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Snowing On Christmas Day!

Snowing On Christmas Day!

– Yes, yes, yes! – [Jinger] You’re doing it! – [Carl] I’m doing it
and I haven’t died yet. Whoa! Hey, the Orbeez on the trampoline! – [Kyle] Wow! (upbeat cheerful music) – [Carl] Christmas
morning at Carl and Jinger and family’s house. Look at the kids, waiting
at the top of the stairs. Here they come!
(laughter) – [Luke] Two hoverboards! – What! – Wait! Luke and Kyle. That is so cool! – Yes! – [Carl] Hoverboards! Hey, let’s turn the lights on here. Do they work? – Yes! – [Carl] Well, get ’em going! – [Kyle] Yes, they do! – I love these things. – [Kyle] They work! – [Carl] Wow, look at that. Merry Christmas. – That is awesome! – [Carl] Whoa, better
get on it the right way. – He’s trying to go on it like a snake. – I’m not used to it, ’cause I haven’t (speaking over each other). – [Jinger] Step up. Step up. – These things are nice! – [Carl] There you go. Have you never done it before, Kyle? – [Kyle] No. – [Carl] Well, you’re
gonna have to practice. – [Jinger] You’ve never done it? – [Kyle] No! – Oh!
– I thought you did it. – [Carl] Check it out,
Jinger got me this watch. Uh, it turns off. There we go. Look and I immediately made it look like the Pip-boy off of Fallout 4. It’s really cool, Samsung’s Smartwatch. I like it a lot. Yay, Pup-peroni! You want one for breakfast? – Oh, that– – [Carl] That did not work. Okay, there she goes! Yay, merry Christmas! (laughing) Did you figure it out? – [Kyle] Yeah. – Keep (mumbles) right in the middle. – [Carl] Man, I feel like we need to move this couch out of the way. It’s just making it really hard to get everything on camera here. Cool! Gonna have to practice. – I got a Coca-Cola! – Got a Coca-Cola – Oh wow, Coca-Cola. – [Carl] Yeah. – Wait, wait, Coca-Cola. – [Carl] Yeah. – Travel manicure set. Whoa! – [Carl] Travel manicure set? – Look. – [Carl] Cool, no more chewing your nails? – I got “The Angry Birds Movie”! – You got “The Angry Birds Movie”? – [Luke] Teenage Mutant Ninja– ♫ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ♫ Teenage – I got “Goosebumps”! – All right!
– Look at that! That’s so awesome.
– Can I see it? – [Carl] Look at Tag, so happy. – She’s like, “anybody
got a snack for me?” – Wait a second. No way, no way! It’s a phone! It’s a phone! Whoo! – [Carl] It’s his first cell phone. – Whoo, I got a phone! Wait, I gotta see this, I gotta see this. This is so awesome. It’s my first smartphone. – [Jinger] He can’t even open the box. – [Carl] Oh man, we’re gonna
have to lay down some rules. – Oh my gosh, it’s a golden phone. It’s a golden phone, look at that! – [Carl] It’s the C-3PO edition. – C-3PO. That is so awesome! A hug. I need a hug. – Oh, merry Christmas!
– I’m so happy. I’m so happy. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S7. – What is this? – I don’t know. – [Carl] Everybody
having a good Christmas? – [Boys] Yes! – Did Santa nail it?
– This is so awesome. – I’ve been wanting one since (mumbles). – Aw the pistachios! Because Gage got his first smartphone, that means he’s going to
have his own Instagram and Twitter account, for Gage1Up. It’s G-A-G-E, number 1, U-P. I’ll put a link down in the description, so you can go follow Gage’s
personal Instagram account. And I dunno, here in a little bit, we might even launch
his own YouTube channel. Check out this Christmas haul. – I got a Yoda! – [Carl] A Yoda? – A Yoda! – A Yoda bobblehead.
– It’s a bobblehead! – [Carl] Did you get
panties from Herberger’s? No, not panties. – Leather jacket. Aw, yeah. – [Carl] A leather
jacket from Herberger’s. – I got a bobblehead. – I got new goggles. – [Carl] Nice. – I got new goggles! – [Carl] Swim goggles. – I got new swim goggles ’cause my other goggles got scratched up ’cause I was trying to
clean off the lenses in San Diego. – [Carl] Best Christmas ever. – This is so awesome. – [Carl] Hi, Tag, you just
don’t know what to think You just keep climbing
up on top of me, doncha. I love you. (mumbles affectionately) Like seriously, is this watch not the coolest thing ever? I’m gonna get a new band for it that’s a little bit
more masculine-looking, but I’m super excited now. Anytime you guys like anything on Instagram or Twitter,
it beeps right on my phone and I can look at it and
comment back and everything. It’s very cool. – Oh books. – [Carl] Dr. Seuss books. My phone just beeped, I just got messages. Hey, from my buddy Bret, he says, “rolling-on-the-floor-laughing
merry Christmas”. – It’s underwear, shirts and socks. – [Carl] He’s embarrassed,
he doesn’t wanna show ’em on camera. Oh that’s a really cool Star Wars shirt. Captain America shirt. – [Gage] Captain America. – [Luke] I got Batman. – [Carl] Awesome, guys. – [Luke] Millennium Falcon. – [Carl] Right on. – Yes, yes, yes, yes! I love you, mom and dad. I love you, I love you.
