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Speed Skating in Central Park

Speed Skating in Central Park

While some skaters enjoy leisurely glides
around the park, members of the Empire Skates Speed Skating Club practice racing on the
track around Great Lawn Playground. This is a 250 meter track. In here you can
do interval work, which is like little sprints and then rest. Bu we also do a lot of 10k’s,
which means we can go like 25 times around the track. This is a real good space to train. Get set. Go! We have a speed skating team. The name is
Empire Speed. When we practice together, I actually coach the team. The purpose is getting
skaters from New York City to skate together. I train a lot on my own. But there’s technique
and there’s team skills and pack skills that I can’t learn on my own. I’m okay. These guys
make me better. It’s just something that I’ve always loved
to do and it keeps you in really good shape. And I like the scenery and you can go for
longer distances. It’s nice weather in the summer. You don’t really want to be inside
anymore and I love being outside. I just started skating like six months ago
on inlines. I used to skate ice normally. But I started inlines to cross train. I have been skating for five years now. It’s
good to do every week and race against other people. It’s really nice. I started when I was six and I’m twelve now.
It’s fun. It’s kind of cool being the youngest. My skates don’t have breaks. But speed skating
is about going fast not so much about stopping. I just love to go fast. I really love it. People don’t realize how fast you can go on
a pair of speed skates. When you put your skates on, you better be
paying attention to what you’re doing. Because if you fall when you’re going 30 miles per
hour you can get pretty good scrapes and everything. When I have problems, I just go skating and
everything erases. Everything goes away from your mind and that’s
what’s really nice. Our coach and some of the pro skaters go to
bigger races and marathons. I’m not there yet but hopefully soon. These guys are amazing. Guys like Francisco.
I’ve learned stuff from him that I couldn’t do on my own. Well, you have to train a lot. I’ve been racing
for twenty years now. The only way to really get it is doing it a lot. And we try to have
clinics where we teach people that already know how to skate some and we teach them how
to get into the sport of speed skating. We’re always open for new people.


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