a trusted store and try on the shoe model you like.
If the expert in the store is also recommend that model for you,
you can choose that snowboard shoe. Here, the second factor is the conformity of
the fastener and the shoe. You definitely try the shoe with your fastener, test the
conformity, and select a model accordingly. Properties. It is a high chance to encounter
different properties in different brands and different models. Here, if we summarize
the topic, we can focus on a few things. First, fastening type. Typical lacing system is
familiar to all of us. The oldest system. Maybe, it is
the least common system. Speed zone which is the name given
by Burton. You can find this in different brands with different names.
The system here is like this. On left and right, there are two strings on
both sides. One of them fastens the lower part and the other one
fastens the top part. And these are locked
here to fit your feet. Actually, this is the most useful
system on the market. Many brands use this fastening system. This is the
commonly used system in Burton. The other one is the Boa system.
In this system, instead of laces, wires
are used inside. This was actually very common few years earlier.
But stopped for a while. Now, it is
in the new collections. Half of the collections
of many brands has Boa system. In the past, the
wires were often breaking. Now, they found a solution
to that and developed the system. And the breaking
incidents are rare. Here, generally, this can
have one or two systems, and it is often one, the higher
models have tow Boa system. They are divided the system
to fasten the upper and lower parts. And the tightening can
easily be done like this. To open the shoe, you can pull like that. Another shoe property which is
extremely important is the inner boot. Here, different brands
have different properties. For example, in Burton,
Imprint 3 is an inner boot used in an advanced boot.
Imprint 2 and Imprint 1 are inner boots
used in regular boots. The properties of the inner
boot are another factor that will affect your performance.
Here, another thing you need to consider
is the inner sole plate. This inner sole
plate can have different versions. Regular models can
have simple sole plates and advanced boots can
have more sophisticated, professional, and advances
sole plates. This is another factor for your
comfort and performance. Subscribe Our Channel


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