– I love you too! – I love you, I love you.
– Whoa, I love you too. Oh my gosh, okay wait, what is it? – LEGO Dimensions! – [Carl] Very cool. – Now I can start my own
channel playing this! – [Carl] Oh, you think? I didn’t know you were going
to get LEGO Dimensions. Holy crap, very cool. It’s like a professional presentation kit for cooks and chefs, right? – This is professional grade. This is a real (mumbles). – [Carl] It’s like the chef
tweezers and all that stuff, so you can plate food like a pro and a book on how to do it.
– I will use this. – [Carl] Very cool, what’d ya get? – I got the Boris Wild
Marked Deck of cards. – [Carl] Magic deck of cards. – And then a normal one. – [Carl] I’ll have to
show you how to use that. Don’t mix those up. – Those are so cool. – Gage, that marked deck of cards has different, specific little
symbols on it that you learn, so that by looking at
the back of the card, you know what’s on the other side, so you can read people’s minds and stuff. It’s gonna be awesome. LEGO Dimension characters? Dude, LEGO Dimensions, they’re awesome. – I’ve been wanting these for so long! – [Carl] Whoa, what is that? Giant Nerf gun. – It’s a turret that you set down and it shoots like crazy. – [Carl] It’s a turret Nerf gun? Oh my gosh. – Yeah, look at this. – [Carl] It’s gonna be a
huge mess in the house, huh. – There are bullets everywhere! – [Carl] An epic kid’s Christmas this is. – I got underwear. – [Carl] More underwear? – Yeah, I got underwear. – [Carl] Is yours Strawberry Shortcake? – No. – [Carl] Man, you guys got a huge Christmas haul this year. – Sleeping bags, yeah! – [Carl] New sleeping bag? – I’ve got stuff for (mumbles) – [Carl] Hey, you guys
got hammocks too, huh? – Yeah! – [Carl] We’re gonna have to
go camping this next summer. Oh, Gage1Up got a new leather jacket. Lookin’ good. – Does it say anything on the back? – [Carl] Yeah, it says “kick me”. – [Kyle] Finally! – [Carl] No way! – [Kyle] It’s a metal detector! – It’s a metal detector? – [Kyle] Yes! – Cool! – [Carl] It’s a kid-sized
junior metal detector. That one’s from me. Kyle, I picked that one out for ya. – Thanks, dad. – [Carl] Uh-huh. That’ll be fun. – I can go metal-detecting. – [Carl] Yup. – [Jinger] Now you guys have
really nice sleeping bags. – [Carl] She’s like, “what is happening?” – Oh! – [Carl] What is it? A science lab. – Yeah. – [Carl] That’s cool. Science library. – It has a pen and you can push on words and different things in the book and it will tell you the word, so if you need help reading, and– – I can use that for my other book! – it tells you more information about–
– [Carl] It has a pen to help you read. – [Carl] Did everybody get
everything they wanted? – Yeah! – Yes. This is from Nature for Kids. – [Carl] Yeah, this is
from Damon and Shawna on Nature for Kids. – I got three wooden puzzles. – [Carl] Ooh, cool! A wooden puzzle set.
