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[Music] [Music] [Music] let’s try to get this inside are we gonna do this there is no room inside of there are you squeezing over he has a big-ass suitcase it’s good to be on this lap tires no one’s home [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] get that mom buddy welcome to the aristos look it how do you not knowing it fucking erased respects me another thing y’all better start unhooking stopping the three beautiful hot pockets [Music] [Music] [Music] all right I think this stair sets of 12 stand right here cannot escape their swamps they’re going down today today we had no idea what the state we knew that this 12 sir was here so we came here I didn’t think you would want to really skate it like he only did it without me even filming and then he hooks Trey right away get the other camera then after when I get the big camera he does it first try on the big camera [Music] you just trampled that second try whoop ahem he couldn’t know a little second tried twice he went from skating like a five Sara at the skate park every day to jumping down like a 12 stair first try every try how do you like LA so far yeah buddy Los Angeles all real men took a Killa identify a parka more your predicted it or bus to get at the sport or more it but the KBS new teacher to the block okay policies with Kim escape being only 14 years old this kid has so much money to girl it’s crazy the only two 13 rail and this kid bored slit it like nothing he did not hesitate [Music] then we got kicked out but we ended up going back to the 13 and he back to lift it in only a few tries [Music] [Music] [Music] who’s your tail touch well I’m with good yeah [Music] no charge so quick thank you next spot [Music] neck is on Mandy you got to draw the picture of like a 90 degree angle you could follow my text on this medic I’m recording this mark you know skate all week I’m exposing you I’m exposing them tomorrow we go to sushi oh okay nice okay and you’re buying hmm you’re buying yeah I paid for your mama doing chips in these months so that you came for my sushi okay okay no sue she’s like 20 bucks but it was $2.00 $60 you know Stan hey so I don’t have to listen to you I don’t have to listen to you ready 1 2 I get closer to me closer [Music] get some sleep okay no not sleep sleep no kidding later though oh did your juice is getting better though huh yeah it’s getting better say like I learned a lot of English today I love English I’ll take no I don’t trust you yeah but your pain no you said yes no okay this is Gary’s money big money become money money keen money she recently yeah all those clips you saw awkward throughout his first week in LA he has about six more days left but he’s been getting a bunch of clips for Instagram bunch of street footage if you want to keep up with Genoa skate Janoskians Instagram is good chick came these fellows you know what turns a girl yeah what whoa Oh skin kill no SK show no skate yes and keep up with them there but yeah that’s about it anything else you want to say [Music]


Im 17 and i start parkour like 2-3 months ago and i like it…skateboard, parkour and graffiti is a one single sport for me!

Damn I love their spirit! They dont tend to look down or underestimate younger skaters! They even encourage them to be better

The fact that the Olympics will have skateboarding is gonna be crazy to see japan and Brazil do work. I’m pretty excited

You guys made this kid feel like family. You guys are awesome, keep bringing this lil dude out he fucking rips

Kyonosuke just recently just changed his Instagram to (Kyonosuke_Yamashita) now. just a heads up if your'e looking for it

wise words
“and another thing y’all better start stalking the fucking freezer with hot pockets i’m out”

Qotd:Do you skate or no? Maotd:Yes, but I would only give myself a 4/20 based on my ability because I can only drop-in, ollie a little bit, & a backside kick-turn on a ramp. That's pretty much it. 1st reply gets a follow on Instagram.

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