– All three of us got them. – [Carl] ‘kay open that up, Kyle, let’s see what they got us. – [Kyle] Okay. – [Carl] Ooh, another hammock! Cool. – Awesome. – And chargers, I think? – [Carl] Oh, wait. – A bunch of chargers? – [Carl] Awesome, hammock straps. – “Light up your outdoors”. They’re outside twinkle lights. – [Carl] Oh, very cool. – [Carl] We should go camping
with them at City of Rocks or something this year,
with Nature for Kids. – That would be so awesome. – Thank you Damon and Shawna! – Does that mean I can keep this hammock? – [Carl] Yeah you can have that one. – This is Luke’s. So there’s like these. – [Carl] Uh-huh. – And then you shoot. And then when you get jammed. – [Carl] You slide that open and fix it. – Yeah. – [Carl] That’s cool. – You can pick it up and go. – [Carl] Shoot from the hip! Man, look at all these toys you guys got. What an epic Christmas kids’ toy haul. Oh my gosh, all three of you
got Swagatron hoverboards, that’s awesome, – [Luke] I got a giant Nerf gun. – [Carl] giant Nerf gun, clothes, hammocks, camping stuff. – [Kyle] LEGOs. – [Carl] You got a new Samsung – Galaxy S7. – [Carl] Galaxy S7
phone, a metal detector, LEGO Dimensions. – [Kyle] That’s mine! – [Carl] DC comics superhero
stuff, the Harry Potter books, X-box One games, all kinds of cool stuff. Well, Merry Christmas everyone. – [Boys] Merry Christmas! – [Carl] Oh man, Luke is
loaded like to chunk off of. That’s cool, look at that! (laughing) Ow, that actually kinda
stings a little bit. Hoverboard Nerf assaulter. Okay enough, enough. – [Jinger] This could either
be real good or real bad. – I don’t think it’s going
to be real good either way. It’s gonna be funny. – [Jinger] Just don’t break your back, that’s all I’m saying. – All I did is put my foot on it and it starts trying to run away. I don’t understand how this works. You just have to step on. – [Jinger] Just step on. – You have to step on. – [Jinger] Just step
on and fully, just stay straight up-and-down, balanced. – Should I look down or
should I make myself look up so I can just feel it? – [Jinger] I don’t know. – Look down. – I would look down at first when you’re stepping on and then look up so you
can get your balance. That’s what I do. – I immediately did a 360! – [Jinger] Easy. Easy. – I’m gonna eat crap so hard here. – [Jinger] Commit. – [Luke] Go. – [Jinger] ‘kay. Okay now balance. – There’s no way. – [Jinger] Balance. – My feet are not level on there. It’s trying to turn on me already. Okay. – [Jinger] And then you bare– – My feet aren’t level. They aren’t even on there. – [Jinger] You’ll be fine– – How do I reposition my feet? – [Gage] You just gotta slide ’em over. – When I try to slide
’em it goes that way! – You kinda pick your foot up. (yelling) Like that! – [Jinger] Carl, we’re the
parents that try their kids’ toys and don’t know how to do it!
– This is really cool though. I really wanna figure this out, ’cause this is really cool. Okay, okay. – [Jinger] Now just balance. Luke don’t shoot dad right now. I know it’s really tempting. – It’s so herky-jerky,
I just need to relax my legs a little bit. I’m gonna just go. – [Jinger] (gasp) You’re doing it! You’re doing it! Whoa. – Okay, okay. We’re gonna have to work
up to this, alright? – [Jinger] Attempt number three. Hey, number two was pretty good, babe. You can do it. – I’m starting to wrap my brain around it. – [Jinger] You just
have to go really slow. Really slow. – I don’t understand how
to get off the thing. Like now that I’m going. – I think it’s a better
idea to try and sit down when you get off of it. – [Jinger] No, don’t try to sit down. – [Gage] Don’t try to sit down? – [Jinger] No, you just have to balance and then just step off. Hey, you’re doing it! – Oh, that’s nice. – [Jinger] Good job, Santa sweater. – It’s almost like it reads your mind. You don’t really have to move, you just think, “I wanna go this way” and it just goes that way. – [Jinger] Yeah. – [Carl] Too fast. Look at me go! Look, guys! – [Jinger] You’re doing it! – [Carl] I’m doing it and
I haven’t died yet, whoa! – [Jinger] Whoa! (laughter) – I love you, Luke! Thanks for letting me ride your Swagatron. Thanks for letting me ride it. No one’s hurt, right? I’m gonna have to get
one and practice some because that’s crazy. That’s what you all wanted
to see anyways, right? That’s what you all
wanted, merry Christmas. I almost killed Luke. Look at how much snow we got overnight. Look at the backdoor and the drift there. – [Kyle] What? Oh my gosh. – [Carl] Look at that, that’s crazy. – Whoa, it’s cold out here! – [Carl] You’re in batman pajamas, I know, look, the snow is coming
down and blowing everywhere. We’re gonna go exploring outside. Hey the Orbeez on the trampoline! Kyle, should we make Orbeez snowballs? They were saying in yesterday’s video we should make Orbeez snowballs. – Sure! – [Carl] Sure? – Let’s go get some gloves on. – [Carl] I’m just gonna
reach out and grab some here. It’s really deep, and
I’m still in my pajamas! Ah look, oh look, it’s totally frozen. Wow! You can’t make Orbeez snowballs, they’re completely frozen. Look at that, that is cool. Get up there, Kyle. Kyle’s going to try to
lift up the whole slab. Don’t jump on it, just see if you can
lift the whole thing up. Whoa. – It feels weird! – [Carl] Let me see the bottom. Frozen Orbeez! Look at that, that is cool, huh. Hold it up. – Some of them are still jiggly. – [Carl] I know. Oh it’s all breaking apart into bits, huh. Yeah. Okay, get a big chunk of it. – [Kyle] Right here! – [Carl] There you go. Let me see the bottom, hold it up so I can see the underside. Wow, that’s pretty cool huh. – Yeah, oh! – Okay, let’s get outta
here, it’s freezing. Alright guys, that’s it
for our Christmas kids’ toy haul video for the day, for the vlog. Remember that every day is a new day, so make it an awesome one. And click anywhere on the
screen in order to subscribe or watch more Carl and
Jinger awesome videos. Alright? Well, stay tuned, love you guys so much. And we will see you guys next time. – [All] Bye!

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